Hot Topic Announces DVD Pre-Order Parties!


Here is the news direct from Hot Topic:

"Okay here is some news that I’m sure you guys will be extremely happy about! The Twilight DVD will be released soon.  We’re all anxiously waiting for it : ) Hot Topic’s In Store Pre-Order date is February 9th…The Twilight DVD will have exclusive, awesome, HT only surprises if you buy the DVD at Hot Topic.
We will be having launch parties at our Hot Topic stores!   There will be A LOT of awesome things and surprises happening at the parties…we will be having a cool contest for a pair of Bella and Edward dolls – I know crazy cool huh? : ) We will be giving away a small percentage of the dolls during the launch parties.  After that, if anyone else wants the dolls they can get them from the Tonner Company."


  1. iluvtwilight says:

    AWESOMENESS. nice to know! thank you!

  2. awesome i hope the one in my mall is doing this.

  3. Poll ends tomorrow and
    Rob needs our votes. Every 10 minutes.

  4. Miss Switz says:

    Woo hoo!!! I want one of dem Eddward dolls… but do the have a jacob doll?!

  5. OMG OMG OMG this is so freaking exciting!!!!!! I so want an Edward doll!!! And because I am such a Jasper fangirl, if they had a Jasper doll, I’d be even more excited! I hope the Hot Topic near me is doing this!

  6. I hope the “surprises” are only merchandise stuff and not extras on the DVD like special version of the DVD. It wouldn’t be fair to people like me who don’t have a Hot Topic in their area.

  7. Uhm… I am totally going! =D

  8. okay… I might go. I did end up going to the CD listening party, however, i need to know a) if they’re going to be selling the special edition and b) if it’s going to be on sale at the party.
    Otherwise, you can just catch me at walmart at midnight. LOL

  9. So just to clear it up. is hot topic releasing the DVD on feb 9th to those that have pre odered it?

  10. I’m with ya Sou! The CD from Hot Topic was not the edition with bonus songs, so I also wonder if the DVD will be without the bonus features.. Also would the launch party be on Feb 9th, when pre-ordering is going on, or would it be on March 21st when the DVD is released? I already have a DVD viewing party to go to on the 21st πŸ™‚ Thanks for any additional info!

  11. the nearest hot topic is like 5 hours from here… do the special goodies come if you preorder online? i already preordered on amazon…

  12. Edwardbitespillow says:

    hahaha sou, im with you. Can you post wich hot topic they are doing this? cause i have like five near me but they are all like an hour away from my house and i don’t want to be driving around all night and miss it…cause its sounds really cool to go to!

  13. AriLovesEdward says:

    I preordered mine at FYE, just paid 5 dollars and they call you once they get the shipment in. Yay FYE!

  14. I preodered mine from Amazon so if I’m going to be missing out on “special features” on the actual DVD by not getting it from HT- I’m not going to be happy. I’m on a budget here! I can’t buy three different versions of “special edition” Twilights. They’ll turn of my electric or something. πŸ˜›

  15. I also hope that the special things coming with the DVD are only merchandise. If there were actual extra scenes or whatever, it would be like Summit is getting greedy and wanting us to buy more than one edition. They know the die-hard fans would buy multiples, too. I’m excited for the parties though!

  16. Edwardbitespillow says:

    AriLovesEdward, is it all FYE’s that you can preorder? cause if they all do, ill just preoder it there

  17. I wish they’d say what the special surprises were! I hate how different stores have different “surprises” or extras and they liek to keep it a secret but to get them you have to preorder and its hard to decide which one you wanna preorder cause you dont even know what you’re getting out of it! uurgh it makes me frustrated! ><

  18. That’s on my birthday! That’s the best present ever!

  19. OME!!! I SOOOO WANT TO GO TO!!! I hope they have a party at my hot topic, that would be totally awesome! I mean I already have the Edward doll..and I totally LOVE IT!!! I pre-ordered my dvd from FYE and I can’t wait to get it!

  20. Wow i cant wait!
    im soooo going i wnt to the one where u could meet Rob and that was awesome!!!
    does anyone know if they have the store locations yet cause i looked everywhere and cant find it!

  21. Okay just to clear things up. Can the DVD be bought on the 9th Febuary at Hottopic or is is just the date for official pre-orders?!
    If it can be bought on Febuary then I’m soooo cancelling the Amazon order I put in. Sure that’s like over a month before the actual release date. There’s no way Hottopic are releasing it in Febuary, is there?! Oh please say they are πŸ™‚

  22. Hopefully this will be better than the Twilight Soundtrack party. That stunk. πŸ™

  23. What’s Hot Topic????? Is it a Music Store or what?

  24. Is ordering it Hot topic better than the pre-order at Amazon?

  25. The problem with pre-ordering from online places like Amazon is that the DVD may come out on March 21st, but that just means that it’ll be shipped to you on that day. You won’t actually get the DVD on March 21st. I ran into this when pre-ordering something else … it took almost a week to get to me. I’m just gonna head to my local Best Buy and pick it up.

  26. problem… not all stores know about this. i’ve called a few and they are in the dark big time! so maybe not all stores will be doing this or they just haven’t been informed. the guy at mine was actually shocked to know it would be this soon and he has no word of it. that and the fact that a customer walked up in there with info he didn’t

    so i’d call you store and see.

  27. PLEASE tell me when it comes out I WILL DIE WITHOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I am soooooooooooo going and i’m goin 2 try and win the bella and edward dolls. I’ve been a huge fan since Twilight’s been out, but this is huge!!!

  29. Thanks Erin! I thought it would be sold out or something. Should I get there early… Probably! πŸ™‚

  30. I lovvvvvvvve twilight says:

    Heyy ummm two things im wondering…Is there a hot topic in toronto or somewhere in Ontario?????…and isnt feb 9th a school dayy???????????

  31. Tam, I had the same issue. One or two HT employees actually told me that they don’t always know everything right away. Even with merchandise. I have asked about the dvd release party before and they had no idea what I was talking about. If it is anything like the soundtrack release party, it will be at every location.

  32. I was at our Hot Topic tonight (Northridge, CA) and pre-ordered my DVD. I was given a ticket to the party along with a raffle ticket for a chance to win prizes the night of the party. The manager said they will be raffling off promotional material (posters, window clings…etc…) and also have a DJ (only their location). Party time is from 10:30 to Midnight and at Midnight you turn in your pre-order card for your copy of the DVD (which includes the Edward film cell).

  33. Oops – forgot to mention the party is March 20th – the DVD is not available until March 21st

  34. Hastings is not only pre-ordering the Special Edition (the one with all of the bonus features), but they are giving away a Twilight watch with every pre-order!!!

  35. HTEmployee says:

    I work at HT and here’s the low down, pre-orders began today (the 7th). EVERY hot topic is having a party. Some are having a party on the 20th from 10pm-1am some are having it on the night of 21st. When you pre-order the DVD you get a special edition twilight dvd presale giftcard, the HT employee will put the amount of the giftcard+sales tax on it and will give you a postcard size reminder for the party which will tell you what day and time the party is for. the hot topic you’re pre-buying it from is at. On the day of the party you will need to bring the giftcard with you and they will have the dvd on hold for you at the register. The parties will be a lot of fun. There will probably be contests and all the employees will be dressed as vampires. The film cell is one frame from a movie real that’s incased in a photo of Edward Cullen which is able to be framed. You get the 2 disc dvd, 1 disc is of bonus features. It’s worth going to. If you want the dvd the night before it goes out you should find out what hot topic near you will be open on the 20th. You will NOT be able to get it from any other location at or around midnight unless you purchase it from a 24 hour walmart.

  36. Hastings is going to have it available to purchase Friday night, March 20th at midnight.

  37. yesthere is going to be a party at the meriden mall .u get your dvd at the party on march. 20 at the meriden mall this is going to be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!! i ALL READY GOT MY card to go i .

  38. hi, do u know if u have to be in a serten age group to go? or, there r going to be prizes r the prizes like twilight things in the store or differnt things?

  39. thankkk you!
    i am going to the partyy(:
    cant wait for the DVD ahhhhh(:
    but what kind of surprises like showing stuff from new moon? or what?

  40. Emmett's fiance says:



  41. totally worth going to. our whole staff is going to dress up AND some of the cast from twiligt might visit if you are a true fan than you will go! great hope to see you fans there!

  42. Holy crow! I’m so there!

  43. twilighter1 says:

    O wow!! I’m definately gonna be there!!

  44. technochick says:

    hey, um is there still going to be like 4 or 5 suprise gifts for the raffle? and if so how many?

  45. I heard a ticket allows a parent and a child in. Is there an age limit for the child?

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