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Kaleb Nation, the Twilight Guy, is up to Chapter 14 of Eclipse. Aside from Kaleb’s unique male view of the Twilight Saga, we will have more things to look forward to from Kaleb in the coming year. He is a first-time novelist, with the Farfield Curse slated to hit shelves in late 2009.


Peter Facinelli will be co-starring with Edie Falco (Carmella of Soprano’s fame) on a new Showtime series called Nurse Jackie. Peter will be playing a doctor, comparisons to Carlisle will inevitably start.

The numbers are in, 3.7 million to be exact. That’s how well Twilight did this past weekend in the UK.  With the UK’s Festive Season beginning this week and Christmas Break beginning in the US, look for totals to rise.

Realizing just how divided their union is SAG (Screen Actors Guild) postponed mailing out strike ballots (originally due to go out Jan 2) until January 14th. This gives the possibilities for further talks after the holidays are over. With any luck a little Christmas cheer will bring rivals together. If it doesn’t, TV and film production is again threatened. It will be interesting to see what the LA Times’ take on this latest turn is later today. They’ve been covering the story since the beginning and have all the players and possibilities down.


  1. Why did the U.S gross so much more? All of these countries put together didn’t even gross what the U.S. did in its first weekend. I mean for some countries I understand because they’re poorer countries and not as many people have the luxury to go to the movies, but Europe?

  2. Great another strike, I am still stewing over the shows that got cancelled after the writer’s strike…Moonlight anyone…

  3. The British reviews were great! I think more so than the US reviews, they understand the story better.
    As for the question posed by Jovanna … the reason the box office draw was so much smaller in even European countries simply comes down to size. Germany, for example, is about the same size in area as say Minnesota. It all comes down to population size and the number of people in the demographic geared towards this movie. Not to mention the fact that Twilight is much more popular here than anywhere else.

  4. I thought the actual number is 2.5 million in UK, and not the estimated 3.5 million…

    I was wondering the same thing… why isn’t Twilight doing so well outside US? 🙁

  5. Twilightfan57 says

    This is all great, but..WHAT ABOUT TAYLOR???

  6. Twilight didn’t make as much money in the UK as it did in the US mainly because of the population size. Less than 60 million people live in the UK, and there are just under 300 million people in the US.

  7. I agree, Twilightfan57…
    Summit should have at least brought up a follow up, even if they haven’t officially decided yet…
    If I don’t know soon, I think I’ll go crazy, lolz

  8. Edwardbitespillow says

    Jaimelee! You’re a moonlight fan too! I LOVED that show!
    and i totally agree Twilightfan57

  9. I’m a little confused when it comes to this whole writers strike stuff…can somebody clarify whats going on for me?
    It’d be greatly appreciated 🙂

  10. Jaimelee and Edwardbitespillow! I totally loved Moonlight too! I was SO sad when it got canceled!
    Also Twilightfans57 you totally took the wods right out of my mouth.
    I love Taylor!

  11. Ok minisculeraindropofsilence {cool name by the way} when a writers strike happens all the writers {the people who create the script for shows and movies} stop writing. Without the writers the actors have nothing to say so the shows and movies have to stop production until it is over. The last writers strike lasted for a few months.

  12. Alanna (why thankyou! You have a nice name too ;]) Oh..ok. Thanks lol
    but why are they going on strike in the first place? Is it their salaries…?

  13. I have no idea why they are striking this time but last time it was because they wanted a peice of the money made from the DVD sales.

  14. I must’ve missed something… why’s everyone asking ‘What about Taylor’??

  15. We are asking that because we want to know more about Taylor. He had a lunch with the new director friday and I want to know if there was anymore talk about him being replaced in New Moon by that guy who played Prince Caspian in the Narnia movie. I really hope they wont replace him. Taylor is amazing.

  16. Edwardbitespillow says

    Alanna.. me too.i LOVED Mick!(GORGEOUS!!!!!!!*sigh*)

    Does anybody know about Taylor….and if you do PLEASE post it!

  17. Lisette-Eveline says

    oh peter *laughs*

    this i’ll be funny to witness..

  18. Leticia Bessel says

    Twilight isn’t nearly as big in the UK as it is in the US. Put that together with the fact that there are around 5 times more people in the US than in the UK (60 and 300 million), and it can be explained why Twilight made so much less money in the UK.

    It is certainly growing (as I left the cinema, I could see the line of people waiting to get in), but it’s not so famous. Which I’m actually beginning to think is a good thing. The expectations for this film were so high in the US that the movie didn’t get good reviews. In the UK, meanwhile, the reviews were actually reasonably positive.

  19. In the UK twilight is the number 1 movie at the moment!!

  20. Twilight fan 57? Hate to burst your bubble but…..

    NO ONE CARES ABOUT JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!