Vanessa Hudgens…One More Time With Feeling

So we are about as tired as all of you are on the Vanessa Hudgens did she or didn’t she audition.

Yesterday her management ,when asked by Just Jared, said no. They also linked to a casting call showing the part is not currently being sought. We figured Just Jared had it right because our gut instinct, based on a number of factors, said not possible.

Today Access Hollywood said yes and stood by their source 100% when questioned. 

So we thought, OK who would know the answer, and might be willing to give us a quote on the record?"

*Lightbulb…screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg*

So we asked Melissa if Leah Clearwater appeared in her script, because in the novel Leah is barely a blip on the radar. She’s in the spaghetti dinner scene talking on the phone.  It seemed to us that they probably wouldn’t be introducing Leah this movie given that fact. 

So…drumroll please…according to Melissa Rosenberg, "if Vanessa is auditioning for the role of Leah, she’s written her own pages to read, ’cause I didn’t write ’em. "


Furthermore, EW, is now backing our what we have been saying.


So for the sake of our sanity, let’s save the Leah obsession for Eclipse where it actually belongs. The main female character that we all want to know about in New Moon isn’t a werewolf at all. It’s a pint-sized vampire with a hell of a wallop named JANE!



  1. YAY! First comment and NO VANESSA!

  2. Christina Cullen says

    Thank you for cleaning this up!

  3. I’m glad Vanessa probably won’t be doing it…I have nothing against her I just think she can’t pull off Leah.

    But I am sad that Leah apparently isn’t in NM 🙁

  4. Christina Cullen says

    (I was almost the first to comment! It said no comments when I click on it. Lol!)

  5. lol (#4) sorry Christina Cullen…

  6. Haha I’m sure that’s a big slap in the face for Access Hollywood.

  7. Ha Ha Ha. Glad to hear it!
    Keep voting for Rob. 🙂

  8. YES!

  9. Emmett_Cullen says

    Vanessa Hudgens couldnt pull off Leah.. she would screw it up because she is made for disney channell movies and Twilight is too big for her..

  10. Hah! In yo face Accsess Hollywood! I’m glad that there is gonna be no Vaness Hudgens but I do wish there was going to be a Leah… 🙁

  11. there is NO WAY that Vanessa Hudgens is going to get in to new moon! if she does, by some fluke, i shall burn the dvd.

  12. Finally! We have that cleared out.
    Worry no more.

  13. hahah i cracked up at melissa’s statement! im glad it was all false.. let’s just hope later down the road when they ARE casting for a leah… she’s not in line!

  14. YES!
    im sorry but i did not want vanessa as leah.
    and since leah wasnet written into the scrpit that obviously means they’re sticking close to the book (:

  15. Jennifer R says


  16. Thank you so much for clearing this up! I am SO relieved that there’ll be NO Vanessa.

  17. Happy; I am so so Happy. Thank you Melissa, Thank You Lexicon. You just made my day. You guys are so smart. Thank you for Quashing the rumors 🙂

  18. okay i belive everyone saying that vanessas not in it thank god! but im confused and truthfully mad about that whole melissa rosenburg thing her saying she didnt write anything for leah unless someone made up some fake script cause half the script got leaked on the internet and i read it half the story is changed around and leah so far has like three lines in it and seth is in it too. so idk somethings up.

    **Those are fanfic scripts, there is a disclaimer at the top of the entry

  19. ps the site its leaked on is called and just go to previous entries and scroll down youll see it

  20. OMGGG, thank you so much for going to an extremely credible source.

    ::relief washes over the fandom::

    ::celebrations across the nation because vanessa won’t be in the movie::

  21. ashley_119882004 says

    Thanks for clearing that up. Im sad to hear that Leah wont be in New Moon. But Im glad that Vanassea WONT he her. Well as of now anyways. But atleast not this one! Thanks again. 😀

    • yah thats ok actually is so busy in her upcoming movie beastly which is soon be the next saga of movies this year unlike your ashley-no-movie-big-nose-copy-cat is under the table looking for scraps…lol

  22. awww thanks u guys!! y’al are ahmazingg!! thank you soo much for clearing all this up!
    its cool that know I dont have to go to a billion websites only to get conflicting sources!! Thanks for doing the dirty work for us!! =]=]

  23. xI-MustBeDreamingx says

    Thanks lex! & Thank you Melissa.
    Glad this rumor is finally done with. ^^

  24. Thank god.
    Vanessa shouldn’t ever audition for the job when it comes up.

  25. THANK YOU .
    like , really really really .

    all this confusion for nothing .

  26. Christine V. says

    THANK GOD! Melissa Rosenberg could not have said it any better!!!

  27. Thank God for the Lexicon. I’m sure we’d have gone crazy already without you guys/gals. 😀

  28. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, LEXICON!! You guys rock for clearing this up for us.
    And Melissa Rosenberg is brilliant. 🙂

  29. i’m quite confused. is this entry only confirming that hudgens is not auditioning as leah, or is it confirming altogether that she is not auditioning as ANY character in new moon?

  30. Oh, burn!!
    That was awesome.
    Thanks Lexicon!! And thank goodness she won’t be in it!!

  31. italianchic603 says

    Thank you for clearing that up. And thank God she’s not in it!

  32. What if Vanessa wants to play Emily?

  33. Yes I agree with Sherry. Melissa only says she did not audition for the role of Leah. It does not mean she didn’t audition for another part like– umm lets say “Jane” OME!!!!!!

  34. I for one would hate to see her as Leah. But I say if she wants to go after Jane let her. Give her a god forsaken chance people! Remember when Rob was announced as Edward? Everybody hated him! And look at him now! He’s got fangirls asking him to bite them! Just give Vanessa a chance. You never know…she might be perfect for the roll…

    “…she’s written her own pages to read, ’cause I didn’t write ‘em.” hahaha, that was awesome Mellisa. And thank you twilight Lexicon for gettin this freakin mess cleared up.
    Jeez, I dont wanna hear about Vanessa again.

  36. eternitys_charm says

    I dont get why people are making such a big deal about Vanessa as Leah….can someone explain?!?!
    im more anxious to know about JANE!!

  37. YAY NO VANESSA! I seriously think she can’t act 😐
    and shes not a Leah either..

  38. ugh, i just saw on E! news that it was true that Vanessa Hudgens auditioned for A ROLE in New Moon. obviously it’s not Leah. Leahs name was never even on the casting list that was put out. BUT… there was an EMILY. I don’t think we’re out of the woods with the whole Vanessa debacle just yet…

  39. No Disneyettes in the movies please. No offense to them but they have their place in their own little world and it is not in the Twilight world. We can all sleep alittle better knowing this isn’t happening. Stop freaking the peeps out new media…

  40. caravsangel says

    THANK YOU. You guys rock

  41. Well at least the Leah question is settled. Thanks Lexicon for your resourcefulness, Great idea to contact Melissa. I’d be ok if she was in it, maybe Emily (minor role). Summit has done a good job so far with casting and I will trust their decision. Just look at all the fuss over Rob at the beginning and the mooning over him later on, enough said. I really can’t wait though to find out who they choose for Jane, Aro, Marcus, Felix, and Demitri (and a few others).

  42. YES
    thank you thank you thank you!
    this is the reason why the Lexicon is the ONLY fansite i get news from – it’s trustworthy.

  43. Miss Switz says

    woo hoo! way to go lexiconners! you set it straight!!!! yay!

  44. AMEN to EW–who really cares about Leah right now? I’M desperate to know who they cast for Jane too, I mean seriously.

    Why the Lex rocks!
    Now–to see who they cast for Jane XD

  46. I’m soooo excited to find out who they get for the Volturi. I think that Jane will definitely be a hard position to fill. Almost as complicated as Bella. Because, think about all the descriptions of Jane…she looks like a girl yet could be a boy, young, angelic face but her evil faces when she’s mad and all you have to pull all that together AND get someone who fits the physical description. GEEZ I do not envy the casting directors.

  47. ChelseaLee says

    DING DING DING! Light bulb came on! You ladies are geniuses! Thanks for asking Melissa, and I’m SO glad she didn’t add Leah in since shes barely there!!!

  48. TwilightFan says

    Vanessa is an okay actress but she is to connected with the whole high school musical that you dont want it part of Twilight.

  49. jajaja i like the ‘once more with feeling’ somebody likes buffy the vampire slayer 😉

  50. TO ALEXX: that script on is NOT the real script; it’s something that site owner, a Twilight fan, chose to write in response to not liking the movie. You should read the writer’s comments to his/her piece before claiming that’s an official script.

    Speaking of terribly written scripts… it’s good to see Melissa is so straight forward but with a twinge of wit in denying rumors. Now, if she would just stick to the facts and personality of the books when she’s writing a movie script.

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