Vanessa Hudgens Take Two

Well now there is a new twist in the Vanessa Huggens tale of did she or didn’t she audition for the part of Leah Clearwater. Apparently just like Just Jared (who got an entirely different answer direct from Vanessa’s management) Access Hollywood did a little of its own verification and according to Access Hollywood (who is standing by their source which is not the MTV source although it remains unnamed)

Vanessa has auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater, the series’ lone female werewolf, and is “up for the role,” a source close to Summit Entertainment confirmed.

However, “no official casting announcement has been made,” the source added.


So that leaves us with:

 Just Jared directly quoting Vanessa’s management as "“I don’t know anything about the audition,” Vanessa’s rep tells JJJ. “As far as I know, it’s just a rumor."

Summit who won’t confirm or deny the rumor when asked, pretty much standard policy.

MTV stating Ashley Greene confirmed it, but doesn’t have her direct quote on that.

Access Hollywood sticking by: "Vanessa has auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater, the series’ lone female werewolf, and is “up for the role,” a source close to Summit Entertainment confirmed."


We give up. We don’t know what to believe.



    I feel like the addition of Vanessa would totally cheapen the whole series. One Disney star is enough!

  2. Why don’t summit answer? Why is that their policy?

    It’s a standard industry thing, in general you don’t comment on any role unless ink in dry on a contract and that person is doing your movie. The stars agents will sometimes comment on what their talent is going for, but in general the movie studio itself will not. For example, we’ve heard of several people who were up for different roles in Twilight, but that info is from the actor not from Summit.

  3. big twilight fan says

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I do not want Vanessa as Leah, she can’t act her way out of a brown paper bag!!! I seriously wouldn’t go see the movie if she was in it BLEAH.

  4. i think that she would be good.

  5. I cannot believe that Summit would do this to New Moon and the rest of the series. I would not be doing justice to the books because she does not look like Leah. She is not tall enough to be a werewolf and she does not look at all like Leah. Vanessa cannot be in New Moon. Cannot.

  6. uhhh she can be pretty and everything but seriously, the girl cant act. end of story.
    but i wouldnt kill myself if she got it *shrug* she IS pretty.

  7. I don’t think I like the idea of High School Musical actors in the Twilight saga movies…

  8. omg i wish we could get an official answer, lol, i really hope that she doesn’t play leah though

    We wish we had something better to go on too. We honestly don’t know what to make of Vanessa’s management (according to Just Jared) saying it is not true, and then Access Hollywood completely backing their story that it is when we asked them for verification.

    We figured the best thing to do was just throw all pieces of the puzzle out there as we know it and let fans draw their own conclusion because we are mystified.

    Unless someone sees Vanessa, directly asks her, and she gives more than a “no comment” I don’t know that we will have the straight story until the part is actually cast with whoever gets that actual role.

  9. I’d rather the actors who aren’t well known (which makes up a lot of the cast.) vs. the actors who are well known for corny Disney Channel movies… lol

    maybe I’m just being negative…

  10. Surely not. I bet this is just publicity to keep New Moon casting drama alive. Vanessa Hudgens is not material for this series. Summit knows this….I hope.

  11. rnbwbrte79 says

    Yuk! VanHug has no “Native American” traits and def no talent… she should tryout for Emily since she doesnt have and lines all Emily does is stand around and look and look guilty *for stealing Leahs man*

  12. I know I believe in werewolves and vampires, but I’m not going to loose sleep over who is cast in the upcoming movie. I do love the drama associated with all of it. I thinks it’s marketing brilliance to having a story that keeps us all buzzing about what is truth and what isn’t.

    Why shouldn’t HSM stars get the chance to break away from their Disney mantra and stretch their acting abilities? If you were once the talk of the town, wouldn’t you want the opportunity to jump ship and stay on board of the next big thing?

    Personally I’d love to see Brittany spears in the role of Gianna.

  13. no

  14. Um…NO!

  15. Like the age bracket for this movie wasn’t young enough already!

  16. Aww, I like V. I’m a 20-something HSM fan though, so I guess my opinion really doesn’t count for much.

    When I first heard this rumor I was thrilled! She is definitely pretty enough to play the female wolf and come on guys, this would give her a chance to branch out and really test her acting talents. I for one think it would be awesome.

  17. pleasee in all that is holy, PLEASE don’t cast vanessa hudgens!! i really cannot stand that girl. ugh.

    my mantra – rumor.rumor.rumor.rumor.rumor….etc.

  18. Audrey/Edward says

    Oh, goodness NO! I really REALLY hope this is just a rumor. A HSM star in NM? Why don’t they just give the Cullens fangs, while they’re at it?…

  19. This is getting even more ridiculous by the minute. It is true..we don’t know what to believe anymore.
    I mean at least Summint should say something, I mean I know they don’t usually but this is becoming old very fast. It really gets on my nerves.
    I have nothig against Vanessa Huggens, but I just don’t see her as Leah. There are a lot of unfamiliar actresses out there, and I’m positive that they could be a better choice. And maybe Leah isn’t that much in New Moon, but is at least in Eclipse and in Breaking dawn if they decide to film that one they need someone strong to carry the role.
    I just can’t see her in that role, and to be honest I don’t think she is a good actress…I’ve seen High school musical..god forgive me.

    btw sorry for my english..foreigner excuse 😀

  20. she cannot be leah!! what i got from the books was leah was this kick ass, broken hearted girl who snarled at everyone. i never even imagined her as being that pretty. vanessa hudgens is far too young, innocent and anorexic looking 2 play leah. i’ve got a feeling this new director will cast her any way – if she’s in it, all the high school musical teeny boppers will love it and it will definitely be bigger than harry potter. i hate vanessa hudgens!!

  21. I think Megan Fox would be a pretty good Leah. She’d have to bulk up a bit, but she’s a pretty good actress and doesn’t look like a 12 year old girl playing dress up.

  22. allisonlovesedward says

    how confusing…

  23. I think we need to do all we can in order for her NOT to get the part! She IS adorable, but is she supposed to be? thats fine if she is, but come on! She can’t be in it, she’s a high school musical cast member, they are trying to make this movie into some teen thing, its more than that! they need to get a true native american, not some disney teeny bopper. is anyone with me on this?

  24. Amber Pederson says

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.

    I really don’t think that Summit is willing to pay for somebody like Vanessa when they can just cast a relatively unknown actress for the part and get the same amount of money. Twilight/New Moon doesn’t NEED a big star to draw in an audience. It can do that on its own. That’s the beauty of it.

    Besides, didn’t Lana Veenker kind of debunk this unknowingly? She said that a separate casting company has been hired to focus on casting NATIVE AMERICANS. It looks like they’re being serious about authenticity, and Vanessa doesn’t fit that bill.

  25. I would seriously be disappointed if Vanessa is in New Moon or any film relating to this Saga. If she should have a role, let it be Bree in Eclipse because she gets ripped apart by Felix. LOL I know, not nice, but I don’t want HSM being related to Twilight in anyway.

  26. Devon061381 says

    ^good point. I would be shocked and seriously disappointed if VanHug got this part. I’m not a fan. I don’t like Hsm…and she is not a native american. I really hope they stick to having real native american actors and actresses portray those parts in the movie.

    And she would probably cost too much.

    If she wants to play something bit part in the movie series, throw her a bone and let her play Gianna the Volturi receptionist.

  27. KawaiiSceneVanpairu says

    Oh My God! not Vanessa, I don’t want stars from disney channel on any Twilight series movie. It would totally ruin it. If she gets the part, and I pray that not, little girls will want to watch the movie, because a Disney star appears, and those books are not for little kids they are for young adults. And if the keep using disney stars the movie would be boring with all the preppy girls.UGH! I hate it. Sooner or later Miley will audition and if someday that happens and she gets the part I would DEFINITIVELY not see the movie. Disney stars don’t know how to act, the girls are too plastic. UGH! And Jasper acted ok, but I think they are a lot of more talented boys that can do a better part.

  28. No Disney Actors. Please no….:(

    Keep going over the Hello to vote for

  29. I can’t stand Vanessa Huggens, and i can’t stand leah clearwater either. I swear though that if she is cast as Leah, i will lose all respect I have left for the movies. ALL OF IT. if she did audition, i hope she sucked

  30. christine / shavei7 says


    I don’t think I can handle any more of this! After Crapon, I’ve pretty much used up my energy reserve in campaigning against him!

    Summit better not hire VH!

    WTH is wrong with Summit if they hire her? Do they think they’ll get more viewers or fans? All they’ll do is TURN OFF A LOT OF THE TWILIGHTERS!

    Get a grip on reality Summit!



    and besides that, Summit isnt very good, and like people have said before me, they probably don’t really wanna pay her. even though New Moon does have a big budget…

    Also, i honestly don’t think Vanessa has the type of personality to play Leah. Leah is supposed to be hurt, broken, b!tchy…that doesnt really go with Vanessa. i mean, i know she is an actor…but still.

  32. i meant, Summit isnt very BIG******

  33. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vannessa &%^*$#@! Huggens will break out in song in the middl of the movie! Get Disney people out of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**Stomps away and starts to write Summit a very harsh letter**

  34. Noooo!!! NOT VH. Can we please have one of the many unknown GOOD actresses in this and every role in Twilight. This is what you get with a male director. A tart in every role.

  35. heres the thing….

    i dunno why people keep stressing. HOWEVER, there will be a time to stress if this rumor is put to rest. BUT this is what i think.

    I know some of us say “give her s chance! HSM stars have to break that image”. but Look, that can be done else where. New Moon is not the place. if Summit wants to keep the “essence” of the book they will hire only relativley new faces. You want to be able to watch the character grow with the story, and its hard to do that when you have someone with a repertoire such as Kate Winslet or George Clooney. or even vanessa hudgens. you have given yourself an image, and you are entitles to break that image, but i dont think choosing the Twilight movies is exactly the best move. the fan base is too picky and i think that person would be torn apart. not the best career choice.

    not that i would be the person to tear them apart. but we ALL know what i am talking about. and sure, people say a lot of things that dont matter. like whne rob got casted as Edward and everyone hated it. BUT this is a bit different i think. Getting the role and not really looking like the Edward in your ead, is kinda different than someone with “artistic baggage.” especially one such as HSM.
    i think fans would have a arder time getting over it.
    BUT i think everyone would. WEll, now that i tink about it. it would be hard to watch because i cant watch HSM without making jokes everytime she comes on screen… i dont want to poke fun of sacred TWILIGHT….but ..ok SUMMIT!! PLLEEAASSSEEE!!!!!!! listen to us just this once!!!!! 🙂

  36. if she does get casted i wont see any of the other movies……i will loose all respect of summit and the other Twilight movies

  37. KawaiiSceneVanpairu says

    …And I don’t care that she pretty, because they are a more pretty woman in the world. She can be a goddess (That is totally not true, i’m just exagerating-jejeje), but the thing is she can’t act, maybe for kids movies but she is not Twilight-werewolve material. She is too girly and plastic. And the other thing is WE DON’T WANT MORE DISNEY STARS ON TWILIGHT!!!! Look for someone who can really act, and she doesn’t have to be too pretty, because: first-she is a werewolve and second-there is always makeup and special effects.

  38. …..seriously. vanessa? alright alright i will admitt she is pretty, but thats about it. there be a cast of AMAZING actors and then it will be her….the one who cant act. she will stick out like a sore thumb! grrrr i seriously doubt she can ppl it off.

  39. christine / shavei7 says

    oh and btw, Rob has fallen behind… you can vote EVERY 10 minutes *grins*

  40. sooo… i cant type.. i can spell just not type. so forgive my mispelled words!!

    one more thing.

    i think the most important thing is to just wait and see..

    but how is it that not ONE person in the million people fan base not find ANY truth. does no one have any connections to help us out??? haha

    thanks Lexicon for trying!! i understand that this is all just too confusing. its remeniscint of last year and that WHOLE twilight casting extravaganza…. DO NOT want to relive that and i doubt you guys want to either. it gives me chills thinking about those stressful days… weeks….months!!!

    ok but ya, we shall see in time..

  41. Vanessa as Leah?! When I heard this I think I almost fell dead! She cant be Leah. Leah is this tough girl who gives a shit about others, she’s this broken hearted werewolf. The only girl werewolf! Vanessa cant do her part, she’s too prissy and girly and not werewolf material! Summit, what is wrong with you?!

  42. Taterbuggy18 says

    If she does get the part.. how will they pay for her??? Isn’t her asking price for movies like $3million??

  43. silverflute says

    Why can they not hire a Native American actor to play a Native American??????
    You can’t tell me there aren’t any.
    Leah should be at least part Native American. And please no wigs with curl Jacob wig.
    Native American hair is “generally” silky, straight, beautiful glossy hair.

  44. ooooooo good point taterbuggy18!!!!!!

    ok so we can rule out for the most part HUGE stars because te budget isnt that big again and they cant afford a lot of people….
    unless vanessa will ask for less……

    the plot thickens

  45. My students are already waging an online campaign against her being cast as Leah. I guess the battle lines are drawn as far as the Tween set is concerned! They want to know if she’ll break into song each time she phases…LOL

  46. this is CRAZY!! i wish vanessa would just come out and give a straight answer! all this speculation and critisism might not be needed!! AHHH

  47. ok but remember the whole deal with nikki reed??
    she is neither blonde or fair skinned. but they casted her. NOT that she isnt beautiful or a good actress, but she doesnt exactly fit the part without them making her look differnt.
    i could walk inot a mall in california and find a better person to fit the look of rosalie.
    so as for native american people… i dont know what summit is trying to do… but we shall see if they are at all willing to only cast native americans.

  48. I don’t really care much for Vanessa in the role of Leah, whether in “New Moon” or “Eclipse” later on, but…


    It’s Vanessa HUDGENS. Yeesh.

  49. Just because she auditioned doesn’t mean she got the role. For heavens sake how many people auditioned for Bella, Edward, Jacob, ect…

    The answer to that question is thousands and they were all bigger stars then Vanessa and didn’t land the roles.

    Seriously this is a whole lot of drama over exactly NOTHING.

  50. lirael cullen says

    NOOOOooooooooo!!! it was stated that they were looking for N-A-T-I-V-E A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N-S!! DON’T DO THAT SUMMIT!! THE ONLY EXPERIENCE VANESA HUDGGENS HAS ARE THOSE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICALS!! Argh.. this is giving me a headache… aha, please, please, don’t, dont’ dont…

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