Looks Like Variety Jumped The Gun:Bayona not a done deal

We said this awhile back in regards to the Vanessa Hudgens and America Ferrara wild rumors, “Did all of Hollywood forget how to use the phone or this new fangled thing called email, and check things before publishing? ”

Because almost no one checked out any of the Rumors in those stories. The only outlets to pick up the phone and actually ASK credible sources with direct knowledge were us and Just Jared. Let that one sink in a minute. A newsblog run by fans and Just Jared, which not to disparage Just Jared, but they aren’t exactly The New York Times, and we sure don’t do this as our day job.  We both published from direct sources that we called: Hudgen’s manager in Just Jared’s case and Melissa Rosenberg in ours, totally debunking unsubstantiated rumor run by mainstream media (almost none of which retracted their erroneous stories).

Well the LA times has just quashed the latest director rumor that countless media outlets spun into fact. Here’s the quote that sums up what has become all too common in entertainment writing:

By sheer coincidence, I had lunch today with Erik Feig, who’s president of production at Summit and the man most involved with managing the hit series of films. (“New Moon,” the second film in the series, begins production later this month with Chris Weitz at the helm.)

Feig was shocked to see the media reports saying Summit had hired Bayona, since — ahem — they’re not true. “The ‘Eclipse’ directing job hasn’t been offered to Juan Antonio or anyone else,” he told me. “We’ve met with three or four talented filmmakers and we’ll be meeting with three or four more other candidates before we make any decision. No one has been offered the job.”

Feig added that no one even bothered to call to check out the rumors before printing them, something that has become an all-too-often occurrence in the Wild West free-for-all that constitutes today’s Web-based entertainment coverage. “Nikki never called Summit or any of the producers, and Variety ran it off her blog without calling us either, which I find doubly irresponsible.”

Read the whole story here. We’re wondering if the outlets who took the original story that was clearly published as rumor and reposted as fact will retract it.


  1. OME! All of these rumors are making my head spin… truth then not then true again. I don’t know what’s going on anymore. Yeah well, thanks Lex for clearing that up.

  2. thanks for clearing on whether Eclipse had a director!!

  3. Dang. That’s stuff you learn in an Intro to Journalism course. Double check your facts!!

  4. silkoverglass says

    SEE!!! I knew it! The story is a dud! It sounded like ‘blah’ from the beginning, I checked Summit’s site and they hadn’t posted anything, hum? and I thought ‘weird’, because that sounds like something they would post! And,I know, I’m just ignorant about all this movie ‘biz’, but isin’t it a bit early to be picking a director?! I don’t think that’s something they’d do all willy-nilly! like picking a name out of a hat! }:o

  5. thanks Le for actually doing the right thing…i think that it is absolutly hilarious that a fam site is the one doing the uncovering and not the major newspapers…hahahahah!!!!!:) well that shows how much better we are and how much we care… those magazines dont know WHAT they are doing…

    (*enter sarcastic sigh here*)
    o well thanks again for getting everything cleared up…love you guys

  6. Wow! An entertainment reporter not bothering to call to confirm a story?! I’m shocked people! Just shocked!

  7. *weeps and sobs* ugh i got my hopes up too =(
    please, pleeease summit- of all the rumored directors, you’ve gotta pick him. please don’t pick Drew or someone like that.

    *begs and pleads*

  8. @Freakinloon – TOTALLY SHOCKED! OME! They are always so accurate…riiiiiiiiiiiight. ;P

    Thanks for clearing up yet another rumor TL!

  9. first of all let me say that this happens to just about anybody who reports rumors that they know nothing about so i say this on behalf of every news reporter out there….

  10. I was one of those bloggers who posted the information on the Bayona based on Nikki Finke’s blog. She is a reputable source, so I figured I was safe.

    After posting a retraction apologizing for the misinformation, I saw Nikki Finke’s blog stating that Summit’s head apologized to her for the L.A. Times reporter bashing, and she stands by her statement.

    As a journalist in the real world for a large media organization, I write only reputable information about what’s being reported as “fact.” I apply the same efforts to my Twi-blog, Pillow Biters, but this situation just goes to show that even journalists can’t always get their facts straight.

    After all, we’re only human.

  11. As the previous poster mentioned, Nikki is seriously sticking to her guns on this one. This is turning into a soap opera. I don’t really know who to believe, but I just can’t see Nikki posting an article like this: http://www.deadlinehollywooddaily.com/summits-erik-feig-apologizes-to-me-tonight/ if she wasn’t completely sure about what she was saying, otherwise she’d be seriously inserting her foot in her mouth.

  12. WHAT??? IT’s NOT true?
    NOOOOOOOOOOO. UGH, My heart is broken.

  13. lirael cullen says


  14. But hey, Nikki, from the Deadline Hollywood, keeps saying it’s true. And she has addressed that article saying that she’s right and Goldstein is wrong!

    Check it out in my site, here:


  15. Lex, you should really hold off judgment here. That post is pretty accusatory when you don’t have all the facts.

  16. I am more happy than anyone on Earth. Look I don’t want to know about any directors until
    11-21-2009. So untill it is compleatly offical no rumors allowed.