Brenna Lee Roth In New Moon Cast

It’s all very hush, hush, but daughter of former Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth has nabbed a part in New Moon. The question of the hour is which one? The article confirms what we have been suspecting that signed on stars have signed a NDA (non disclosure agreement) Let the speculation begin.  Anyone else thinking Gianna?

FYI: The link takes you to an article that has a picture that is a bit revealing.

Edited: Looking a lot more like we got punked on this one.  Especially nice touch when the original sending source had a really legit looking photo of the script. Nice touch. Sometimes you just get had, this is one of those times. Better to admit to it, pobody’s nerfect 🙁


  1. You might want to add a note that there’s a somewhat nude picture in the link.

    The image is “work safe” but we’ll add the FYI

  2. In the article, she mentions the Native Americans and that she will have to see everyone next Winter. That leads me to believe that she may be Emily????

  3. yeah that’s what i was thinking dopeydm i reckon she’s Emily! if she was gianna the native americans wouldn’t have been around her, she wouldn’t mention them so much. Not going to say what i’d think about her playing any part yet… they always manage to surprise me by how different the actors look in the actual film once it comes out.

  4. Paula Graciano says:

    I just thought the same Dopeydm (above) did: the way she speaks says about the native Americans it leads us to think about Emily (since Gianna is far away in Volterra).
    how come the shooting have already started and I didn’t know that?? OME!!
    what with the “riding a motorcycle with a sword in hands” thing??? as far as I can remember the book (and I have quite a good memory), there’s no such a scene!
    sooooo anxious to see all that! OMG!!! can’t hardly wait till nov 20.

  5. There is something odd about this article. They talk about New Moon in the past tense even though no one has even been on set yet! Does anyone else find that strange?

  6. Nadia I was just going to post the same thing! I have to wonder what the heck that is all about!!

  7. This is a really weird article. They’re talking about filming as in past tense-FILMING HASN’T EVEN STARTED YET!

  8. BloodSuckingLeech says:

    Okay, Lexicon admins, what’s the scoop on the interview?? I mean they already started filming in a remote location?? Fans found them? Sword/motorcylcle?? Wire work? ARG! My op but The Q’s would not have swords, but the Volturi certainly could! But that is NOT in the book-not even close. It’s almost as if they are talking about another movie and put in New Moon by accident.

  9. @Nadia – I thought that was strange too! It says the article was Feb. 27 and I thought they weren’t even doing any filming until March – it was all prep work now. Rob and Kristin aren’t even in Vancouver yet (Toyko and LA yes). This is weird. And even if it were true that she’s in NM, she’d need to have a recurring role to be seeing Rob again in the winter (not Gianna then!) And she couldn’t be Emily if wire work was required. The way she talks makes me think another Quiluete but they don’t need wire work either. And which vampire is in NM and Eclipse that would need to do wire work in either?

    I think this is totally bogus.

  10. I agree Nadia, filming doesn’t start for like another week. I don’t know if she was talking about rehearsals or what, but I’m also wondering if she just made it up for publicity cause Rob has been off in Japan and stuff so how was she on set w/ him to give him the brush and self tanner?

  11. I got a very “false” vibe from the article – but look how much free publicity she’s getting from it…that’s probably the reason.

  12. MissCloud says:

    Something fishy about this article…If filming hasn’t started yet, why has she been doing ‘wire work’ and learning to ride a motorcyle?

    If its all true though, you’d have to pick her for a vampire or werewolf (only Leah there then) as didn’t Gianna just sit at a reception and Emily just cook things?

  13. I agree with Nadia, they are talking in that interview as if they had already shoot the film. And riding motorcycles with swords, eh I don’t remembering reading that in the book and I’ve read it 7 times. Only Bella and Jacob ride motorcycles. There’s something dodgy going on here! I can’t picture her as Gianna, was she not blonde in the book?? And if she was her would she not have to wait until they go to film in Italy?? I’m confused that interview was just too weird!

  14. I’d say either Leah or Emily. Maybe it is just training and rehersals? Who knows. Kinda weird. But, maybe that’s the point.

    We’ll see… not soon enough!

  15. allisonlovesedward says:

    I completely agree with Kat. It all seemed like total bs to me. But I don’t know… you never know. i guess we’ll see when it comes out. Ugh… come on November….

  16. I call total BS on this article.

  17. I don’t know if it is BS or not, but Rachelle Lefevre, who plays Victoria, has been talking about the wire work that she has been doing already. IMO, Victoria shouldn’t even be in NM. So clearly, there will be lots of added action in NM. I wouldn’t be surprised if Emily kicks some but (insert annoyed sarcasm).

  18. Sorry, I meant butt.

  19. “MarketSaw: How are the sets? Wardrobe? You have any behind the scenes stories to tell us that obviously won’t affect any NDA you have signed about the movie?
    BLR: I took Robbie (Robert Pattison) a hairbrush and a bottle of self tanner; he didn’t think it was as funny as I did. Ah well. I don’t have to see him again till next winter, i’m sure he’ll forget by then.” This means she is in Eclipse, its been a while since I read the books — but wasn’t Gianna gone by Eclipse?

  20. I’m calling SHENANIGANS on this…there isn’t even anything on her IMDB, this is BS

  21. Rockin'It says:

    Yeah… I’m not feeling this. Adding everything up, it just doesn’t feel right. Article aside, if she was cast, I would say she looks Gianna-ish. I wouldn’t cast her as Emily. I liked the idea of America Young as Emily.

  22. lol i read the article, and then i looked on the comments to see if anyone else thought the same thing…SOOO
    @ Nadia, JennM, Ana, Kat, Laura, MissCloud, Denise, allisonlovesedward…I COMPLETELY AGREE! i really have no way of telling whether this article is bogus or not but it seems rather weird that she would be speaking in the past tense.
    something that made me laugh was that the person asks about new moon, brenda says she can’t really talk about it, so they ask about her other project…and go right back to asking new moon questions. lol way to respect the fact that she can’t talk about it (not that i really care, i just want the info as well)
    ahh, just weird.

  23. How can I get more popular in Hollywood? Ahhh, I’ve got it!!! Set up a fake interview that states I am in New Moon!!!

    I went back and really read the article, and it sounds like she is purposely trying to provoke Twilight fans, while making no sense whatsoever lol. “Robbie” LOL!

  24. This has got to be completly fake.
    Pre-production (aka rehersals) doesn’t even start till the end of this month. Filming doesnt even start till April.
    Someone is trying to play the with the Twilight fandom, get us reved up about casting or somthing.

  25. You know what I maybe think. Maybe they were talking about another movie? It could be possible that the press replaced the questions saying it was NM movie. I don’t know, at this point ANYTHING is possible when it comes to the press curving everything current and potential cast members for NM.

  26. I totally agree. If you read the comments after the article the guy who wrote it insists that filming has wrapped and we all know it hasn’t even started. I mean, they just got finished casting the movie!
    This is BS!!

  27. I also googled tying her to New Moon and a few links came up said “Brenna Lee Roth with pictures from New Moon set!” I click on almost all those links and EVERYTHING leads to a bogus site with NOTHING about New Moon. I smell a publicity stunt, just to get more publicity.

  28. Rachel A. says:

    I am hoping it is either Leah or Emily. She is not pretty enough to be a vampire.

  29. It has to be bogus. Completely fabricated. She is and her cohorts must be looking to get attention in the media. What a group to gain attention from? The loudest and most boisterous one!

  30. I don’t know. It could be real. But she’s definitely not playing Gianna and I don’t think she’s playing Leah. My vote is that she’s a member of the Volturi guard. That would explain the wire work and maybe the motorcycle thing if they changed the end of the book and there’s some chase scene before Bella, Edward and Alice are captured. I can see them doing that to make the end more exciting on screen. It would also explain why she would see the Native American actors during the filming of Eclipse because some of the guard show up at the end of the big fight.

  31. Speaking of those comments at the end, did any of you catch she’s commenting on the story too. If she was really as busy as she claims I don’t really think she’d have the time to go check the comments on a blog interview…JMHO. I’m going to put her into the “People who fake like they’re in one of the movies for publicity” group….LAME

  32. This is fake to the tenth degree! She says it stays to the book, but then she says that she had to learn how to ride a motorcycle (and I won’t even get into the bs about the sword), when the only 2 people in the series who ride a motorcycle are Bella and Jacob. And that piece of evidence pales in comparison to the fact that shooting hasn’t even started yet.
    And “Robbie?” Seriously?

  33. Jessica says:

    Ok, I am so lost. -_- So, apparently they HAVE started filming the movie. But it was all like, top secret? Maybe they were trying to avoid the whole fan stalking like they had in Twilight. Apparently they were filming in Baton Rouge. Louisiana? What? Why? And, as well all knew before, they’re also filming in Vancouver.
    Again, uh, why? What could they possibly be shooting in either of those locations?

    Nothing makes sense anymore T_T

  34. Why would they film in Baton Rouge? I live very near Baton Rouge and have heard nothing of the sort.

  35. Jessica says:

    In the article, she mentions the Native Americans and having to swing a sword on a motorcycle I totally think she might be Bree.

  36. Hmmm…don’t know what to think of this, but the fact that she’s DAVID LEE ROTH’S daughter is awesome in itself.

  37. I knew it!!! Crazy DARN RUMORS!!!!!!!!

  38. Geez everyone..calm down.
    They have got to be preparing somewhat for N.M.
    The truth will come out eventually whatever that may be. as for me. I would love to see her in N.M. I think she is beautiful.

  39. MissCloud says:

    I was looking at the blog it was posted on, and they also posted on the 19th Feb that she is cast in New Moon…I wonder what their sources are.

  40. Lisette says:

    SO pathetic to what extremes people will go to to put out fake sh*t.

  41. I knew it there was no way what that interview said was real, I mean swords and motorbikes?? who did they think they where trying to kid. Even the “so called” guy left a comment over on and I left him a reply, off course he didnt get back to me ha teach him to mess with the twi-hards!

  42. sorry I meant to say the “so called” guy who runs the magazine!

  43. Also, I was in contact with one of the main production managers at Summit, and he told me he would notify me if Summit was going to be filming in Texas or Louisiana so I could potentially get a job on set as a PA. There is no way New Moon was being shot in Louisiana. This is completely bogus.

  44. ReturnedSecrets says:

    Wow peoples, seriously calm down. Why would she lie? That makes no sense. And just because YOU haven’t heard of any filming going on doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. The filming of side scenes that doesn’t directly involve the main cast could have happened. A film doesn’t always use one location and it is possible to keep the low down on small film units. It is obvious Summit is trying to keep things a lot more quiet for New Moon and to that I saw good for them.

  45. MissCloud says:

    Everything is so hush hush I don’t think anyone really knows. I checked Brenna’s myspace, her blog dated 24th Feb says she just wrapped a vampire movie. Maybe they are filming all the minor parts first to hurry things up?

  46. Hi Twilight Fans, This is corrupt hollywood business!!They certaintly did not have any of this ridiculous nonsense while filming some of the greatest hollywood sequels of our time (lord of the rings,and harry potter ).I feel that they are making this a bigger project then what it is……….

  47. Paula Graciano says:

    Well, now I’m really totally confused… Just saw the update on Market Saw saying that filming has already started (and is actually over) in Louisiana. And then I came to the Lexicon to check it and there’s the “punked” thing. Kinda dizzy with confusion right now…

    Some points to consider:
    1: is this even an actual interview? U know, things appear and disappear on the internet just out of nothing…
    2: if so, why would she lie??
    3: how come they got to shoot a whole lot of stuff in such a great secret like that?
    4: why and how come is she revealing things which were/are so carefully hidden from all of us?
    5: why are none of these claimed pics fans took available anywhere?

    weird… really weird…

  48. She’s hideous! Sort of reminds me of Jeanine Garafalo…shudder…

    I have never even heard of her… Actually I was hoping they gave David a role! LOL!

  49. Aaaaannnd the entire article is gone. *poof*

    Definitely a fake.

  50. Oh nevermind…still up… just the lexicon link is gone.

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