It’s Official Dakota Fanning is Jane

Summit announced to the subscribers of via email that Dakota Fanning is now officially cast as Jane.  If you haven’t signed up for alerts from that site it’s really worth it. Subscribers got a text message signed by Rob and Kristen back in November announcing that New Moon was green lit.


  1. yay! i was hoping she would be cast.

  2. Rachel A. says

    Ditto Amelia. I can’t wait to find out who is playing Alec.

  3. Ugh, why can’t they just tell us the entire cast already??? I’m dying. No pun intended, if you catch my drift…

  4. Hope they’re not paying her too much. The budget would be better spent on not making the werewolves look like crap, than on paying off some spoiled actors, right?

  5. Yuck!! Am I the only person who CAN’T stand her????

  6. YAY!! can’t wait to see the rest of the cast

  7. Yippee!! I’m so excited! She’s going to do great. 🙂

  8. I think she’ll do a decent job. I’ve seen her work (as most of us have I hope) and she does pretty good jobs for a young actor.

  9. woohoo! : D
    she will make a great addition to the cast, she’s an amazing actor.

  10. twilighter says

    yay she’ll be an aweosme jane!!

  11. BOOOOO!

  12. She’ll be great as Jane but I also hope she’s not getting paid too much. She doesn’t have that big of a part in NM!!

  13. and no Faye you are definately not the only who who CANT stand her

  14. seriously?
    to those of you opposed to dakota as jane, give me a good reason why…

  15. I can’t say I am happy with this. What does is matter? I had hoped for more unknowns. Of course I hope she does well, I want the movie to do well. I just don’t want her or any other “big” name to grab too much of the spotlight. It belongs on the cast carried over from the first movie. Sigh.

  16. LuciaRedgrave says

    thats cool.

  17. You know, I just hope they don’t keep changing the cast each movie. They’re already screwing that up by getting rid of Solomon. Dakota Fanning is a busy girl… I just hope she’s is in this for 3 movies. It looks too sloppy and unprofessional to keep changing the cast and act like nothing happened. If you’re going to cast someone, make sure they’re committed for all the sequels.

  18. Admins, just saw this on, saying that Breaking Dawn was going to be made. Heres a quote from Kristen:

    “We all really hope there is going to be a number four. I’m pretty confident that the fans aren’t going to all of a sudden lose interest. The only case that a fourth one wouldn’t be made is if all of a sudden people stopped caring, and I really don’t think that’s going to happen.”

    Don’t they only mention it when its going to happen?

  19. Mahriah Schmidt says

    Althought I was hoping for an unknown in all the new roles, i’m just glad to finally have an announcement. Now let the ”Alec” speculation begin! Lucas Grabeel anyone?

  20. Catherine says

    i HAVE signed up to that ages ago but haven’t got any emails :'(

  21. I guess it’s cool that she is Jane. My worry is did they get her to confirm for Eclipse and possibly Breaking Dawn because Jane is in those books too. It would throw everything off if she didn’t come back for the sequels now.

  22. twilighter lover says


  23. Yes!!!!!! I am so happy and excited!!!!!! I love her! She is going to be amazing!!!!

  24. Finally Summit! Some concrete casting news. I don’t know why they’re being so secretive.

    Stop worrying about how much Dakota is getting paid since we don’t know how much the rest of the cast is getting. There are actors and actresses out there who are willing to take a pay cut if they feel they are the best ones for the role.

    I’m happy Dakota is playing Jane. At least that’s one person on the cast who’s acting skills I don’t have to worry about. I’m going to call it right now, for the 10 minutes or so she’s on screen, she’s going to steal the scene (and I don’t mean that in a negative way).

  25. twilight lover i read somewhere a while back that she has read the books. and i am saying it again people PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE ANY ACTORS UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN THEM IN THE PART YOU DON’T WANT THEM TO PLAY!!! I DON’T KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I SAID THIS BEFORE TWILIGHT CAME OUT!! JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE IT OKAY!!!

  26. papermoon says

    let’s hope she does a good job…

  27. Of course she will do a good job! I am so……….. excited for the movie, I book marked the count down. lol. And when ever I am bored I stare at it-he he. Can’t wait!

  28. I think she’ll be great! I can really picture her as Jane!
    @ Melisa – I completely agree, I do feel as though for the time she’d be on screen my eyes would be glued to Dakota as well, but I think that’s just a testament to her acting abilities. I think she’s absolutely brilliant!
    weirdest thing? i feel like she grew up out of nowhere! i still remember as a tiny little girl in I Am Sam (which still breaks my heart). I’m excited!!

  29. she is exactally what i thought jane would look like, shw will do amazing

  30. I wish we know wo is going to be playing Aro, that is one big important character for me in the twilight saga. I think that Dakota is going to do an ok job, not wow but ok.

  31. Oh well, she’ve got experience, that’s all I know. Anyway, Jane has a small part to play.

    I, too, am worried about her pay check. Can Summit really “afford” all these high-listed actresses/actors?

  32. She’s an amazing actress,
    I’m sure she won’t let us down 🙂

  33. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!
    I think that she’ll be great as Jane. 😀
    And for those of you saying that you want more unknowns? I don’t honestly care, so long as they can act. If they cast an unknown and they did a crapish job, wouldn’t you have rather wanted a known actress who can do a decent job?

  34. Seriously, I don’t understand why people can’t just accept her. It’s like the whole Robert-Looks-Like-a-Gargoyle-Let’s-Send-Him-Hate-Mail thing again. I guess people just need time. Thankfully, I can rest assured knowing that Dakota is an amazing actress, and that is really exciting because Jane will be epic. For a girl her age, she is just phenomenal! So (unlike others) I can look past her physical appearance, and whatnot, and rely on her acting ability to do the magic! ^_^ Congrats to Dakota!

  35. Jessica Luu says

    I like Dakota Fanning. She’s a great actor, and I didn’t have a doubt about her getting the role, because I think she’s a perfect fit for Jane.

    Maybe Summit is keeping it secretive because it just holds that suspense. Maybe they know that fans are dying to know who is casted, so it gets everyone riled up for New Moon’s release even more. Or it could be like that… because the last time, everything kept leaking out.

  36. she freaks me out even without makeup…. she’ll terrify me as jane….. hopefully 😀 I think she’ll do pretty good. And shes not that well known, she was for a while but shes an actress that no one really pays attention to much now-a-days….

  37. ellalou73 says

    I’m glad she got cast for this. I think she will do just great, look at her performance in Hide N Seek, wasn’t that the name, creepy.

  38. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    I was terrified they were going to cast a big name actor!!! They’re making a huge mistake. I wish they would have picked a lesser known actress, not someone we’ve all seen in about a million other films. I’m not optimistic about her.

  39. Seriously who cares if someone is “big named” Peter was a known actor as well, does that mean he shouldn’t have been cast? and what because Rob was cedric he shouldnt have been cast either? come on people. Get over it!

  40. Yay! I luv her!!! I’m SOO EXCIDED XD

    IF, however unlikely, she IS aweful…it’s a 5 min part…EVEN IF MILEY CYRUS GOT CAST AS JANE THE MOVIE WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN RUINED!!!!
    (^–I’m not yelling by using all caps…I’m trying to get the point across…)

  41. *also, I’m not supporting Miley *gag*
    I’m just saying a one minute part probably won’t make or break a movie thats 2 hours long…But Dakota can still show all her awesomeness XD

  42. YAY!!! I’m actually really happy Dakota was cast as Jane. Ever since she was rumoured to be cast etc I couldn’t think of ANYONE else to play this role. I think she will be great.
    Congratulations Dakota! 🙂

    now….who will be Alec???

  43. I wonder how she will look with short brown hair and red eyes but who’s alec!

  44. why do people want unknowns? true sometimes they should be given a chance, but you shouldn’t base your cast on whether or not the actors are well known or not. thats dumb. Dakota Fanning has just as much right to be in the movie.
    I wish her luck. I think she can pull it off, but I hope the script is decent or it doesn’t matter too much.

  45. Dakota is a really good Actress, I wonder who is playing Aro.

  46. Jennifer says

    I think Dakota is a good actress and will be a good Jane except I don’t know if I’m happy about it. After the success of Twilight, I think that there are actors out there who want to be in Twilight simply because it’s the ‘next big thing’

    I really don’t want Dakota to take the limelight off other actors who may be more deserving of it… oh well

  47. Twilight Nymph says

    I think she’ll do a great job and hopefully she can fully portray a Jane we can be proud of. The only question now is who is Alec and the rest of the Volturi?

  48. R Cullen (for edward only) says

    i am soooooooooo not happy…………
    she sooooo doesnt suit jane
    i realy want it to be some1 else
    Lets All Just Hope She Does A Good JOB!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Real fans don’t hate the real cast. I’m really excited, but I hope they don’t pay her too much, so the werewolves look somewhat realistic.


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