New Paperback Book Covers

The whole Twilight Saga book series is getting a reprint with new covers! Yes, this includes the long sought after Official Guide to the Twilight Saga. The new covers feature the same images, but they are much larger. The text of the titles is also enlarged and split between two rows.  All books … [Read More...]

Carlisle and Esme Chat

The ladies got together to talk about all things Carlisle and Esme! Rewatch our live video on YouTube with Amy (OhMyCarlisle), Mel (Rosmelie), Heather, and Kat. … [Read More...]

Save the Carver Cafe

Because all the indoor dining that has been closed due to COVID, the Carver Cafe is in danger of closing! The cafe was used in several scenes in Twilight, including the scene that Stephenie Meyer herself was in!  You can help by buying items such as a t-shirt, bag, phone case from the Carver Cafe … [Read More...]

YouTube Live chat all about Alice!

Last Thursday we had our YouTube live chat all about Alice Cullen with some Jasper Hale chat on the side.  We were joined by Vee as Alice from the Olymipc Coven! If you missed our chat, you can watch it in playback.   … [Read More...]

OhMyCarlisle Featured in Seattle Times!

AMy Taylor - one of the fandom's most well known names - was featured in the Seattle Times this week.  If you follow OhMyCarlisle on Instagram, then you've heard the story behind it. And now you can read the full story! “It came at a time in my life where I needed it,” she said. “The travel I’ve … [Read More...]

You Voted! Now help us decide who to discuss first!

In our last poll, you all voted that you'd like the Thursday Night discussion on YouTube live to center around one character at a time.  We are going to give this a go once or twice and see how it works! We will talk about everything we can about the character from the books, films, Guide, and … [Read More...]

Midnight Sun – All Cullen Discussion

We had a great time tonight chatting about the Cullens and all the things we learned about them from reading Midnight Sun. You can watch the play back on YouTube! … [Read More...]

Tour the Swan Home in Portland!

The house that was used in Twilight for Charlie and Bella's home is going to be featured on the Weird Homes Tour. For $25 you can buy a ticket to take a virtual tour of the home that has been restored to look like it did in the Twilight film! The tour will take place on Saturday, Sept. 26. It also … [Read More...]

Midnight Sun Cover

Midnight Sun Thursday – what should we discuss next?

We will host Midnight Sun Thursday again this Thursday night at 8 pm EST on YouTube live on our YouTube Channel.  We will be discussing the new information that we have learned about the Cullen family from Midnight Sun. We will be joined by several familiar faces including Kara from twilight Moms, … [Read More...]

Virtual Fan Event hosted by the Ladies of Isle Esme

The Ladies of Isle Esme are hosting a series of virtual fan events from Sept 10 - 14 in honor of Bella's birthday.  Here is the schedule.  You can find more information on their Facebook   Page .    .      … [Read More...]