TW# – Twilight and chapter number
NM# – New Moon and chapter number
EC# – Eclipse and chapter number
BD# – Breaking Dawn
BT – Bree Tanner
TG – Twilight (Saga Official Illustrated) Guide

PC# – Personal Correspondence #
SMW – Stephenie Meyer Website
PC-TL – Stephenie Meyer’s personal corrections

Twilight Timeline

2500 BC

  • Amun, Kebi, and others form Egyptian Coven (TG)

1400 – 1200 BC

  • Aro, Caius, and Marcus are born and form a coven in Volterra, Italy with their wives (TG)

1000 BC

  • Vladimir, Stefan, and others form a coven in current Romania (TG)

400 – 500 AD

  • Romanian coven and Volturi War (BD32)

600 AD

  • Egyptian coven and Volturi War (TG)


  • (?)  – Kate, Tanya,and Irina born and transformed by Sasha– Denali Coven (PC1)(BD2)
  • Plague of the Immortal children (BD2)
  • Sasha killed by Volturi (BD2)
  • Kaheleha and spirit warriors fight enemies in Pacific Northwest (TG)


  • Taha Aki becomes first Quileute shape shifting werewolf and passes ability on to sons (TG)

1400 – 1410

  • Quileute werewolves kill first vampire (TG)


  • Carlisle Cullen born in London, England. (TW15)


  • Carlisle changed into a vampire. (PC1)


  • Carmen and Eleazar born – Denali Coven (BD30)

1700 – 1720

  • Carlisle spends time with the Volturi in Italy (TW16) (TG)


  • Joham begins creating vampire/human hybrids (TG)

1820 – 1830

  • Benito, a new-born vampire, creates the first army of new-borns and starts a war in Mexico.  The Volturi manage to cover his tracks, but this leads to the creation of more newborn armies in the southern United States.  (EC13)


  • Jasper Whitlock born in Texas (EC13)


  • Nahuel born in South America (BD38)


  • The American Civil War breaks out – Jasper serves in the Confederate Army eventually making the rank of Major. (PC2) (EC13)


  • Jasper is changed into a vampire by a woman named Maria.(PC2) (EC13)


  • Jasper forms a bond with a new-born named Peter who is eventually promoted to work with Jasper (TG)

1933 **

  • Peter and Charlotte run off together. (EC13)

1938 **

  • Peter returns and helps Jasper escape from Maria. (EC13) (TG)


  • Esme Anne Platt born in Columbus, Ohio.


  • June 20 – Edward Anthony Masen born in Chicago to Edward and Elizabeth Masen. (PC1)
  • (?) –  Mary Alice Brandon born in Biloxi, Mississippi. (PC1)


  • (?) – Carlisle moves to Columbus, Ohio and practices medicine. (PC1)


  • Carlisle tends to a sixteen year old Esme, who has a broken leg. One month later, Carlisle leaves for his new area – possibly Chicago, Illinois. (PC1)


  • Rosalie Lillian Hale born in Rochester, New York (PC1) (SM-TL)
  • Emmett McCarty born in Tennessee. (PC1) (SM-TL)


  • Esme marries Charles Evenson who leaves to fight in WWI shortly there after. (PC1)


  • Carlisle works as a physician in Chicago, Illinois. (TW14)
  • September – Influenza Epidemic claims the life of Edward’s parents.  Carlisle saves Edward and he begins his life as a vampire. They possibly move to Ashland, Wisconsin. (TW14) (NM2) (PC1)


  • Charles Evenson returns from war to his wife Esme. (PC1)


  • Alice changed into a vampire by a worker at the mental asylum. (TW22)
  • Esme becomes pregnant and leaves her husband to move to Ashland. (PC1)
  • Carlisle works as a physician in Ashland. (PC1)


  • Esme’s baby dies and she tries to commit suicide.  Carlisle finds her and saves her.  They fall in love and are married. (PC1)


  • Edward leaves Carlisle and the family to experiment with another way of life.  He eventually returns after a few years, unable to continue taking human life. (TW15) (SM-TL)


  • (?) – Carlisle moves his family to Rochester New York where Esme and Edward pretend to be brother and sister. (EC7)


  • Rosalie becomes engaged to Royce King.  She is beaten and abused by him and his friends and left for dead.  Carlisle Cullen finds her and changes her into a vampire. (PC1) (SM-TL) (EC7)


  • Emmett found by Rosalie after a bear attack.  She brings him to Carlisle and he is changed into a vampire. (SMW) (SM-TL) (EC7)


  • (?) – Carlisle and family move to the area south of Forks called Hoquiam and make the treaty to stay off the Quileute land. (PC4)


  • Alice finds Jasper and they become companions. (TW14) (SM-TL) (EC13)


  • Alice and Jasper find Carlisle and join his family. (TW14) (SM-TL)


  • September 13 – Isabella Swan born to Renee and Charlie Swan in Forks, Washington. (NM1)


  • March – Renee leaves Charlie, takes Bella to Riverside, CA. (TW1) (SM-TL)


  • Renee and Bella move to Phoenix, AZ. (SM-TL)


  • Bella visits Charlie in Forks for one month in the summer. (TW1) (SM-TL)


  • The Cullen family arrive in Forks, Washington. (TW1)

2005 –

  • January
    • 17th (Mon) – Bella Swan moves to Forks, Washington.  (SM-TL)
    • 18th (Tue) – She meets Edward Cullen who is drawn to her blood.  Edward leaves Forks for Alaska for one week to avoid killing Bella. (TW1)
    • 24th (Mon) – Edward returns to Forks (TW2) (SM-TL).
    • 25th (Tue) – Car accident (TW3) (SM-TL)
    • 26th  – March 1st  (Tue) – Edward avoids Bella ( TW4)(SM-TL)
  • March
    • 2nd  (Wed.) – Bella is asked to the dance by Mike, Eric, and Tyler.  Edward spends the night in Bella’s room without her being aware of it.(TW4) (TW14)
    • 3rd (Thurs.)  – Bella sits with Edward at lunch – Blood testing – Bella nearly passes out and Edward drives her home. (TW5)
    • 4th (Fri) – Edward hunts with Emmett (TW5)
    • 5th (Sat) – Bella goes to First Beach and meets Jacob Black – Jacob tells Bella about the cold ones being the enemy of the wolf – Bella has a horrible dream about Edward. (TW67)
    • 6th  (Sun) – Bella searches the Internet for information about vampires – she walks in the wood to clear her head. (TW7)
    • 7th  (Mon) – Very sunny – Edward does not attend school (TW7)
    • 8th  (Tues) – Sunny again – Edward does not attend school – Bella shops in Port Angeles and is nearly attacked by thugs – Edward saves her and admits he is a vampire and that he can hear everyone’s thoughts but Bellas. (TW789)
    • 9th  (Wed) – Edward and Bella let it be known they are a “couple” – Bella asks all the questions. (TW10)
    • 10th (Thurs) – Edward’s turn to ask questions. (TW11)
    • 11th  (Fri) – Edward leaves after lunch to hunt with Alice. (TW12)
    • 12th (Sat) – Edward takes Bella to the Meadow. They spend the night together with Edward just holding Bella as she sleeps.(TW1314)
    • 13th (Sun) – Edward introduces Bella to his family – the baseball game – James targets Bella – Bella tells her father she is leaving Forks. (TW1516171819)
    • 14th (Mon) – Alice, Jasper, and Bella arrive in Phoenix (TW20)
    • 16th  (Wed) James tricks Bella into running away and meeting him – Bella nearly dies and Edward is forced to drink her blood to save her from becoming a vampire. (TW212223)
    • 18th (Fri) – Bella awakens in the hospital with multiple injuries. (TW24)
  • May –Edward escorts Bella to the Prom  (TW Ep) (SM-TL)
  • September
    • 13th (Tues) – Bella’s 18th birthday.  Party at the Cullen’s – Bella cuts her arm and causes a near riot – Edward takes her home and stays with her though the night. (NM12)
    • 14th (Wed) – Edward is distant and refuses to stay will Bella at night. (NM2)
    • 15th (Thurs) – Edward avoids Bella and Bella works on her scrapbook (NM2)
    • 16th (Fri) – Edward tells Bella that he and his family are leaving Forks and Bella forever – Bella goes into some sort of shock – a tracking party finds Bella nearly comatose. (NM3)
  • October – December – Bella exists in a zombie-like state only doing the bare minimum needed to really survive.


  • January
    • 16th (Fri) – Bella goes out with friends to a movie to appease Charlie – Bella discovers that when she puts herself in danger, she seems to hear Edward’s voice. (NM4)
    • 17th (Sat) – Bella buys two motorcycles to put herself in further danger – She enlists the help of Jacob Black to fix up the bikes – Bella sleeps without dreaming or screaming. (NM56)
    • 18th (Sun) – Bella and Jacob buy parts for the bikes – they eat dinner with the Clearwater family. (NM6)
    • 19th (Mon) – Bella talks to friends at school about the local bear sightings – it has been one year since Bella arrived in Forks – Bella visits the empty Cullen house – Jacob has finished Bella’s motorcycle.(NM67)
    • 20th (Tue) – After work, Mike invites Bella to the movies.(NM7)
    • 21st (Wed) – Jacob comes over to study and stays for dinner. (NM7)
    • 23rd(Fri) – Bella and Jacob work in the garage to fix his bike. (NM7)
    • 24th(Sat) – Bella worked at Newton’s and then did homework with Jacob again. (NM7)
    • 25th (Sun) – Jacob finished both bikes – They see Sam and his gang cliff diving – Jacob teaches Bella how to ride a motorcycle – Bella wrecks and gets a cut on her head, but she doesn’t mind – Bella gets seven stitches in the ER and tells Charlie she got hurt in Jake’s garage. (NM78)
    • 28th (Wed) – Bella again visits the ER but tells Charlie it came from a fall while hiking. (NM8)
    • 30th (Fri) – Bella enlists Jacob’s help in finding the meadow. (NM8)
  • February
    • 14th (Sat) – Jacob visits to do homework.  Bella invites him to the movies on Friday with her friends from school. (NM9)
    • 16th (Mon) – Bella tells Mike about going to the movies as a group. (NM9)
    • 20th (Fri)– Jacob finishes his Rabbit and brings it by to show Bella – Everyone but Mike cancels for the movie – Bella, Jacob, and Mike go to the movies – Mike gets sick – Bella notices that Jacob feels very hot – Jacob takes Bella home and admits that he isn’t feeling very well – Bella calls his house later that night and Billy tells her Jake is sick and she should stay away. (NM9)
    • 21st (Sat) – Bella is sick and doesn’t go to work. (NM9)
    • 22nd (Sun) – Bella talks to Jake on the phone and he tells her to stay away until he calls again. (NM9)
    • 23rd-27th (Mon-Fri) – Bella keeps calling Jacob only to be told he can’t come to the phone. (NM10)
    • 28th (Sat) – Harry Clearwater tells Charlie he has been having heart trouble – Harry explains that Jake has mono and that Bella needs to stay away – Bella is suspicious and decides to give it one more week. (NM10)
  • March
    • 4th (Sat) – Billy tells Bella Jacob is feeling better and that he is out with his friends – Bella goes looking for the meadow on her own where she sees Laurent – Laurent explains that Victoria sent him to find Bella and that he intends to kill her – Five huge wolves appear and chase Laurent away from Bella. (NM10)
    • 7th (Tue) – Bella calls Jacob, but gets no answer. (NM11)
    • 8th (Wed) – Bella calls Jake’s house every half hour. (NM11)
    • 9th (Thus) – Bella sits in her truck in front of Jake’s house. (NM11)
    • 10th (Fri) – Bella figures out that Jake must be in Sam’s gang and talks to Charlie about it – Bella gives Quil a ride home and he confirms that Jake is now with Sam’s gang – Bella goes to see Jake and he says he can’t hang out with Bella anymore – Charlie confronts Billy about the situation – Jacob comes into Bella room at night and apologizes but says he still can’t tell Bella the truth – he reminds her of the scary stories he once told her and tells her to think about them. (NM1112)
    • 11th (Sat) – Bella has a nightmare and wakes up to realize that Jacob is a werewolf – Charlie tells Bella that the wolves have attacked someone and that they are going to shoot the wolves – Bella goes to warn Jacob – Jacob explains that they killed Laurent but there is still another vampire around – Bella tells him about Victoria – Jacob explains a few aspects of being a wolf – Paul and Jacob get into a fight – Bella visits with the pack at Emily’s house. (NM121314)
    • 12th (Sun) – Bella spends all day at La Push. (NM15)
    • 13th (Mon) – First day of Spring Break. (NM15)
    • 14th (Tue) – Bella works and then visits Jake – He explains more about being a werewolf and Bella explains more about the vampires. (NM15) 15th (Wed) – Bella hangs out at Emily’s house and then walks on the beach alone – Jake promises to take her cliff diving. (NM15)
    • 16th  (Thurs) – Bella jumps off a cliff alone and Jacob rescues her – Harry Clearwater dies from a heart attack – Jake and Bella almost kiss – Alice returns. (NM1516)
    • 17th  (Fri) – Alice and Bella catch up. (NM17)
    • 18th (Sat) – Charlie goes to Harry’s funeral – Edward is told that Bella is dead – Alice and Bella race to Italy to stop Edward from killing himself. (SMW) (NM1718)
    • 19th (Sun) – Alice and Bella make their plans while on the plane to Italy. (NM19)
    • 20th (Mon) – Bella stops Edward from stepping into the sun – the Volturi meet with Edward, Alice,  and Bella – the Volturi agree to let them go so long as they promise to make Bella a vampire soon. (NM2021)
    • 21st (Tue) – Edward, Alice, and Bella fly back to Forks. (NM22)
    • 22nd (Wed) – Edward explains why he left Bella and that he will never leave her again – Bella puts her mortality to a vote – Edward agrees to change Bella himself is she will marry him. (NM2324)
  • April
    • 7 (Sat) – Jacob confronts Edward and Bella about the treaty and gives Bella back her motorcycle. (NM Ep)
  • May
    • 14th (Mon) – Bella reads in the paper about the trouble in Seattle.  She gets her acceptance to the University of Alaska.  (EC1)
    • 15th (Tue) – Alice has a vision of Victoria.  Edward convinces Charlie to let him take Bella to Florida. (EC2)
    • 18th (Fri) – Edward and Bella leave for Florida.
    • 19th (Sat) – The wolves and the Cullens chase Victoria and get into a fight over crossing the boundary line. (EC4)
    • 20th (Sun) – Bella has a chat with her mother about Edward.  They return home from Florida. Jacob calls Bella for the first time in weeks. (EC3)
    • 21st (Mon) – Jacob confronts Edward in front of school.  Edward tells Bella that Victoria had been in Forks.  (EC3)
    • 25th (Fri) – Edward goes hunting.  Bella runs off to LaPush to visit Jacob.  Jacob tells Bella in detail what happened over the weekend with Victoria. (EC4)  Bella learns about imprinting and that the wolves don’t age while they phase. (EC5) Bella avoids Edward and goes to Angela’s house to help her with graduation announcements.  Bella declares that she is “Switzerland.” (EC6)
    • 31st (Thurs) – Bella is kidnapped by Alice after work.  Bella sees that Edward has purchased a bed. (EC6)  Rosalie tells Bella her story of how she became a vampire. (EC7)
  • June
    • 1st (Fri) – Bella escapes from school with Jake. (EC7) Bella tells Jacob that she will be a vampire very soon and he gets angry.  Edward returns home and they come to an agreement.  Bella sleeps in his arms in his bed. (EC8)
    • 2nd (Sat) – Bella can’t find certain personal items and Edward realizes that another vampire has been in Bella’s house.  The Cullens debate who it was. (EC9)
    • 3rd (Sun) – Bella calls Jacob and he and Edward agree to let Jacob come over to investigate. (EC9)  Jacob learns that Bella will be changed at graduation and cuts his hand.  Edward explains more about what’s going on in Seattle.  He agrees to let Bella go to LaPush while he is hunting.  Bella sees Edward’s motorcycle.  He drives Bella to the boundary line where they meet Jacob. (EC10)  Bella attends the bonfire and learns all about the werewolf legends and the third wife.
    • 4th (Mon) – Bella finds that Edward has read a part of Wuthering Heights.(EC11)  Alice tells Bella that she is having a graduation party.  Bella sees the graduation poster.  Bella and Edward talk about marriage. (EC12)
    • 5th (Tue) – Bella reads the paper about the events in Seattle. (EC12)  Jasper tells his story.  The Denali vampires won’t help the Cullens because Irena was involved with Laurent. (EC13)
    • 6th (Wed) – Alice insists on going ahead with the party.  Bella suggests that she could help if she were turned into a vampire now.  Renee cancels her trip to Forks on account of Phil’s broken leg. (EC14)
    • 7th (Thurs) – The first day of finals.
    • 8th (Fri) – Second day of finals.  Bella spends the afternoon in LaPush.  Bella invites Jacob to the party.  Jacob tells Bella he is in love with her.  (EC14)  Jacob kisses her and she punches him.  Edward threatens Jacob while Charlie is near by.  Bella learns that Emmett and Jasper have a wager on how many people she will kill. (EC15)
    • 11th (Mon) – Alice gives Bella something to wear for graduation.  Bella figures out that everything is connected and that Victoria is behind it all.  Bella graduates and tells Edward what she discovered. (EC16)  The Cullens make plans during the party.  Jake and the wolves show up and make an alliance with the Cullens.  Jake gives Bella a wolf charm bracelet. (EC17)  The wolves meet with the Cullens in the woods for their first batch of training.  Edward and Jacob work together to plan a way to hide Bella’s scent during the fight. (EC18)  Bella asks Edward to sit out the fight.(EC19)
    • 12th (Tue) – Bella sleeps for most of the day.  Edward goes hunting.  Alice makes arrangements with Charlie for Bella to be gone for a while.  The wolves and vampires meet for their second night of instruction. Bella learns that Leah Clearwater is a werewolf. (EC19)
    • 13th (Wed) – Bella spends the night alone with Edward at his home.  He gives her a “crystal” charm for her bracelet.  He agrees to make love to her while she is human if she agrees to marry him first.  They are officially engaged.  He shows her the engagement ring. (EC20)
    • 14th (Thurs) –  Bella leaves her scent all over the forest.  Edward explains how her blood no longer tempts him the way it used to.  Jacob carries Bella to the camp site. (EC21) Jacob sleeps next to Bella to keep her warm.  Edward and Jacob have an honest conversation while Bella sleeps. (EC22)
    • 15th (Fri) – Jacob learns that Edward and Bella are engaged and runs off.  Edward brings him back.  Bella begs Jacob not to fight.  She asks Jacob to kiss her. (EC23) Feeling badly for it, Bella urges Edward for some intimacy and he insists on waiting.  The newborns attack the Cullens in the clearing.  Victoria and Riley attack Edward, Seth, and Bella at the camp site.  Edward rips off Riley’s arm and Seth finishes him off.  Edward rips off Victoria’s head. (EC24) Victoria and Riley’s remains are burned.  Jacob is wounded and both Seth and Edward “feel” it though the werewolf bond.  The Volturi arrive to clean up. They murder the newborns that are left behind. (EC25)  Bella goes to check on Jake and has to say goodbye to him for good. (EC26) Edward finds Bella crying in her truck and takes her home.  Bella spends the night crying in his arms. (EC27)
    • 16th (Sat) Bella tells Edward she will survive so long as she has him.  They go to talk about the wedding with Alice.  Alice shows her the wedding dress.  Bella asks Alice to be her Maid of Honor. (EC27
    • (?)  Edward asked Charlie for Bella’s hand in marriage. (BD1) (Note – This date is not specified but this probably happens in the evening of the 16th.)
    • (?) Bella tells her mother that she is engaged. (BD1) (Note – This date is not specified but this probably happens a few days after Charlie learns of the engagement.)
    • (?) Bella truck breaks down and Edward buys Bella a Mercedes Guardian (BD1) (Note – this date is not specified but it takes place a few weeks after the 16th)
    • (?) Jacob receives an invitation to Bella and Edward’s wedding along with a note from Edward.  Grief stricken, Jacob phases and runs off.  The pack lets him go. (EC Ep) (Note – This happens sometime between June 16th and Aug 13th.)
    • (?) Charlie puts up posters in every major city along the Olympic Peninsula looking for Jacob. (BD1) (Note – this probably happened a week or so after Jacob left.)
  • August
    • 12th (Sat.) Bella calls Seth to see if he has any news of Jacob.  Alice does the final fittings for Charlie and Bella.  Edward attends his bachelor party. (BD1)
    • 13th (Sun) Edward and Bella are married. (BD3) Jacob attends the reception and nearly starts a fight. (BD4)  Edward and Bella leave for Isle Esme.
    • 14th (Mon) Edward and Bella make love for the first time. (BD5)
    • 15th – 20th Bella has strange dreams and her appetite changes. (BD6)
    • 21st (Mon) Bella and Edward make love for the second time. (BD6)
    • 31st (Thurs) Bella determines that she is pregnant.  Edward and Bella return to Forks. (BD7)
  • September
    • 7 (Thurs) – Jacob learns that Bella has returned and is very sick. He assumes she has been changed into a vampire.  (BD8) He visits the Cullen home to find that Bella is pregnant.  Edward asks Jacob to kill him should Bella die in child birth. (BD9) Jacob explains to his pack what has happened and Sam orders Bella and the child to be killed.  (BD10) Opposing this decision, Jacob takes his place as an Alpha wolf. Seth follows him. (BD11)
    • 8 (Fri) – Leah joins Jacob’s new pack.  (BD12) Bella drinks blood to sustain her pregnancy.  Jared talks to Jacob about returning to the pack.  Jacob refuses. (BD13)
    • 9 (Sat) – Bella’s pregnancy worsens with another broken rib.  Carlisle determines that Bella will go into labor in four days. (BD15)
    • 10 (Sun) – Jacob and Leah talk about the reasons for imprinting.  Edward hears the thoughts of the baby for the first time. (BD16) Edward asks Jake for permission to break the treaty by trying to save Bella by turning her into a vampire.  Jake agrees. (BD17) Bella goes into labor.  Renesmee is born.  Edward changes Bella into a vampire.  Jake imprints on Renesmee. (BD18)
    • 13 (Wed) – Bella’s 19th birthday.  She awakens as a newborn vampire.  (BD19-20) Edward and Bella hunt.  (BD21) She finds out that Jacob has imprinted on “Nessie.”   (BD22) Alice and Edward show Bella the cottage on the Cullen property where Bella and Edward will live. (BD24)
    • 14 (Thurs) – Jacob phases in front of Charlie.  Charlie sees Renesmee for the first time and realizes she is Bella and Edward’s child.  They all agree on the story that Renesmee is Edward’s niece. (BD25)
  • October – November
    • Leah becomes the Beta is Jacob’s pack. (BD27)
    • Bella decides to travel to Volterra to assure the Volturi that she is a vampire. (BD27)
    • Aro sends Bella an ornate necklace as a wedding gift. (BD27)
    • Edward and Carlisle continue to research people like Renessee. (BD27)
  • December
    • 10th (Sun) – Renesmee’s 3 month birthday. (BD27)
    • 11th ( Mon) – Irina sees Renesmee with Bella and Jacob and assumes Renesmee is an immortal child.  (BD27)
    • 14th (Thurs) –  Alice has a vision that Irina has gone to the Volturi to report Renesmee’s existence and that the Volturi, including the guard and the wives, are coming after the Cullens.  They decide to gather friends to stand as witnesses to Renesmee’s uniqueness.  (BD28)
    • 15th (Fri) The Cullens discover that Alice and Jasper have left them.  Bella finds clues from Alice to seek out a J Jenks.   All the Cullens except for Edward and Bella, head out to round up the witnesses.  (BD29)
    • 16th (Sat) – Tanya, Kate, Eleazer, and Carmen arrive at the Cullens and after being briefly shocked and frightened by Renesmee, they are taken with her. (BD30)  Eleazer realizes that Bella is a shield.  The Denali Coven agree to be witnesses and fight if necessary.  Peter and Charlotte also arrive.  They were sent by Alice and Jasper.  They, too, agree to witness. (BD31)
    • 18th (Mon) – 21st (Thurs) (?) – The Irish and the Egyptian covens arrive followed by as many nomads as Emmett and Rose could find.  The Amazon and Romanian covens arrive unexpectedly, but are welcomed.  Many people agree to be witnesses but not necessarily fight.  Bella works on projecting her shield in order to protect others. (BD32)
    • 23rd (Sat) – Renesmee and Jacob spend time with Charlie while Bella goes to visit J Jenks. She learns he is a forger and she asks him to make documents for Jacob and Renesme in case they have to run.  (BD33)
    • 25th (Mon) – Bella, Edward, Jacob, and Renesme spend Christmas at Charlie’s with the entire pack and Sue Clearwater.  Alistair leaves the Cullens before the Volturi arrive. (BD34)
    • 27th (Wed) – Bella gets the forged documents from J. Jenks and plants them in a bag where Jacob will find them after the battle. (BD35)
    • Dec 29th  – 30th (Fri – Sat) – The Cullens, werewolves and assembled guests all sleep in the clearing waiting for the Volturi to arrive.
    • 31st (Sun) – The Volturi arrive mid morning with the entire guard, the wives, and 40 witnesses of their own.  Aro at first believes that Nessie is an immortal child but sees through Edward that she isn’t.  Aro meets Nessie and lies to her about not hurting her family. (BD36) Caius brings Irina forward to testify again and then promptly kills her.  Aro tries to convince the Cullens’s witnesses that Renesemee is a danger and should be dealt with.  Garret speaks up and says the Volturi are reaching and are scared by the power of the Cullen family.  (BD37)  Bella uses her power to protect her family and friends from Alec and Chelsea’s powers.  Before the real battle begins, Nahuel the other half immortal half human arrives with Alice and Jasper to speak with the Volturi. (BD38)


  • January  1st (Mon) –  The house guests leave one by one.  Bella allows Edward to read her mind for the first time. (BD39)



*** The dates surrounding Jasper’s time with Maria and Peter and Charlotte have always been mixed up.  The only date we know for certain is that he met Alice in 1948.  We know there were 5 years between the time that Peter and Charlotte ran off together and that they returned for Jasper.  We know Jasper was with them for three years before wondering alone prior to meeting Alice.  The Official Illustrated Twilight Guide states that Charlotte was transformed in 1938 and that Jasper leaves Maria in 1938.  It is mathematically impossible for Charlotte to live as a newborn for a year, run away with Peter for five years, and return for Jasper and it still be 1938. It could be argued that Charlotte was transformed in late 1938 and that she and Peter left Maria in early 1940 and came back for jasper in 1945.

*^* The date of 1933 for Rosalie’s transformation was given to us in March of 2006 by Stephenie Meyer when she corrected the original draft of the timeline.  The Official Illustrated Guide states that she was transformed in 1931.

Special note regarding dates from the books:

Twilight and New Moon were not written to a calendar.  There are several instances where the statements of “weeks passed” or “a few days later” make the dates impossible to match up.  We have done the best job we can given the few actual dates provided to make the timeline as accurate as possible.

Eclipse was written to a calendar, but unfortunately it was the wrong year.  The calendar Stephenie sent to us to help us fill out the timeline was from 2007 when Eclipse takes place in 2006.  Again, we have done the best job possible to make the dates accurate.