Access Talks to Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner continues to ride the press wave, and why not! TY to Access Hollywood for getting what we have all been dying for, a close up of the biceps!  Now…as a mere suggestion…does the word six-pack mean anything…whistles innocently for the fandom.



  1. HOLY HOTNESS….Doesn’t he know that showing off his extremely sexy eight pack will make thousands of teenage girls pass out????? I love Taylor!!!! <3

  2. omg!! hes ripped!!!
    aaaaahhhhhh i cant wait for new moonj :DD

  3. i ment new moon sry lol

  4. Maddie Cullen says


  5. DANGGGG look at those guns!
    hes so gorgeous! <3
    “Jacob is in, Edward is out”
    haha lovee that quote!
    & I love him!

    TEAM JACOB! <3

  6. ok so normally i am a team switzerland girl
    but in this case
    i am soooo excited for taylor launter to be jacob again!! =D

  7. 6 PACK? No no no… that would be an 8 pack! Did you see those rippled mounds of goodness under that shirt?

    Sheesh… I feel hot. Anyone else feel hot in here?

  8. wowwwwwwww…. imean…….. wowwwwww
    i wasn’t sure at first if he was going to be able to put on so much muscle as was required…. based on how young he used to look…. but if i ever doubted himm…… i take back every word! that’s truely ahmazinggg. hahaha =]=]

  9. Whittwoo!!

    With a body that gorgeous Taylor would pass for being no way near 16 more like 19/20!!

    Me likely!!

    Can’t wait for new moon. Especially as Jacob goes around with no shirt on for the majority!! haha

    Love you Taylor
    Before I was a team edward but im slanting to a more team switzerland!!

  10. but i still like im team edward…. sorry guysss!!

  11. WOW!!!! He ‘s working hard for this part and it is totally paying off! It may not be 25, but he definitley looks older than in Twilight. I think he’s going to be a great post-werewolf Jacob! Very Nice Taylor. He looks AMAZING!!!!!

  12. Holy Camole Jacob that is some serious hotness! It takes a lot for me to like anyone like I like Edward and Taylor is doing his part in making that happen !

  13. Wow…just wow. Hard to believe the boy isn’t even seventeen yet. He’s gorgeous.

    Team Switzerland over here, but I still think Taylor is better looking than Rob. Especially now.

    Can’t wait for New Moon!

  14. wow……that ain’t no six pack thats like an eight or ten pack….. (DROOLS…..) wow i am very impressed on how hard taylor worked to become the true jacob, i mean DANG!! its like almost impossible to gain that much muscle that quick unless you dedicate yourself to it like he did… i would have to say that he is hotter than edward at the moment (sorry im not a robert fan) but i am team edward….well…now im gonna have to be team switzerland

  15. -Nosebleed, then faints-

    OH DEAR GOD! How can anyone be THAT gorgeous and have such BULGING muscles? UH- and his ABS!

    -takes deep breaths into paper bag- ohmygoshheissoHOOOTTT…

    If Rob hopes to keep Team Edward fans like myself thinking he is more beautiful than Jake, he’d better do something…I must say, I’m Team Jake in the movies, but Team Edward in the books. Sorry, but Taylor’s a SEXY BEAST!! XD

    -Nosebleed- OK, I have to calm down…;)

    XD Nice, Tara: “rippled mounds of goodness”. I’m going to remember that for a while. 😉

  16. forgot to add…..after realizing how young he was (still older than me but still) more toaster points to him!!! damn he is the most ripped amazing guy i have ever laid my 16yr old eyes on haha ;D

  17. OMG! I think I just passed out! Can you believe 26 more pounds of his hotness. Now I know what Bella felt like I feel so, torn… Team Jacob or Edward.

  18. wow he looks good!!!

    Someone should not be allowed to be that attractive. Wow. I always thought he was cute, but now?
    Edward pretty much looks like gutter trash next to that. Which pains me to say, because a couple of months ago I thought he was the hottest thing out.
    SHIT. Ahahaha. I’m virtually passing out at my keyboard. And he’s still quite modest! Gahhhhh.
    Can we please all fly to his place and take advantage of him…?
    Quite possibly the most attractive person I have ever laid eyes on.
    Aha, and I don’t care if it’s statutory rape because I’m 18.

  20. Oh-dear, what have we here?
    Now, I am no Jacob fan. Not by a long shot. BUT, I must say…day-um! That boy is looking GOOD.
    I’m not really into the toned and buff-bod-boys. I mean, nice to look at, but they make me feel bad about myself. Lol. And they reek of high- maintenance. I digress. If I WERE into buffers, I would have to give a little squee to my buddy Taylor here.
    Way to go, I am elated with this progression he has made for the sake of this film, and I hope it is a testament to how serious the whole crew is in their efforts to bring this book to the screen as faithfully as possible!

    Stay healthy, Taylor. Don’t make yourself sick trying to fit an impossible role.

  21. wow.

  22. MY GOD!!!!!!!
    Most beautiful thing I have ever seen when he pulls up that shirt.
    I can’t believe someone that gorgeous could be that young (ever if he is only 5 months younger than me).
    He is so sexy.. wait did I mean to say sexy…
    😀 oh yeah

  23. DAMN!!!!!!!!!! O:

  24. ChelseaLee says

    Holy Crappola. Thats INSANE! He looks great!

  25. That six-pack was NOT LITTLE! I can’t wait to see New Moon I’m such a Team Jacob fan!

  26. Not only his biceps, but look at his forearms! they’re HUGE! and that eight-pack? smokin. i just died. i couldn’t stop squealing and watching this video over and over again. you gotta love taylor.


  27. WOW!!!

    It’s incredible how hard he worked on being post Twilight Jacob is amazing. He is abs (he has an eight i paused, counted and gasped loudly) and bicep, arms he is gorgeous and I’m so happy he is Jacob!!

  28. haha okay…so im not ashamed to admit that im 20, and i loveeeeee taylor, and idc if hes 16 haha.. he looks amazing, ohmygodnesss.

  29. imbettingonalice says

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats a lot of hard work in the gym. He’s for sure doing two-a-days and thats not easy. I’m so excited for him.

  30. Okay. I USED to be team Edward all the way….but now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  31. Jessica L. says


  32. I am an Edward/Bella shipper, I am an Edward/Bella shipper, I am an Edward/Bella shipper…

    Yes, I just have to repeat this over and over again and maybe it’ll still be true tomorrow.


  33. Good on him for working so hard – he totally deserves this role 0.o

  34. Ahhh i love him!!
    He is totally dedicated to this role and that is amazing to see!

    I love Taylor Lautner! XD

  35. Speechless, enough said…

  36. RockPaperScissors says

    I’m too old to see things like this.

    I’m off to buy a feather boa and the ingredients for Bellini’s. I’m a cougar.

    How embarrassing.

  37. Edward who???
    Sharkboy just died…
    Hello Jacob!

  38. I’m still team edward, lol

    but I must say that taylor is looking pretty hott! I was worried that he wouldn’t be able to pull off jacob’s change in new moon with the way he was in twilight but now i’m very hopeful and excited for the movie!

  39. Niiiiiiiiice. As a few have said, I too am a Team Edward for the books, and Team Jacob for the film/s…now, even more so!
    Well done Taylor – that’s what I call dedication.

  40. @ em.. I’m 20 too.. And I was thinking to myself while watching that… “Is it wrong that I find him unbelievably attractive, seeing as he’s only 16″… but since you admitted it, I will too…
    WOW… SEXY!

  41. Ow Owwww. Cat calls on my behalf.

  42. OMJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy crap. he’s amazing. he’s so committed. he’s the best ever! i love him!Bye bye edward heeellllooooo jacob!!!!!


  44. I love how modest he is!!!
    “Do you have a six pack?”
    “Um, maybe, a little bit”
    Its pretty obvious that THAT is not a little bit
    And, this screws with the twilight universe (in a good way) because im pretty sure that Jacob is now stronger than all of the Cullens

  45. ashley_119882004 says

    Wow can you say HOT! And that is so much MORE then a 6 pack. Hes great, amazing, hot, and dedicated. I cant wait. Hes gunna be awesome! Team Jacob!

  46. HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!!!!!!
    omfg they are HUGE!!! and he’s what…SIXTEEN?!
    his arms used to be little straws!!! lolol
    and daaaaaaang did you see that stomach?!
    I need to see THAT again!
    As much as I love Edward, he’s right! Move over Edward, there’s a new hunk in town! O_O

  47. Well DAYYUM.
    When he said he was working out, HE WAS NOT PLAYIN AROUND. xDD

  48. *pokes arm, then squeals with amazement*

  49. That was NO 6 pack that was a freaking EIGHT PACK. I don’t even know what to say, it was………..AMAZING!!! I have never seen a 16/17 year old that is so riped that was great!!! It made my day!!

  50. I am not team Jacob. But I am sure team TAYLOR!!!!
    And team Edward in the books.

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