Official Twilight Teaser Trailer

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen!  The Twilight Lexicon is happy to announce and relieve your great anticipation…*drumroll*

The HD Twilight Movie Teaser Trailer Brought to you by MySpace

HD Full Size This version is a MUST SEE!

Non HD Trailer

Non HD Full Size

Talk about the trailer over on the message boards

MTV’s, now famous, Twilight Tuesday will also be something much anticipated!  (Just not the trailer.)  We promise you, they will not disappoint!  They never do.  So tune in tomorrow for the latest installment of Twilight Tuesday!

Also new.  On Greetings From Twilight they have added a picture of shooting to the last entry.

*Clearing up confusion:  The official Twilight movie site has added a place holder for the trailer.  There is not an additional trailer going up in three days.  That is a place holder for when the site goes live with the trailer in three days.  Expect more extensive trailers later this summer going into fall.