Which Twilight DVD Should I Buy?

Have no fear, Geo from Twilighters has a video that explains it all.

EDITED: We noticed a couple of minor corrections/additions to the info Geo provides:

  • The Walmart DVD has special features: audio commentary, three music videos and the five extended scenes.
  • The Ultimate DVD Giftset (with the soundtrack, watch, etc.) is only available at Costco.
  • The Ultimate Blu-Ray Giftset is available at Amazon but not until May 5.
  • The single disc Blu-Ray is only available at Best Buy. It’s the same content as the national 2-disc DVD.
  • Target has the onlyΒ  2-disc Blu-Ray with the same items that Geo talks about when she mentions their exclusive 3-Disc DVD.
  • The Blu-Ray versions will have BD-Live (that cool feature where you go online for content).


  1. Oh yeah, I got the Borders Exclusive back when it was announced via this wonderful site!
    aka The Best One. [the DVD and fansite]
    OMG! I just looked at the order form!
    I ordered it on January 28th!
    That means I’ll get on March 21st!
    I’m sooo excited now!
    I thought I would have to wait!
    That’s so great!!! πŸ˜€

  2. cullen princess says

    YAY I ordered on time for Borders too!

    OMG, a 3-Disc Target version?? Why, why, WHY?!?!

    Twilight will be my financial downfall this year *waves bye-bye to savings*

  3. im cancelling my borders for target now…
    it seema like a much better deal.
    thanks for the help, geo πŸ™‚

  4. cullen princess says

    Am I the only one who doesn’t have the strength to buy just one or two of the different versions? πŸ˜›

  5. FreakinLoon says

    I’m right in line behind Carly. Just ordered my Target version of the DVD. Cancel Borders in the morning.

    Wonder if Target will do a midnight release or they’ll have it at the stores on Saturday at 8 AM?

    Cool thing about Target returns is if you order off Target.com, you can return to a Target store.

    I want the free ITunes download. They’re selling the movie only for $15 on itunes via pre-order.

  6. i ordered the borders one, and comparing the cases (which isn’t the largest determining factor, lol) i think it’s the nicest. but the stuff included isn’t too bad either. i do want a blu ray copy though…going broke…

  7. FreakinLoon, no they wont have a midnight thing, on the twilight official movie page, they have a store locator thing.
    So, you can find any local stores that ARE having midnight releases.

    I totally forgot about the NEW MOON TEASER!!
    Hmm, i bet its just gona be the logo…maybe.

  8. Twilight Nymph says

    Oh my I don’t know which one to pick now. I’m so confused. I like the Target, Borders, and Hot Topic one. I had my mind set for Hot Topic, but now I’m not sure.

  9. Twilight Nymph says

    OK seriously this is hilarious, but Target already has a spot for the NEW MOON movie. It’s crazy. It says it’s not available but still. LOL

  10. I ordered the borders one, but I totally want the target one better. . . πŸ™ too bad borders doesn’t let you cancel pre-orders πŸ™ sniff

  11. Alu Rathbone says

    I’m trying to figure out if i want to go to target or borders…

    I want it for my ipod… and if you preorder twilight on itunes before 3/20… you can get the extras.

  12. FreakinLoon says


    If you don’t mind waiting on hold, you can call Borders, give them your order number and they cancel. Still plenty of time! I did it when I ordered the Borders DVD version and was going to have it shipped and then decided to pick up a copy at midnight.

    Just out of curiosity, how much of a NEW MOON teaser can it be? Sketches by Chris?

  13. I’m definitely glad I put my order in at Borders a couple of weeks ago…it definitely seems like the best deal.

  14. @ Usagi – actually Borders does allow for cancellations of pre-orders. I did one myself a few weeks ago, you simply call them and a customer service rep will do it for you.
    @FreakinLoon – LOL! honestly I was just wondering that myself. I don’t think they’ll have anything filmed in time for the release, so what in the heck are they showing exactly?

  15. I really want a three disk version… but it probably won’t play on my dvdplayer… I wish I lived in the US :S

  16. I’m so glad you posted this video! I was torn between HT and Borders, but now that I really know what is in each, I’m heading for the Border. πŸ™‚

  17. I ordered two copies from the Borders, the day it was announced (one to keep and one to sell), two copies of the Blu-ray from Best Buy (both to sell), and pre-ordered a copy on iTuens (I don’t like ripping my DVDs). I’m satisfied with just the Borders one and the iTunes one, and I pre-ordered mine on iTunes prior to knowing they were going to give away 2 hours of bonus stuff.

  18. Keri Lynn says

    I don’t know much about Blu-Ray, my impression was that the Blu-Ray player would download the NM Trailer when it came out. She said something about the Ethernet, so that would be my guess. It also looked like she just added that part in, to make it sound more appealing.

  19. LOL! I preordered mine from blockbusters! I think it will be fine any way you want it. Happy to be getting the movie on DVD at all!!!

  20. There is no Target here….just Borders. And I haven’t preordered anything because I was waiting to see what everyone was offering. Now I’m just dizzy from keeping track of who’s got what.

    I love the Borders case, but Target has the kiss reel… >.< I am so hitting up Youtube after all this comes out. I’m hoping lovely people will put up some of the extra goodies.

    Meanwhile…I’m still sitting the fence.

  21. with Target I just want to make sure…. the 2 discs are what all the stores will be selling. I’m a little confused on the 3rd disc. It’s 45 minutes of a DVD, not just for iTunes, right? If so I’ll go for Target for sure.

  22. The question isnt :which version should I buy?, it is: should I buy the dvd at all? For now, the answer is no. If NM is good then I will buy Twilight just to go with it. Until then…I can definately wait (I’m in NO hurry to see Twilight again).

  23. Target seems like the best option πŸ™‚ I’ve been so confused on where to go for the dvd that I recently just gave up and was gonna go to walmart! Thankyou for posting this video before I made an awful mistake πŸ˜€

  24. I’m sticking with my Borders version…I’m sure whatever my version dont have will be able on utube for my viewing pleasure. πŸ™‚

  25. @ Rachel – I’m buying mine out of support for the Twilight franchise. Yes, It wasnt that great, but I definately have to add to my “All Things Twilight Saga” collection, But I definately see your point πŸ™‚

  26. lirael cullen says

    luckily i just want the movie in my hands and some great features alongside..

    glad i don’t own a blu-ray player though… i’d be driving myself insane with all the choices.

  27. Vote for Twilight:


    Sorry, but I really want Twilight to beat Harry Potter…

  28. Wtf, why is there like 20 different DVDs?

  29. Borders is the way to go. It’s the only one that has actual extra footage that the others don’t have.

  30. Mahriah Schmidt says

    Is anyone other than me basing their decision on what the release parties are offering in addition to the dvd’s? For instance, I pre-ordered & am attendig he Hot Topic release party because the are giving away other Twilight merchandis.

  31. I think I’m going to end up buying the Target one. There isn’t a Borders really close by me. Plus how much is all of this going to cost? That’s probably going to be a deciding factor for me in the end. No matter where I get it, I will be getting it on March 21st! I might even just go to a midnight party somewhere just to see it even if I don’t buy it from wherever I go.

  32. what do you guys think of the costco version….

  33. Can you guys do like a rating system?? There’s so much information about each I’m still not sure which is the best one per se. I have only a standard DVD player.

  34. Rockin'It says

    Gah! I can’t decide!!! I’m getting the DVD for my birthday (on the 20th, so my birthday party is gonna be the midnight release party! Freakin’ awesome!) but I can’t decide between Borders and Target! I live really close to both, but which one is the better deal? What do you guys think?

  35. nezzi4teamtaycob says

    OOOooooH I want the Target one, so I can watch it ALL the time on my iPhone!! YAy, i guess I’ll have to go after school on fri.. wait ARE they having midnite release? I’ll go check… I hope I don’t have to wait till morn, that means I’ll have to get up at like 2… There are some serious target freaks where I live!

  36. OMG which one do I buy. I’m like freakin out right now. What if I get the wrong DVD. I pre-ordered it from B&N so hopefully thats good. Maybe I’ll just buy them all…..

  37. I haven’t ordered mine yet! I’ll get it so late! I still can’t decide from where to order it.

  38. I really want the target one so I can get it on my ipod, but I don’t know if they’re are having a midnight release?

  39. ugh im getting mine from FYE…im hoping someone will put all those borders and target extras on youtube or something

  40. brylinco says

    the dvd giftset (not in blu0ray) is available in costco?
    is it available in the canadian costcos? cause i go to the website and nothing comes up…
    its annoying cause we don’t have hot topic or borders or any of those stores here πŸ™

  41. I don’t know what I ordered, I just preordered from Amazon. I hate all the confusion. But I don’t want to miss any new scenes and I don’t care about music videos. HELP!!!

  42. switzgal says

    I ordered mine from Amazon. It says 2 disc on it. Now there’s a 3 disc one?? WTF??? I have to look at the amazon one I ordered.

  43. Mary Alice Cullen says

    Target or Borders which which to choose.
    Help decide peoples.

  44. I have the Borders one on pre-order, but I’m considering cancelling it. Although I love the cover for Borders, I like the Target content more. The bonus features seem better to me, also. The kiss-montage, the becoming edward & bella stuff… I would rather see that than the interviews included in the Borders DVD since most of them can be found here:

    The sparkle cards are cool and all, but I would rather have the movie free for my iphone πŸ™‚

    That’s just my two-sense.

  45. *cents, not sense.

    sorry, i’m a little tired πŸ˜‰

  46. Mary Alice Cullen says

    i really want the braclete. haha

  47. I’m having the same dilemma that everyone else seems to be having borders or target, sparkly paper or free on my iPhone? I keep changing my mind and it’s driving me nuts.

  48. Mary Alice Cullen says

    i just went to target the website and it didn’t say it included the braclete and the jewlery box. πŸ™


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