Twilight Riddle

Want to have some fun, maybe win a prize, and prove a college professor wrong? Here’s the email we originally received from Lexiconer Julika:

I‘m writing to ask you if it was possible that the Lexicon provided some help with one of my courses. I study Anglophone Literature in Germany and one of my courses asks for a web project in literature. I proposed some sort of riddle/quiz/treasure hunt based on the Twilight saga and anything surrounding it and my lecturer was quite taken by the idea, especially because it’s so current.

We’re usually up for helping out most student projects if we have the time, so we asked for more details and here’s what Julika said:

It took some time, but I finished my project. University obstacles were met and dodged and the riddle can finally get going. Since I will have a small contest in which I’ll give away five t-shirts from WeBook Apparel (, I thought I’d let you know in advance that I will upload and start Twilight Riddle tomorrow around 11 am CET(5:00am EST). The address is At the moment it’s still the “Under Construction” page but that will change come tomorrow… My lecturer has the odd opinion that there won’t be enough people interested. I hope Twilighters can show him.


  1. Sounds like fun! I have no idea what such a thing entails, but I am all for it! I am a little afraid we might crash their server though! lol

  2. In fact, I hope that there will be a little more traffic than my lecturer expects … I think he seriously underestimates either the series or its fans. Or both *grins*.

    Have fun with this, I hope to “see” many of you there.

  3. wow… i’m up to question 5 and i’m already stuck!! it’s exciting though!! good on you for thinking/creating something like this!

  4. stuck at 18 *sigh*

  5. Ah, this is awesome. I’m loving it.

  6. i am seriously confused! is the instruction page the first question???? if so how the hell do you work out the answer???

  7. I’m stuck at 18 as well!!! damn it, very fun!

  8. woo! this is awesome and addictive.. stuck on 29 now, this is a toughy!

  9. GAAAAH. I’m stuck on 41! I’m convinced I know the answer but it’s saying it’s wrong! NOOO.

  10. I cant get in to the thing – the letitbegin link isnt working

  11. stuck on 45.. i have the answer but it’s apparently not correct? .. im certain it is though.. eek! if anyone passes, let me know!

  12. Should the letitbegin be a link to the 1st question?

    Because I can’t go to the 1st question.

    • adrielle,

      The answer to your question is click on the URL then at the end of the URL type letitbegin then the first question is, who is the first person to say hi to bella

  13. cindyleslie says:

    9i’m stuck at 25! can somebody please tell me what’s the average speed of a car?????

  14. Forrester says:

    you have to keep the .html at the end

  15. Huh? How do I get to the questions and answer them? I’m stuck on the rules page but the URL says it’s level1.

    Is there a question on the rules page?

  16. Im not spoiling this for anyone but yes the rules page is a question / riddle!!

    I finally figured it out

  17. yup, same here. i finally figured it out. Wow, the questions are difficult.

  18. I’m still stuck on three… and I know it too >.<

  19. @Maura, same!
    I can’t just figure it out…

  20. smalltowngirl says:

    boohoo, yeah, me too, maura and sk. I’ve read the whole passage in the book, but I can’t find the solution…

  21. I’ve just re-skimmed the second half of eclipse & the start of breaking dawn.. can’t find it anywhere lol this is going to drive me bonkers XD

    had any luck?

  22. cindyleslie says:

    omg.. stuck at 36 now..
    what is between brazil, a lot of waters, and the africa?

  23. @Maura, I know the answer. It’s really simple really, it’s always found of every book.

    I’m stuck at 49. And it has nothing to do with the books oe movie.

  24. Dont_Call_Me_Nessie says:

    What a fun idea! Sadly, the site won’t let me play. WAH!

  25. Haha my god it took me forever to figure it out =P
    only on 9 now though..

    but its SNOWING!!! =D

  26. i’m stuck on number 34! I can’t figure out how far east Bella has traveled before going to the Volturi in New Moon. This is evil…

  27. 49: The representative of a different species of readers who didn’t change his name after fishing the first book.

    What is the answer!? And I don’t think it has anything to do with the books or the movie.

    A hint, anyone? or a tiny clue to help me along.

  28. Stuck on 3 as well… I, too, have skimmed NM, Eclipse, and BD. I am like the lamest fan EVER! Everyone else is stuck on a question in the 30’s…seriously! I don’t want anyone to tell me, but a nudge in the right direction wouldn’t hurt. This is too much fun to stop this early.

  29. @Malia C,
    the answer is really easy, don’t think too hard. It is the essence of the Twilight saga, (I hope I put it in the right way).

  30. I can’t play right now but I will when I get home.Sounds really interesting.

  31. GOT IT!!! Now I truly feel silly, the answer was totally staring me in the face and I was way OVERTHINKING it….Thanks for the nudge.

  32. aww peeps i really need my books with me – I suppose thats what i get for playing in work

    Stuck on 3 – cant believe im still in single digits

  33. I’m still stuck on 9.. it’s ridiculous..
    I have the passage of the book open in front of me, but I still can’t get the answer to work >.<

  34. Like SK, I’m stuck on 49.

    “The representative of a different species of readers who didn’t change his name after fishing the first book.”

    Anybody can give me a nudge? Because I don’t really know it…

  35. I’m still at 18! I can’t believe this! a little help?

  36. Oh. MY. God.
    Seriously, I thought it meant add mph on the end..

  37. arrrr I typed in a guess and somehow jumped from 3 to 14

    sorry for the double post

  38. soozabooza54 says:

    omg, i totally know what i’m doing at work today. 🙂

  39. It’s too difficult and I’m going to sleep.

    Have fun, people.

  40. The riddle is great!!!

    Thanks Lexicon for posting it!!!

    @VU: it took me some time to figure it out too =) think of an occasion when alice wears something she didn’t pick out….

    I’m stuck at 23, I know the answer but I can’t find the right word… =(

  41. im now stuck at number 5

    I thought that was fairly obvious but nope my answer is no good

    This is very addictive – well done Julika

  42. Bianca:
    The problem is this: I know exactly what it is i just can’t get the words right! I know the color, the material and that it is horrible! the problem is the spelling!

  43. ahh! stuck on 72 🙂 this is a lot of fun.



  45. I know it says not to get frustrated, BUT….I cannot figure out that first page. I tried several ways of putting “letitbegin” JUST before the .html, but nothing seems to work! I don’t know what to do!

  46. Vu — I am so with you. I am staring at the passage in the book and I have tried every combo I can think of….what are we missing?

  47. smalltowngirl says:

    @vu: I don’t think I say too much if I tell you, the thought is right, but maybe not the expression…?
    Can anybody tip me off for question 34? I looked up Bella’s entire history, but still haven’t found it…

  48. #72 ashley fair play to you – tell me is it easy if you have the books beside you

  49. How do you play this game? I am so confused right now. I have been trying to figure this game out for the past hour. I think it is time that I give up. Hope everyone else is having fun!

  50. smalltowngirl:
    Yes my problem is the expression! Julika said it wasn’t the right words in the book but a synonym! I’m losing my mind over here!

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