Ashley Greene Greets Fans

Ashley Greene after having her flight canceled; her luggage lost; and a two hour photo session that ran overtime; stopped by the Forks Prom at the Chicago Flashback Weekend to say hi to fans, and did an impromptu Q&A. How totally cool and and sweet is that!

This is also the first video on our new YouTube chanel that we are going to be totally decking out over the next month.ย  There will be lots of stuff to come stay tuned for more this week!


  1. I was at this interview over the weekend and really ejoyed it. Alice is my favorite and Ashley was so sweet and accomodating, as were Justin Chon and Peter Facinelli. I am so happy that I made the trip from WI. It is amazing how beautiful she is in real life. Peter and Justin were stunning as well. I hope to get the oppurtunity to do this again. It was a great diversion from real life.

  2. soozabooza54 says:

    Just me, or did we have a little spoiler cut around 5:09…? C’mon, Lex, you gotta give us the dirt! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ashley is just awesome – so bubbly and gracious with her time! Thank you, Twilight gods, for giving us our perfect Alice! ๐Ÿ™‚

    ~~~I think she said that the scene she was most looking forward to was the Porsche scene. Trust me, if she had actually given a spoiler, which she does in a later video, we wouldn’t have cut it out! We actually have a couple of little tid bits that could be considered “spoilers” for the script. We certainly wouldn’t keep them from you! Be on the look out for Ashley’s full Q&A as well as Peter’s. They both say interesting things about the script.

  3. No spoilers, just screaming fans that obliterated whatever she said, or random people asking for hugs or shout outs to friends.

  4. alice_emmett_fan says:

    that was an awesome interview wish i could of been there. She’s so humble and gracious. I loved how she was like it’s a twi-guy lol.

  5. Andrea S. says:

    What a sweetheart.

  6. of course, she said she preferred Jackson. hahaha, how cute!

  7. She seems like such a great person! How amazing for her to stop in and do that, ya’ know? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Aww, that is so sweet that she was there after all the crap she had to endure. Dang, I would’ve just passed out in my hotel room.

  9. I just love her.She’s so sweet!

  10. aww what a sweetheart. i’d complain to no end if that happened to me, what a trooper!

  11. CherishJoy says:

    She is so sweet! I love her as Alice and can’t wait for New Moon!

  12. i know she prefers Jackson because Jackson has a crush on her too.”I like being Jasper because he has Alice for a wife and Ashley is just…” So cute!I wish Rob and Kristen and Jackson and Ashley would end up in real life.

  13. I’m impressed with Ashley Greene. How wonderful for her to go out of her way to continue to be there for her fans, after what must have been a long frustrating day. Kudos to her!

  14. Emmett_Cullen says:

    Personally.. i dont think rob and kristen would make a cute couple… but ashley and jackson would be adorable!! and kellan and nikki reed would be cute too!!

  15. I LOVE ashley, she seems so nice and sincere, she is bubbly and doesn’t ever seem out of place. I love how Jackson has a crush on her, its soooo sweet, they would be perfect together.
    A shout out to ASHLEY!!! I love how she’s always supporting her fellow actors like Taylor when they were thinking of replacing him…
    <3 JACOB <3

  16. BTW Who is that dude????????

  17. OMG!!!!!!!! I was there all weekend. Sorry I just had to get that out. I’m still excited that I was there. All my friends are jealous but I don’t care. Sometimes when I think about I want to scream.

  18. LOL Hate you soooo much megan!!, She seems so nice and omg her and jackson wud make the cutest couple-“edward or jacob??” “Jasper” LOL so cute!! Shes really prettty too. So excited for New Moon to come out!<3

  19. Why, oh why is all this in America? *sob*
    Nothing ever happens down here ๐Ÿ™


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