The Toyko Tour: Autograph Signing

Remember when a week ago when we said that the Japanese were every bit as crazy for Twilight as their American counterparts, and they could scream just as loud. All three star were really great meeting their fans in the middle of a rain and sleet storm.

Here’s a slice of being Rob Pattinson. Any closer and the video cam would be in his suit pocket. More videos here from Karolmitie.

It’s a good thing Taylor is on this trip. Look at the fan reaction he gets, and it’s probably only going to get bigger over the next year.

Incidentally it was like three degrees. The guy were probably cold in their suit jackets, we can’t imagine how Kristen didn’t get hypothermia, and considering it was pouring how no one looks like a wet dog.


  1. I’m glad for Rob. He’s a shy kind of person and he’s putting on a good face and handling the hype well. Taylor is definitely more outgoing, so he’ll do just fine with all the craziness, I think.

  2. Thats hilarious, OMG she kisses nhim<3 LOL Thats funnnnyyyy!!!<3

  3. LOL, Edward watch out shes a cheater! She kisses random guys<3 LOL Love Twilight.<3

  4. I love twilight <3 and rob

  5. I HATE TAYLOR LAUTNER . . . argggg, why isn’t there someone else playing Jacob Black. I can’t believe people actually like this guy . ..

    wow, Robert is swarmed and so is Kristen <3333333


    grrr, as much as i love twilight, i cant handle rabid girls,they need to calm down LOTS. they must understand its one in 8 billion at least will get rob or kristen

  7. haha those were so funny! man wish i could be like there, but the screaming is kinda creepy but it is Rob.., and kirsten .. and all understandable!

    Hey was that a guy kirsten kissed? haha the screaming and yelling? I was sure it was a girl!

  8. make sure people know that they have they F word in the last video with Kristen. I’m in the no cuss club here 🙂

  9. Thanks for the heads-up Eeema. I didn’t notice it when I was watching the first time and I might have played it again with my little sis in the room. =x

  10. Help!!!! Does anyone know where i can find a breaking dawn concert series shirt??
    I’ve been looking evey where!!!

  11. nezzi4teamtaycob says

    HOW can you HATE Taylor????!!?!?!??!?!? I mean seriously, have you ever met him?? He makes time for every fan! If you meet him, you will change your mind! I used to hate Rob, but iguess he’s kinda shy, he’s ok i just hat his facial hair. UGh
    I know thay Taylro (<3 FLAWLESS) has those shallow looks, but he cares about so many things its amazing. Everyone on the cast of twilight is intelligent and amazing. I love them ALL!
    especially Taylor <3
    Jacob <3

  12. OMG! I dont know how they put up with it!! The screaming and all! Those videos made it look like total Chaos!

  13. Wow that is a little too much screaming!! I agree with a previous poster who said they can’t stand rabid screaming. I think its really unnecessary and how would you like it if tons of people were screaming in your ear?! I think its rather annoying and I’d like to keep my hearing intact for as long as possible.

  14. If they all had calmed down a little bit then they would have maybe been able to hear Kristen, Rob and Taylor talk, geez. I love the video of Rob. It’s soo up close and personal, haha <3

  15. Twifanatic Amanda says

    Awww that’s so cute!!! I don’t really want a kiss from Kristen though, I want a hug!

  16. ummm..sounds like all the screaming from there was the same as it was when premeiered in LA as well. and i’m sure since we aren’t there or if we ever do get chances to meet celebrities like these of Twilight then i’m sure everyone would be screaming just as loud. yeah it’s annoying..but it could be anyone of us screaming if given the chance…..;P

  17. Yikes! And here you see it, the reason why I never want to be famous. I can see being excited about seeing them in real life, but I honestly feel sorry for them having to deal with all the…”rabid” fans.

  18. OMG the screaming gets on my nerves too, although it is probably all in good fun. Rab Taylor and Kristen are all being very good sports. I am really glad they are acting like a bunch of friends instead of having to act like they are in a fake relationship or something. I hope all the screaming doesn’t cause Taylor or Rob to switch teams.

  19. OMG how can those girls scream so annoyingly loud? (I mean, “I LOVE YOU”? wow.) I mean I love my fellow Twilighters, but sometimes we can get a bit embarrassing… O__O
    Poor Rob, I wouldn’t be surprised is he went all Edward Cullen and cut their throats out with his bare teeth. O_______O; hahaha

  20. All that screaming! I hope they all get some Twilight ear plugs for their next appearances. lol
    They are really great sports to go and visit with the crowds, they could have ran into the theater because it was so cold.

  21. Hansom Ransom says

    I was cringing the whole time watching these videos. The incessant screaming is completely unnecessary and I understand how unnerving that can be. Props to Rob, Kristen, and Taylor for being such good sports and handling it as well as they can. If I was given the chance to meet Rob, I would actually want to have a real conversation with him, not waste the opportunity by screaming and going nuts.

  22. Hansom Ransom says

    I understand the excitement of it and all, but there comes a point where it’s just too much.

  23. UnLuckyDuck says

    Oh my dear Goodness!! I can’t even begin to image how they manage to say calm in all that! I would be terrified! All that screaming, people you don’t know grabbing at you and… lol… asking for a kiss… Dear Kristen you are so amazing to do that for a fan. Really that’s guts people.

  24. KatieCullen77 says

    Wow! To think that people go to such extremes is so unreal! I still cannot believe it…I definitely agree with Lissete [Frerard Addict] when they said, “I mean I love my fellow Twilighters, but sometimes we can get a bit embarrassing…”
    Rob, Taylor, and Kristen are good sports to actually do this for the fans. Wish I could have been there, maybe with “less” screaming though, that would be nice. 🙂
    Oh and man does Rob and Taylor look good!!! Can’t wait for New Moon…Nov. 20!!! Yay!

  25. After watching that video, how can anyone doubt Kristen’s devotion and attitude. I think she puts up with the madness pretty gracefully considering. I hope people stop bashing her soon. I heart Kristen!

  26. Well said Emily O.!!!!

  27. Poor Rob, Kristen and Taylor, this is crazy. No wonder famous people have guards.

  28. LuciaRedgrave says

    gotta love those japanese fan girls…(and boys)

  29. Yeah, the screaming is why I’ve fought the urge to go to any of the conventions. I know I’d snap on everyone around me the moment I started to get a migraine. I think its funny that even in screaming, there tends to be a tone/accent to it based upon whichever country they’re in.


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