Clearwater, Leah

Wolfpack Tattoo

Full Name: Leah Clearwater

Status: Werewolf

Date of Birth: around 1988

Originally From: La Push

Hair Color: Black (NM6)

Eye Color:


Physical Description: “Leah was a senior like me, but a year older. She was beautiful in an exotic way–perfect copper skin, glistening black hair, eyelashes like feather dusters” (NM6) When in wolf form, Edward describes her as a “smaller gray wolf.” (EC19)

Occupation: Protector of the La Push Reservation

Family Members: Father, Harry (deceased); mother, Sue; brother, Seth; second cousin, Emily Young

Nick Names: Lee-lee (BD13 p263)


Personal History: During her freshman year and before his change, Sam and Leah started dating. They fell in love, but then Sam changed into a werewolf. He disappeared for two weeks and Leah was frantic with worry. She and her family spent the entire time looking for him, fearing that he had gotten into an accident in the woods. When he finally did return, he did not explain his absence and people began to assume that he had gotten into something shady like drugs. Leah stuck by him, even though she was frustrated by the secrets she knew he was keeping from her. (EC5)

Eventually, Leah’s cousin Emily came to visit her and Leah introduced her to Sam. Sam imprinted on Emily and was forced to break up with Leah. This broke her heart not only because she loved Sam, but because Emily had always been like a sister to her. (EC5)

Leah was forced to sit back and watch the love of her life court her cousin. Jacob says that “She puts on a brave face. She’s going to be a bridesmaid.” (EC5)

But then something utterly unexpected happened and Leah and Seth both changed into werewolves. But this transformation was not for the best. Not only did Leah finally understand what had happened to Sam and why he had left her for Emily (EC5, ECEp), but the change was such a shock to her father Harry that it gave him a heart attack (Q&A).

Leah is currently the only female in the werewolf pack – this is often awkward as shifting involves nudity (BD13p259) and everyone can read her thoughts, which are often unpleasant and uncomfortable (EC5). Jacob sometimes calls her a “harpy” (EC Ep), and “touchy” (BD8 p157) and even Leah calls herself a “compassionless shrew” (BD16 p316). Leah is very self-conscious of her status as the only female shape-shifter in the tribe’s history, and considers herself “a freak – the girlie-wolf – good for nothing else. I’m a genetic dead end…” (BD16 p318). As a smaller wolf, she is not as strong as the others in the pack but she is the fastest (BD8 p158) and enjoys winning races.

After Bella returns from her honeymoon pregnant, the wolf pack decides to attack the Cullens and kill the baby threat. When Jacob disagrees with Sam’s decision, he breaks away from the Alpha’s orders and forms a separate pack. Seth joins Jacob very quickly afterwards and Leah arrives the following morning to join. Leah joins Jacob’s pack to keep an eye on her little brother and to be away from Sam, the man she loves but who only pities her (BD12 p229-232).

Leah didn’t like hanging around the Cullens as part of her new pack (BD15 p287) but ran regular border patrols and reconnaissance missions and is happier with Jake as leader. As a member of his pack, Jacob finds her less annoying. She understands Jacob’s dilemma with Bella because she can relate: “I don’t like her, but … she’s your Sam. She’s everything you want and everything you can’t have.”(BD16 p 311-315). Leah’s loyalty to Jacob and concern for his well-being leads her to phase to human form and yell at Bella for mistreating him (BD17 p338).

When Renesmee is born, Bella is transformed, and Jacob imprints on Nessie, Leah still stays nearby. Seth is injured when he tries to protect Jacob from Bella’s attack and Leah is both worried and furious (BD23 p455). She still feels uncomfortable around the vampires in her human form (BD25 p500) but remains with her pack. When vampire friends of the Cullens come to Forks to testify in the family’s favour against the Volturi accusations, Leah and her brother go with Sam’s pack temporarily while Jaccob remains near Nessie (BD32 p608). When the Volturi arrive, Leah is part of the seventeen wolves that come to the confrontation.

Leah will often seem callous, like during the pack’s discussion about how to handle Bella’s pregnancy: (BD10 p202). However, she had a caring side for her brother (BD11 p208) and for motherhood in general that is hidden by the layer of hostility she wears like armor.

Portrayed in the films by: Julia Jones

Prepared by: LadyDi