Dakota Fanning: More of a Done Deal?

Cheeky, AKA the Twi-Crack blogger, has stumbled on something. There’s a memo out from Production Weekley dated 2-12-09 attaching Dakota Fanning to the project.

Now here’s the thing were not saying Dakota won’t eventually be cast because that’s honestly our gut impression here based on a number of factors. However, we are not so sure this is 100% official yet:

  1. It doesn’t make any sense for this confirmation not to have been picked up by Mark Malkin, Nikki Finke, and several others given that they all had the insider track. The Dakota Fanning story leaked like a sieve. It seems odd that they’d allow themselves to get upstaged by a two-week old production memo that lots of people had access to.
  2. The cast list (other than Rob, Kristen, and Taylor who obviously have top billing in that order) are in alphabetical order. Dakota’s name got stuck in at the end. It seems weird that the format would not be consistent especially in Hollywood where name position is everything

Stay tuned, this could get interesting.


  1. So there’s a lot more weight to the rumors. Anyway, I still like Fanning. So I’m going to cross my fingers for her getting cast.

  2. I know that Dakota herself confirmed that her being in the movie was a possibility, but the idea of her playing a bit part like Jane is weird considering how huge of an actress she is.

  3. i honestly dont think she could pull it off. she doesnt look the part, her voice doesnt sound right, and i dont think she can do the “innocent yet pure evil” air that surrounds jane

  4. I don’t know Dakota Fanning, but from the pictures I’ve seen, she doesn’t look creepy enough.

    @Lomesir Jane IS an important role – not really in NM, but she is one of the main factors why everyone is afraid of the Volturi.

    Well, we’ll see – as long as Jane is tiny, creepy and sadistic, I’m happy.xD

  5. I really hope that Dakota gets this! She’s awsome!

  6. Ever since they said they was going to make the rest of the books into movies I have pictured Dakota as Jane – just something about her and her maturity for her age I know she could pull of the Jane character

  7. I’m hoping now that Dakota gets the part. All these casting rumours are getting ridiculous. I can’t wait til the cast is fully announced and all this he’s in it/she’s in it business will cease.
    Just out of curiosity, doesn’t Dakota earn $3 million per movie. That’s quite a hefty bit to take out of any budget (not a mind one the size of New Moon’s)especially as it’s not a leading role. Still I’m sure Summit and Fanning have come to some agreement. Can’t wait to see the first trailer!

  8. Never said that Jane wasn’t important, just that the role is small. Correct me if I’m wrong, but screentime is pretty important to actors.

  9. Yes, it is, but I think we’ll see more from Jane in BD and Eclipse. Or not… Well, if Dakota Fanning really earns that much, there might be problems – but I don’t think that she will earn $3 million for a role that maybe appears ten minutes on screen.
    I really hope that they’ll confirm the cast within the next two weeks…

  10. Zookie Monster says

    Why doesn’t anyone ask Dakota?

  11. ashley_119882004 says

    Or ask her agents or whoever tends to her stuff for her. Cuz the rumors are getting old.

  12. Seriously, I think they either need to cast her already, or someone else because the rumors ARE getting old and shouldn’t they pretty much be done with casting by now, I mean, they’re pretty close to starting to film the movie, right?

  13. I like Dakota Fanning. I was also thinking that if they don’t cast her or the deal falls through, what about that girl from Bridge to Terrabithia or the Reaping, AnnaSophia Robb?

  14. KatieCullen77 says

    I would REALLY like to see Dakota Fanning play Jane in the movies. I’m crossing my fingers that this is a true rumor! 🙂

  15. Okay we have been going threw this for the past month about to be two months and if they stil have not got it settled by now that’s really not good. That means their going to have go threw this for another two months and that might push the movie back. And she doesn’t have to get $3 million I bet she can coprimise. I’m soooooo done with cast rumors I’m just going to wait for the official cast list. Dekota better be in New Moon!

  16. nezzi4teamtaycob says

    I hope that it she DOES get cast, that they don’t pay her toooo much. I mean, she won’t even have that big of a part and they should spend their money on something that will make the movie better. Here’s mmy suggestion: making as many Jacob scenes as possible!!
    <3 JACOB <3
    <3 Taylor <3

  17. i think she can pull it off, i mean she had that whole creepy thing about her in push and she IS white(pale) anough lol

  18. It’s a small role but it’s a key role. It’s also a role that we KNOW will be in the next 3 movies and we know all 3 movies will be huge hits so for those reasons, Fanning would be crazy to turn it down even for a reduced rate.

    Look at all the other “starlets” in Hollywood tripping over themselves to be connected to the Twilight Saga.

    I also think they are going to really play up the scenes in Italy because it’s exciting, it’s scary and visually could be magnificent….and, they are going to want to get Rob in the movie as much as possible with his popularity (and because I won’t be able to bare it without him..ha-ha).

  19. Im sorry but I kind of cant stand dakota fanning as an actress. shes a little irritating. I was a little upset to see she was part of this.

  20. I’m so sick of waiting for the filming to actually START. I mean, seriously, people stop feeding the rumor mill and just wait patiently for NM people to say “Here’s the official cast.”
    Because it’s getting old, this whole “Ooh I heard that they’re putting in a zombie role & Elvis is playing it! :O”

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