Cullen Crests

Priscillaxcullen has done some digging around and located the jewelry designers who created the Cullen family crests for the film.  These crests are not for sale to the general public yet.  (We will be sure to let you knew when/if they become available for purchase.)  In the mean time stroll on over to the Artisan’s Designs webpage and see up close detailed images of the crests used in the up coming Twilight film.  The are truly spectacular.  

Pictured on the website are Esme’s ring, Rosalie’s pendant, Alice’s choker, and the Cullen boy’s wrist band. 


For those of you asking, Robyn has put together the historic definitions of the symbols contained in the crest.

Lion – Dauntless courage

Hand – Pledge of faith, sincerity, and justice

Shamrock – Perpetuity

Chevron – Protection; Builders or others who have accomplished some work of faithful service