Twilight: Director’s Notebook

Twilight: Director’s Notebook

Written by Catherine Hardwicke

February 4, 2009 (New York, NY) – Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, a division of Hachette Book Group, will release Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight: Director’s Notebook as a one-day laydown on March 17, 2009, it was announced today by Megan Tingley, the division’s Senior Vice President and Publisher.  This intimate look at the making of Summit Entertainment’s film follows visionary director Hardwicke through the creative process.  Designed to replicate the director’s own personal notebook that she kept on set, readers will discover the inside secrets on casting, location scouting and wardrobe to storyboard sketches, behind-the-scenes photographs, personal notes about Catherine’s favorite scenes and much more. This one-of-a-kind experience for all Twilight fans will be released in hardcover for $17.99 with an announced first printing of 500,000 copies.

“With this book, I tried to show fans and future directors some of the process that the crew and I went through filming Twilight,” said Hardwicke.  “My challenge was to translate Stephenie’s powerful book and make you feel what she makes you feel when you read her works.”

The movie version of Twilight has grossed over $340 million worldwide since its release on November 21, 2008.  The movie debuted at #1 at the box office with $70 million, making it the highest debut for a female director.  Twilight: Director’s Notebook is being released just in time for the March 21st multi-million copy release of Twilight on DVD.


  1. Yaaaay more twilight stuff!

  2. YES!first comment

  3. hmm…sorry Catherine but after seeing the movie I can definately say that my experience reading the book was about…1,000,000% better than watching the movie. The good thing about this is that we have a new director for NM! Yay!

  4. That was kinda mean to say. Yeah, the book was better than the movie, but I think Catherine did the best job she could given the budget and time restrictions she had to go by. I don’t know if anyone else could have done a better job in the same situation.

  5. I’m so excited for this! I absolutely loved the movie and I’m going to miss Catherine’s astounding energy as a director. I want to know all the inside details behind filming, and this is just… fantastic! Can’t wait ’til this comes out!

  6. so excited! im going to film school now and i love twilight! its a double plus for me!!! WHOOT WHOOT!

  7. This is insane. I would prefer 10,000,000 times more the Official Guide than this nonsense. It seems to me they just keep coming up with things to steal our money. I’ll pass on this and wait for Stephenie’s notebook, the official guide.

  8. Oh this is soo cool! Leave it to Catherine! 😉

  9. Rachel, that was mean! I can’t wait for this book. I love behind the scene stuff. Anything that is about Twilight is awesome.

  10. Oooo! That sounds like fun! How would we order/get a copy for ourselves?

  11. That’s my question Tiffany. I just went on Border’s and Amazon in attempts to pre-order a copy and I couldn’t find it!!! : (

  12. Ehehe thats totally St. Patricks day.! I’ll hav that day off, yay.! But yeah i doubt book will be out here in ireland th same date.! Awh.. or will it even cum out here.?.? Omg panic panic.! Sigh two friends of mine always diss Catherine but i think shes cool.! I so much hav this.! I

  13. FYI — Seth *just* updated Stephenie’s site saying that he doesn’t know of anyone/anywhere that you can pre-order the book just yet. BUT. When he does find out, he’ll link it. 🙂


    I have to say I am happy that there is a new director and wish the screenwriter was replaced as well. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Twilight the Movie only because the actors were so frikken awesome! But you have to admit, the dialog sucked badly and what was taken from the book was said by different characters altogether. It made money because it was STEPHENIE’S GENIUS behind it. But the scenes added did nothing to enhance the story, but the scenes deleted took away from it. My love of the characters, of Edward, Jasper, Emmet and Carlisle brought me back to see it 3 times, not the directing, the music or the writing.

  15. YaY!! I cant wait to get my hands on it!!

  16. Ooh! I want one! This looks really awesome. I LOVE behind-the-scenes things like this, and it’s so cool how it’s made too look like Catherine’s own notebook! Hmm… my birthday’s coming up… maybe I can ask for it!


  18. Sorry Julie, didnt mean to offend, I was just stating my opinion.


  19. that I wish they had a new screenwriter for NM as well. Between the directing and the screen play (in MY opinion) the movie was a complete mess. I do not know if I could have understood what was going on had I not read Twilight before hand. LEECH, I do agree that Jasper and Emmet were great, I like Alice too. Kristen Stewart was too much for me to handle (in that she was the exact same in every scene…emotionless and indifferent…once again this is my opinion and it just so happens that many movie critics agree with it) and Rob P. was over the top. At least I like Rob because he sounds really into the character of Edward, so I am hoping he can balance Edward in NM better.

  20. I’d really like this, but I can’t help feeling a bit preyed on by Summit … how much more money will we be tempted to spend?

  21. I just hope to discover who were the other 3 actors that were up for the part of Edward. I haven’t seen that anywhere.

  22. this is awesome!! I can’t wait

  23. nikegrl1936 says

    I had heard a rumor that Henry Cavill was up for the role of Edward. He plays Charles on “The Tudors”. Again, that’s just a rumor that I had heard.

  24. Hardcover? $18? No thanks.
    Summit is sucking up all of our money 🙂

  25. This is going to be a great opportunity to get insight into Catherine’s creative process and some of the drivers to her decisions on what finally appeared on screen.

    Good, bad, indifferent to the film, I look forward to learning about some of the decisions and how she arrived at what she did in the film and getting some details we haven’t had access to prior to the publication of the book.

    Cool beans!

  26. BLOODSUCKING LEECH: I’m Sorry but i have to say that the music was awsome, but the actors were amazing, i’ll agree with you on that one. But all of my friends went and saw it and got it perfectly. So the dialog wasn’t that bad.

  27. i was wondering, how many people on here are going to buy this? personally, im going to have to check it out and flip through it before i buy it…..not that i have anything against catherine, im just wondering if this book will be worth the money

  28. yeah, $18.00 is alittle steep just for a bit of the behind-the-scenes stuff.
    but whatever, i still need it!!!;D

  29. looks cool

  30. Mary Alice Cullen says

    Nah. i won’t buy I think Catherine did an “okay” job, but i won’t buy that book. Sorry.

  31. That’s pretty cool. I’ll probably pick it up. Might be nice to see where her mind is traveling during the whole process.

  32. Stephen King will probably be mad that people are buying that book, too.

    I read a blog post where someone broke down their average yearly sales (Stephen King v. Stephenie Meyer) and determined that he just sounds bitter. Pretty awesome. Check it out:

  33. Okay so my first question is… do we have to come back to this website on March 17th to be able to order it and if so what time? and the next question… is it a thick book like Stephenie’s Twilight Saga or just a little 100 page book? email me please

    Subject: Catherine Hardwick’s book

    thank you again

  34. I wouldn’t mind buying this book and hopefully it’ll be as great as they make it sound. I would love the see her process throughout the film in her writing and all the behind the scenes stuff. I think I’d like to flip through it first also before buying it, but they’re only starting out with 500,000 copies so who knows how fast it’ll sell out. It seems like a good buy. It doesn’t say exactly when it’ll be released and hopefully we’ll be able to preorder it?

  35. Ok, so now this is getting a little ridiculous. A director’s book on someone who didn’t even do THAT great of a directing job? No thanks, i’m gonna pass. I seriously think Summit & Co. are really trying to milk us of all our money, with the multi-DVD versions, endless upon endless supplies of Hot Topic merchandise (which I am proud to say I have completely resisted) and etc. But we are in an economic recession, and I gotta save money!!

  36. So…if you go to…there is a link to pre-order the book. It’s $10.17 on Amazon.

  37. It was great seeing a movie from a woman’s perspective. I wish Cathrine was back to direct New Moon. I really do not want to see any Twilight movie through male eyes. I don’t go to many movies so I will definitely wait for my friends reviews before I risk the irritation of going to New Moon. I can just see it coming out without a plot with overwhelming special effects moments that don’t quite add up to a movie.

  38. You know not to sound mean or anything but that not wanting to see a movie because a male is directed it is kinda a sexist comment. Some of the best romantic movies were directed by men. Gone with the Wind, Far and Away, also a lot of the old school classic ones. But if you want some more recent ones, try The Notebook.
    But thinking that a movie might not have as much appeal to you just because the director is a man, is a bit closed minded IMO.

    As for the “directors guide”, I seriously think its just another way of Summit or whomever was involved in publishing it, is really just trying to screw us around and get even more money out of us. Don’t be let the fact that they stamp TWILIGHT name the product on mislead you. Save your money for the DVD because seriously this doesn’t seem like its worth it.

  39. I might get it…sounds interesting-ish

  40. Oh Lordy, those movies you’ve listed aren’t great, IMO. The Notebook was horrible :/ I’m guessing what CW was trying to say was that women are naturally romantic, and love romantic things. Men usually have a hard time trying to be romantic. The loving relationship between Bella and Edward is one of the most important elements in the whole series.

  41. Maybe to some people’s opinion they aren’t all that great but not everyone has the same taste in movies.
    But to think that men aren’t just as romantic as woman, is a bit biased. I agree that the Bella/Edward relationship is basically the most important part of the Twilight universe but that doesn’t mean that a male director won’t do just as good a job as a women director in portraying that on screen. Really its the chemistry between the actors that does it the most, no matter what type of movie it is. Catherine, IMO, did an okay job but what saved the movies most was the actors, they had great on screen chemistry. The movie could have been way better and it had a lot to do with the script, directing, editing etc. Lets see what they do with NM hopefully its an improvement.

  42. I love the series, but I do not love the movie. The scenes that were added in should not have been put there, they held no purpose. There was to much material they out, they should have stuck to the story. I don’t think that Kristen Stewart is right for the part of Bella. She is boring, no emotion. All of her scenes were awkward. (just my opinion)
    I think that I will stick to the original books from now on. Im not going to buy this directors book, its not worth the money.
    Im going to see New Moon in hopes that the new director will stay true to the book, we’ll see.

  43. Catherine, come back!

  44. I love to watch the movie only because of Rob, Ashley, Kellan, and I can’t keep re-reading the books, however….The romance of the book was not there…one kissing scene didn’t do justice to the raw need of each for the other…just once could we have had the kisses in the “hollow of my throat”, not just at the prom, and Kristen please, show more of Bella’s being in desperate love with Edward or it won’t make sense in New Moon how she could resist Jacob knowing Edward is gone.

  45. Um,well it kind of looks like okay i guess…but ya i agree with like everybody bout the Summit milking us of our money like COME ON!!! Really. The casting wus okay i mean Rob gave me complete creeps and didnt make me fall in love with him and if i hadnt read the books i think he made edward a creep. Kristen…no, Bella is fun&spunky and i dont think once in the whole movie did kristen smile. Ashley, Kellan, Jackson&Nikki were fabulous though!<3 Kellan Lutz is amazing…perfectly cast cullen family altogether but i think edward cud have been better cast. Too late now-lets see how Chris makes the movie.!

  46. We were in Hot Topic yesterday and they already had this book for sale. I didn’t think that it was supposed to come out until the 17th, but we were able to buy it. It was pretty cool. It had some of the same info that the movie companion book did. I was expecting it to be about that same size. Instead it is small and has a hard cover. I liked looking at the different story boards and that kind of stuff.


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