Twilight Japan Tour Press Conference

The girls from Twilight Singapore have uploaded the pictures they took at the Tokyo press conference, and given a brief description of the event. Our favorite picture is this one of a sheephishly smiling Kristen Stewart after attempting to greet and thank the Japanese fans in their own language.


  1. I’m speechless.


    They all look happy ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can’t wait for NM!!!!!

  2. I love her! I cant wait til the DVD hahah! So soon!!!

  3. Yeap.
    We LOVE this picture too!
    We love her sheepish smile as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Aishah & Maria.

  4. OMG. i thought the world stopped spinning earlier today…KStew …wait for it…SMILED?!? incredible.

  5. LMAO Traci! For real…I thought she could only do “to cool for school” face LOL

  6. Denise Strand says

    I just looked at the pictures of the coverage and they’re brilliant, everyone keeps giving K-Stew backlash lately but this just proves how much she really does love twilight and how down to earth she really is, I think they’re all a bunch off brilliant people and I cant wait for New Moon!

  7. Why is she blond here???

  8. Traci, looks like you beat me to my comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Ummm…I think everyone bashes her because she talks crap on the film and the fans, and acts like the series is below her. Plus she only went to this because it is part of her job, if it was voluntary she definitely wouldn’t be there.

  10. Gerald Stone says

    I think she’s happy because of the language barrier. People there are less likely to attempt to harass her with ridiculous questions, so she is more at ease dealing with those fans. A lot of stuff gets lost in translation, including the nonsense.

  11. Denise, the only think her smile proves to me is that she is going to “try” and act her part in public (reaction from all the backlash) which is great…I hope she continues not only to smile, but use a little tact when she speaks of Twilight, just the way she does when she speaks of her Joan Jett upcoming movie.

  12. Exactly Indiesr! That kills me how she’s all pumped up for the Joan Jett movie, but when she’s asked about TW she’s all like “I can’t deal w/ the scream fans”. It’s like do you not realize you’ll make 50x more money from the twilight series than any other movie you ever make?

  13. Laura and indiesr: Exactly! Thank you. She’s getting…wait for it….$12mil plus profits for New Moon. Hello? Who’s money is that? The fans-come on, just a little appreciation. Even if these pics were an act, I’m fine with it. I couldn’t take her negativity in the Nylon spread.

  14. Very cute picture. She has the ability to play the role of Jenny Average in a winning, confident way. Pretty rare in Hollywood.

  15. Well the thing is no one in Hollywood values the Jenny Average experience. They all mock average women and in 90% of the movies they make the only female characters are drug addicts, prostitutes or strippers. Obviously it must be hard to play Jenny Average since none of them can do it and Kristen does it well but will probably not be rewarded for it by her peers. But clearly Jenny Average characters appeal to females who go to movies.

  16. She doesn’t exactly look blond here. It just seems like she has lighter brown hair or reddish.

  17. Kristen looks so cute! I can’t wait to see her and Rob together again. I’m not interested in seeing them date, but they seem to accentuate eachothers good looks. **SO GORGEOUS** those two!!!

    I hope a Kareoke(sp?) video emerges with Rob and Hugh Jackman… ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. Woah, is she blonde now? O_O Or is lighting off…?

    I’m still not a fan after what she said, but girl, I love the sheepish grin too.

  19. Flora- that Nylon article was definitely the icing on my annoyance cake! Then what her dad said at the Oscars…but my annoyance really started when she was talking about TW and all the corny lines it, and then she vetoed lines cause she couldn’t say anything corny like that. Come the eff on…the books are about an epic romance, did you really think you wouldn’t have to say a mushy line?

  20. Laura, OMG, that’s where my annoyance started too. Even in an interview, when asked about changing the lines she states “people just dont say those kind of things, its silly”. Excuse Me! She had me right there. But I really do hope she changes her attitude, I would really hate watching the rest of the movies and thinking she hates her role as well as the fans…it would ruin the movies for me.

  21. What do you know….the girl CAN smile ;}}

  22. Oh my, she would actually DEIGN to show up to a premiere in Tokyo!? My, how gracious of her!

    “…this just proves how much she really does love twilight and how down to earth she really is…”

    I think this just proves that she’s trying to be nicer than normal because everyone’s been given concrete evidence of what many have suspected for a year: she’s a snob, and for no good reason (she’s no Kate Winslet).

  23. She annoyed me too, but atleast she’s trying guys and she got so muchhh backlash. I know she deserves it but she is only human! and if you read the entire Nylon interview you can tell she does care about Twilight. Let’s give her a little bit of a break… I think she learned her lesson (hopefully). She does look cute and happy in Tokyo!!

  24. Indie- you got it, she’s pissed me off from the start, cause she has always acted like she’s the shiz and then you think of the hospital scene in TW and you’re like “ummmmm….sit down girly!”.
    I don’t think she’s learned anything, cause first the Nylon thing came out then her douche of a Dad was talkin smack at the oscars. That whole family thinks their above everybody.
    I mean Rob was used to smaller and indie roles, but he hasn’t been all stuck up and snobbish to the fans. Which is why I love him. LOL

  25. What!? She’s smiling?! It’s a sign of the apocalypse!!!

  26. nezzi4teamtaycob says

    i CAN’T believe she is smiling?? I used to like her and i still think she is the perfect bella BUT she has always been a snob and she needs to.. idk what!

  27. Laura, yes, Rob is very respectful. I love him too ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. amie (vampwolf) says

    You’re RIGHT! She’s actually showing emotion for once! OMG!

  29. I hate how most Twilight fans prefer Kristen Stewart (a human being might I add) to conform to their needs. People, actors or no actors, should not live to please any of you!! Grow some skin, she’s real. People are so generic, and vapid. If I were Kristen Stewart, I’d say the same things she has said.. because some Twilight fans are embarrassing.

    Grow up and go read some Thoreau! Learn about being a non-conformist so you can stop agreeing to what “looks correct” and what society expects of you!

    It’s especially hypocritical because nobody wants a Disney star to play in the Twilight movie, yet everyone expects the cast to behave like Disney stars are trained.


  30. Of course she’s going to be all smiles and cheery at these kinds of events, because they pay her to be. I dont think she really appreciates her fans, but she should start because we’re the ones who are contributing to her paycheck. She should be grateful just like the rest of the Twilight cast is. I never hear any of the other cast members complaining about their fans and the questions they’re asked!

  31. Wow you haters never quit do you? sure tear down the leading lady while the leading man gets all the praise you know what is sad, no wonder women will never get to the White House because the fact is women hate other women.

    And like men, you can’t get past the pretty face can’t you?

    That showed you right there that Kristen does care about Twilight and no she doesn’t need to sale herself unlike some people, she is not in it for the fame, she is in the business because she loves acting.

    For some one who hates K-Stew you sure have an obession with her.

  32. kristenisatwat says

    The leading man gets all the praise because he is actually GRATEFUL and a somewhat-appropriate casting choice. Rob awkwardly shrugs off stupid questions, while KStew will just spit in someone’s face about it.

    She doesn’t care about Twilight, she doesn’t think that it’s a “good movie” and that it’s “just one that made a lot of money.” just like her dad.

    Like everyone else, I WANTED to like Kstew. I TRIED to like KStew. But she is just a worthless stoner who is too into herself with her crappy holier-than-thou attitude.

    Go smoke another joint, K-Stew, and stay out of my movies. No one wants you.

  33. @ CMOMMA & Adriana – Amen and Ditto…nuff said.

  34. wow… I really think that this whole “let’s all hate kristen” thing is getting out of hand. I agree with many of you that her choices and things she says in interviews don’t always come off as rainbows and sunshine, but it seems like she regrets disappointing so many fans and is trying to come out a bit friendlier. I think that we should just sit back and see if she can come off a little nicer to her fans and stop hating for a while.

  35. i like her smile but she really annoys me

  36. Two Rachel’s posting, so I will change my name to Rachel A. (obviously).

    I think that this is a place where we can all share our opinions about all things concerning Twilight. That being said, if people choose to dislike Kristen based on her interviews or other live appearances, so be it. If other people choose to stick up for her despite her interviews, so be it.

    We all have the right to express our opinion.

    I never was impressed with “KStew” and I was surprised at how many people liked her despite her obvious lack of interest in the Twilight books, her role, and her (in my opinion) poor performance. I was actually kinda impressed to see that other people didn’t think she was all that and a bag of chips either, especially after her Nylon interview. And yet she still has supporters. She can do no wrong in some people’s eyes, and in my eyes, it will take a whole lot for her to redeem herself.

    For the first (and possibly only) time I will agree with KS that the fans are…obsessed to a scary level. I do not blame her for feeling that way, but I also do not think it was tactful to mention it in an article that the whole world could read.

  37. @ Adriana, I am not sure if your comment was posted for me (the first Rachel comment) or for the other Rachel with the later comment, but nevertheless, I will respond to it.

    I have been accused of being jealous of KS, of having a huge thing for RP (he is about 30 lbs too skinny for me…and the chest hair definitely does nothing for me), and I have been accused of being obsessed with KS in previous posts. Can you please try to understand that just because I, or anyone else is not a fan of KS, that does not mean that we are obsessed with her? The people that are obsessed with her are the screaming girls you can watch in the video above this article. Trust me, I would NEVER do that (even if I did like her).

  38. The vitriol against Kristen is unbelievable here. She doesn’t need to conform to any of your expectations. If I were her, and the comments here are representative of the “fans”, then I would be terrified and less than gracious too. She’s an actress, she does her job, and who the hell cares if she thinks Twilight could have been a better movie? Majority of those who watched it think so too.

  39. Denise Strand says

    CMOMMA AND ADRIANNA I really agree with everything you both have to say! I think everyone on the “hate campagin” needs to realise that just because she’s not the stereotype of sugar-plum-fairy hollywood, she’s not a nice person. In her Nylon interview she praised Twilight, she didnt diss. And as for what her dad said *shrugs shoulders* Who cares, not every parent agrees with what they’re children do in life!

  40. Wooooaaaah .. SHE SMILED .. For like the first time… ever!


  41. i will never, ever support this girl who is an INGRATE!!!

    she should drop out of twilight if she hates it so much! and her father should stop enjoying the MONEY she GOT from playing bella.

    and she’s not even good as bella!


  42. Rachel A, I totally understand what you mean. I’m not Kristen’s # 1 fan, and when I state my opinions of her behavior, I’m accused of being jealous. Which I cannot understand. If someone insults you (in any way) or degrade something you love (Twilight) when you react, I guarantee you is out of anger, not jealousy (who would be jealous of someone who degrades them, I’m not) But with all that said, I think if she is trying we should, as fans also try and accept her…even if its just for Twilight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. I really wish people would quit backlashing Kristen. I may not be her biggest fan or a fan of her acting but atleast me and some people can see that actors are real people. Yes we do all have an opinion but even if you hate her there’s really no point in being harsh about it, it’s not going to change anything.

  44. I am so surprised at the level of dislike and even hatred in most of these comments. Of course, if that’s your thing, be my guest. But maybe consider this – this backlash is created and maintained by the media outlets who publish quotes from people all the time without the right context, taking only the most incendiary part, and sometimes even making it up as they go along. Even if you believe that Kristen and her dad said these things word for word – why wouldn’t you also believe the many interviews where Kristen talks very favorably about the books and the movie experience?
    Again if you like getting caught up in the angry frenzy of media attacks – knock yourself out. Or you could take everything you read or hear in the media with a grain of salt, and just enjoy the awesomeness that is Twilight.

  45. Indiesr, I always agree with you but, man, she is almost ruining NM for me. I have always had a hard time liking her as the choice for Bella, and as time goes on she just keeps making it more difficult.

    It is going to be hard separating her from Bella in the movie… She paints Bella a little too much like herself.

    So many other actresses out there would kill to be her!

  46. PS to Kat, it’s not the JUST the Oscar comments that have us angry. For me, it was from the very start. She is a lukewarm dud and not my idea of Bella.

    I did have a time where I ‘liked’ her, at least really tried to. It felt like it was my duty as a fan to give her a chance.

    But she never seemed to be happy with Twilight and when she found out the popularity she seemingly wanted to bolt. I am amazed she is staying the course. Maybe she does like Twilight, but she sure has a rotten way of showing it.

  47. GenevieveCullen says

    Is everyone so caught of with the love/hate of Kirsten that no one cares that both Rob and Kirsten spoke Japanese to the crowd?!

    I think it’s nice when people attempt to break down language barriers. Having taken a few lessons myself I’m curious to hear them speak such a very different language than their own.

    But that’s just me. Everyone else wants to judge whether or not Kirsten’s improved attitude deserves redemption. So carry on with the troll wars. Arguing is so much better than unified support for a common good.

  48. hmm..
    it’s chaotic in here huh? well as for me, i like KStew, maybe because she’s not your kind of stereotypical actress. But I don’t like her smugness often times. With the Nylon interview it has become a little bit too rude.. but c’mon.. give her a break.. you guys have to admit though, even right from the beginning RPattz is already getting all the glory..

    Give her credit please..

    And please please guys.. C’mon we’re all fans here.. don’t fight..

  49. Oh come on, calling us trolls is crossing the line!

    I said my opinion, and it is reasonable, not troll-like!

  50. Jane, I totally agree with you…there’s no need for name calling or just being rude, at the end of it all, we are all fans of Twilight.

    Yes, its quite impressive that both Kristen and Rob spoke in Japanese. Well done to BOTH of them.

    Also, she is really trying, I can tell from the pictures that its difficult for her (in some of the group photos, her hands are fisted in Rob’s back, not layed out and relaxed) but she is trying, personally, I appreciate that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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