Dakota Fanning In Her Own Words

Access Hollywod has a quote from Dakota:

“I don’t think they’ll have to put a lot of makeup on me,” she joked. “I’m pretty white already.”

A couple of months back, MTV asked Dakota Fanning what she thought about the Twilight craze.




Dakota had experienced a bit of the Twilight craze first hand because she was at Comic Con in July 2008 in connection with her upcoming film Push. She actually had to be escorted in past the screaming Twilight fans because a major traffic snarl had her late for her scheduled appearance. The fans definitely made an impression.



Entertainment Tonight actually talked directly to Dakota in an exclusive:


"Dakota tells ET that although contracts haven’t been signed, she does hope to join the cast of ‘New Moon.’ She tells us she’s a big fan of the movie ‘Twilight’ and would really like to play a vampire, namely the sadistic bloodsucker Jane."


IESB has also spoken with Dakota who is confirming that she is in talks for New Moon.


Granted, it doesn’t seem like the ink is dry on the contracts, but in general stars don’t talk about an upcoming project unless they are really interested in doing it, and it’s almost a done deal. It’s considered bad form otherwise.


  1. rebelangel says:

    thats fudging amazing

  2. ectwilight88 says:

    she’d better read them! i’m kind of amazed she hadn’t!

  3. Dakota playing Jane, that’s fine I guess. I saw on people.com a few guys who they wanted people to vote on(maybe just people.com, maybe the options they chose are legitimate) but all of the guys they chose are waaay to old to play Alec in my opinion.

    I wish they would have chosen someone with a name for the role of Bella.

  4. Well i love you says:

    Ilk. I really didn’t want her in our fun vamptastic world. Oh well. Not much we can do now that she’s talking about it, which means shes pretty much in. I was hoping we could avoid her entirely, being everything of hers i’ve seen wasn’t too thrilling. But i guess we’ll see. If can’t get much worse…

  5. Twilitex57 says:

    To tell you the truth, I don’t really like it.. She just doesn’t see right for Jane. I really enjoy her work, but I just don’t think she is right for the part. I guees it is to late now, but her look is all wrong. Hopefully the make up artists will do well on her, and her acting has improved since The Bridge to Terebitha. That was pretty horrible.

  6. I think she will be GREAT for the movie. Jane is a small enough part and she brings some major talent and credibility. Good job Summit! Some people on a few other sites have mentioned Cameron Bright as a good potential Alec. I think he would be fantastic! Side by side, he could actually pass as Dakota’s brother (especially if they dye their hair to match).



  7. I really like Dakota Fanning as an actress, and I think she could pull off Jane quite well. It’s difficult to get the youth and the depth (and “otherness”) that the character needs, but I think she can do it. Much better than some undiscovered Disney star who doesn’t have a lot of experience. Besides, I had Jane pegged as Dakota Fanning from the very first time I read the books, and I wasn’t even thinking of the movie- I was thinking of the mental image I had of the character.

  8. Vamp_angel says:

    Meh, she’d be alright as Jane, but there’s not much to do since it’s almost a done deal anyways… Well, I just hope they find an awesome actor to play Alec — that’s not Lucas Grabeel that’s for sure.

  9. Twilitex57: “Hopefully the make up artists will do well on her, and her acting has improved since The Bridge to Terebitha. That was pretty horrible.”

    FYI Dakota wasn’t in Bridge To Terabithia. That was Annasophia Robb.

  10. ChelseaLee says:

    I’m not making any judgements until I see her one screen!

  11. I really hope she dosnt play jane. i think that would be terrible.

  12. I don’t feel Dakota Fanning is a good fit for Jane. She doesn’t seem to fit with the cast at all. She much more mainstream than the rest at this point in their careers and I would hate to see the critics overlook the talents of everyone else to focus on her. There is an actress on the Twilight Myspace page who looks perfect. I wish Summit would stop looking at a her as a box office draw and start looking for someone who actually fits the part. Keep the integrity of the book. Forget Dakota.

  13. She might do a good job.Let’s just hope she does.

  14. Meh I wasn’t really a fan of her playing the part of Jane but there is not much we can do about it now. She has done a few movie rolls where she has had to put on a “serious” face before. Maybe she’ll work it out. One thing’s for sure they’re gonna have to put some serious make up on her to turn back time. She still looks a wee bit to old to play Jane. Also her hair will have to be dyed darker.

    I don’t think they’ll be able to keep her for more then one movie though. She’s growing up fast, and as you all know vampires don’t age. They won’t be able to hide the fact she’s maturing into a young lady for long.

  15. Team_Jakeward says:

    I have nothing against Dakota. I love her work, but I don’t think shes a Jane.

    *and FYI for everyone who thought Jane was a Blond look at New Moon again. Pg 456

  16. ugh! OKay seriously?

    I HATE Dakota Fanning. I don’t think she’s a good actress at all and she would not be able to pull off Jane at all.

    I think she would totally RUIN it.

  17. Sterling Snow says:

    I would really rather have Summit choose lesser known actors for the rest of the cast. It worked well before.

  18. im all for whoever can fit the role best, whether its a known or unknown actress. I think Dakota works, Im willing to give her a try! After all she’ll be in the movie for what 15 – 20 mins? Im jsut praying that they get New Moon right, Twilight was good, but not really good. I want really good! lol

  19. GRR why her??!! Doesn’t Jane have dark hair?? Dakota doesn’t have the talent of the look to be Jane.

  20. oops I meant– *OR* the look to be Jane–

  21. higgin704 says:

    She is exactly how I pictured Jane.

  22. Tiffany H. says:

    I’m not crazy about the idea… but I am warming up to it.

  23. Dark Brown Pools says:

    I like Dakota Fanning to a certain degree, but I think she’s too statuesque to play Jane. I always pictured Jane as being kind of cherubic.

  24. I find it funny that on the news about Vanessa Hudgens when everyone started worrying about the role of Jane in the comments, everyone one was pro-Dakota, and here, they notably…aren’t. Maybe Dakota is only considered better than Vanessa, but neither are considered agreeable?

  25. Wow! I’m actually really excited! I have a lot of faith in her! I also can’t wait to see her new movie, Push, it sounds good! She’s pretty much like how I pictured Jane. I think she’ll be a great Jane!

  26. Dark Brown Pools says:

    P.S.- To all you people out there debating the hair color topic, I’ve seen her brunette before. Actors constantly change their appearances to best fit the role of that character. I that doubt her being naturally blond will be a dire obstacle.

  27. Dark Brown Pools says:

    P.P.S.-I meant ‘I doubt that her,’ not ‘I that doubt her.’

  28. xemolicious says:

    i think that shed be okay for it.. she might seem to bubbly for it though.. she probably got it because she was in push and summit produced it.. im okay with dakota being in the movie.. just as long as vanessa hudgens dont get the part of leah.

  29. xemolicious says:

    i think that shed be okay for it.. she might seem to bubbly for it though.. she probably got it because she was in push and summit produced it.. just as long as vanessa hudgens doesnt get the part of leah.

  30. SHE’S GOING TO RUIN NEW MOON. i agree. she’s a horrible jane. can’t they hold auditions for someeone actuallyy… ‘jane-ish’ like, omg. srsly!

  31. It’s funny some people are doubting the cast already. It’s like the same thing all over again when the twilight cast for the 1st movie was announced. everyone was like, “WTF!! NO!!! NOT ROB! NOT KRISTEN!” and a lot of people ended up loving them.

  32. papermoon says:

    per new moon– Jane is “as tiny as Alice”, with “pale brown hair trimmed short”, wide eyes and full lips. i’m not a huge fan of dakota, but i’ll give it a chance. to me, i never pictured jane *that* young looking, or looking anything at all like dakota fanning. i pictured her as a teen, the height of alice, who looked angelic and evil at the same time.

    all the same, i’d rather have her than some disney pop star. at least dakota does actually have acting talent. jane is a character with a lot of potential- not a main character, but one whose image is important to the whole of the story–the same with all of the volturi. if she does a crap job as jane- it will detract from the whole film, no matter how little screen time she has.

    as long as she acts the part well- i think it will work out. makeup and hair dye can take care of a lot.
    *crosses fingers*

  33. She’s amazing. I mean, she’s been nominated for awards that some adult actresses would kill for. She’s always been spoken highly of. She’s totally dedicated. I think she’s going to rock it. Dakota, keep at it 🙂

  34. Cristina Cullen says:

    I think she is a really good actress! but no offense i would really hate to see her as jane…. I think that summit should get actors and actresses that are not really famous but can still act and know how do well in a movie like Twilight……Also i think Dakota is too young to play Jane because in New Moon they didn’t say that Jane was young just short like Alice:)

  35. Amber Pederson says:

    For everyone whining about her hair — THERE’S A THING CALLED HAIR DYE! They’ve USED is before!

    I think she’ll do fine. I would RATHER have an unkown actor because I feel like that fits with the franchise better, but if the part goes to Dakota, then I’m okay with that. 🙂 They could have gotten somebody worse.

    “but in general stars don’t talk about an upcoming project unless they are really interested in doing it, and it’s almost a done deal. It’s considered bad form otherwise.”

    Hahahah. When it’s not a done deal, that’s when I call it a ‘Michael Copon’. *rolls eyes* He was running his mouth when he wasn’t even being CONSIDERED for the part.

  36. Amber Pederson says:

    But they also say that Jane is androgynous looking and almost TOO YOUNG to be turned. 🙂 I think that kind of verifies that she’s young.

  37. andrea leigh says:

    Amber Pederson ; I agree with you. I think that there really could be a person much wosrse than Dakota. She seems good enough for the part, and people, come on. SHE CAN DYE HER HAIR. big whoop.

  38. This is not right. They need to take into considertation who’ll play Alec first. And for Chris, you should really do an audition first. yes shes been in many movies, but you’re smarter than to just cast someone like that.

  39. Twilight123 says:

    umm i really think that the people that are casting New Moon will do a good job…maybe Dakota wasn’t my first ,second ,or third choice to be jane but she may surprise us

  40. Mrs. Everarianas Edward Cullen says:

    YESSSSS!! i would love fo Dakota to be Jane! That would be great! She is really talented, so I’m very excited 🙂
    and I’m glad she’s a fan of the book too
    I just hope that her managers or agent doesn’t ask for a big salary
    but other than that I hope she gets the part

    and for the people who don’t like the idea, well give her a chance! I agree with Jess; people didn’t want Rob to be Edward, but now we are like stalking him :p
    so just give the girl a chance. if she ends up with the part and you don’t like it, well that
    s your problem. At least Jane sn’t a huge part like Edward or something 😉

  41. Dakota is an amazing actress. in all of her movies she has taken it to the next level. she could deffently become Jane. she has the talent to do so. If she is not the one who else will become Jane some new be that we have not heard of? that was one of our worries as twilighters last year about Twilight. we did not know a lot about the actors that came to be the family we all love. we saw the look but never saw them act.

  42. Wow I hope that rumor about Vanessa Hudgens being Leah isnt true! I know that Bella isn’t supposed to be gorgeous, but Kristen Stewart has a distinctly masculine appearance. Surrounding her with so many WAY more attractive people will just bring that out more! I wish they would have chosen the girl who played Angela for Bella instead…she is so pretty.

    The chick who played Rosalie is naturally brunette and they successfully turned her blond, and trust me, going darker is much easier than going lighter. No worries on the Dakota Fanning blond hair issue. I do agree that she is too big of a name for the current cast though. She will be fine as Jane. Can we please choose a new Bella?

  43. A new Bella that can act, and that has more than one emotion (which is…emotionless)

  44. Seriously, Laney? You think she doesn’t have the talent? Have you ever seen her any one of her movies? That girl has an amazing amount of talent for being only 14. And for anyone who thinks she looks too sweet to be someone like Jane, check out the Push trailer (she looks pretty bad-ass xD)

  45. Twilight Nymph says:

    That’s great, looks like they listened to us for once. Well some of us, since not everyone is in agreement with Dakota as Jane.

  46. sillybella02 says:

    A couple of you have mentioned her being in Bridge to Terebithia – well that was Anna Sophia Robb, not Dakota Fanning…and I think Dakota would be perfect for the role of Jane – I think she’s going to be the best they’ll be able to find.

  47. twilightobsessedddd says:

    I think that Dakota Fanning is an incredible actress, she will do a great job if she is cast as Jane. People need to stop being so critical… think of all the other child actresses that have experience and look the part. Go Dakota!

  48. All skeptics of Dakota watch this–http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3PTfy07Rw0

    Brown hair AND creepy. THere is even they phycotic smile. XD

    She’d be great.

  49. And also people–

    How would about 12 freaking lines ruin a movie?!?!?! Seriously? New Moon would be aweful just because one person messes up all two of their lines? Get real–even on the very unlikely chance that she’d be aweful, 5 minutes WOULDN’T ruin a two hour movie…

  50. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Dakota would be absolutelly great for the part. She has that dark side edge. Yeah i can already see her smiling at Edward. (which will kill me when i see in theather), but yeah she’ll do good.