Twilight and New Moon Movie News

Reelz Channel takes a look back at what makes Twilight so interesting to fans. they are looking forward to lots of New Moon coverage.


Box Office Mojo According to Box Office Mojo " Twilight, which eased four percent to an estimated $4.5 million. With $176.8 million in 45 days, the vampire romance will surpass Interview with the Vampire when adjusted for ticket price inflation."  In other words, no matter how you slice it, Twilight is the most successful vampire film of all time.

 According to Rotten Tomatoes, "The high school vampire drama Twilight dipped only 5% to an estimated $4.5M to boost Summit’s cume to a remarkable $176.8M. On Monday, the teen love story will surpass the $176.9M of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa to become the seventh biggest blockbuster of 2008 and it will become the highest-grossing hit since The Dark Knight."  Now we get to gloat a little bit that our prediction of where Twilight would land was accurate.

Summit’s summary of New Moon is making the rounds in on various media sites. It’s the type of soundbite description that is place holder text until trailers and such come out.



  1. Stole first!

    Congrats Twilight… kicking all those other movies butts.

  2. Clarabella says

    That New Moon summery sounds….. like it should.

  3. christine / shavei7 says

    “In other words, no matter how you slice it, Twilight is the most successful vampire film of all time.”

    wooohoooo! go Twilighters!

    *happy dance*

  4. Twilight Nymph says

    I agree the summary does sound like it should I just hope it stays that way.

  5. Twilitex57 says

    Yeppers, us Twilight fans are suree specaial.

    I enjoyed the Twilight movie, and I am sure glad that it is doing well.

    Yeahh, I’m soo looking foward to New Moon. It is going to be good, just because it’s New Moon.

  6. “the irresistible Jacob Black”

    Sounds ABOUT right! Yum.

  7. Well the summary sounds right for NEw Moon. Everything from the plot itself and the ‘irresistible Jacob Black’

    Hopefully they stay on the right track like they did with Twilight.

    Because as we can see Twilight has kicked the butt of every other movie its went up against. New Moon will be the same way if they do it right.

  8. they totally called jacob ‘irresistible.’
    damn straight.

    ESPECIALLY if they keep taylor lautner on to play said irresistible jacob.

    me likey.

  9. NM sounds like it should, but dont freak if they add more to the storey. (maby alot more)
    although we may fing new moon perfect the way it is, i have a sneeky feeling that it will be alter slightley more then twilight was alterd,

  10. They credited Taylor as Jacob Black!!!!!!

  11. Woohoo to Twilight movie!

    Keeping fingers crossed that Taylor will stay on as Jacob. He’s just so good-looking or irresistible.

    I can accpet some changes and alterations to NM, but not that much, please. I can’t help but felt disappointed in Twilight movie even though I watch it twice.

    Ahh well…

  12. Yes, we did it! We made Twilight the best vampire film of all time!

  13. bao wewolf says

    okay everybody, what i want to know cuz i’ve been surfing trying to find out, is Micheal Copon replacing Taylor or not? Has anyone found out yet or is it still up in the air? I’ve been to Taylor’s site and it still says the same thing. No more update on wether he got canned or not. Honestly i like Taylor BUT, like i said but if replacing Taylor with Micheal only makes New Moon even better than i say go for it. I love the book so if Summit can make it better than… i say go for it. Just my opinion don’t hate…

  14. i am so glad taylor in going to be in the movie they need to keep the same people from twiligh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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