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Cam and Taylor made this years breakout stars list on The Daily Beast.


The Twilight DVD has a release date in Australia.


We’ve been getting a lot of repeat questions in our mailbag regarding New Moon, so we thought it might be a good idea to do a recap.

USA/Canada release date

  1. November 20, 2009
  2. This date as with any movie date is subject to change based on filming, marketing, any number of factors.

Chris Weitz

  1. Is hired to direct New Moon
  2. He is currently exploring various locations for filming in the USA and Canada
  3. He has not been hired for any other movie. That is not to say he won’t be, but it’s just not in the focus right now.


  1. They are not filming the upcoming movies concurrently a la Lord of The Rings style.
  2. Filming is scheduled for late February/early March. Specifically where has not been announced though various Western Canadian locations and Portalnd, Oregon locations have been scouted.


  1. Taylor Lautner will continue as Jacob (We’re mystified why we are still getting mail on this one.).
  2. The role of Leah is not in the New Moon script as confirmed by screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. So all speculation on "Who is playing Leah?" is ridiculous given that she’s not even in the movie. Please, for the sake of our sanity, no more Leah emails. We swear, Melissa swears we are not making this up: No Leah in the New Moon movie.
  3. Vanessa Hudgens did not at any time audition for any part in New Moon as confirmed by her management, and Summit.  Pel is starting to get this odd twitch every time she opens the email and sees the word "Vanessa" or "Disney" in the subject line.
  4. America Ferrera did not audtion for Emily Young, but actress America Young did. It is unknown whether America Young has landed the role, or who else has auditioned at this time.
  5. Dakota Fanning is in talks to play Jane.
  6. There is a call out for Native Americans fitting certain descriptions to apply for New Moon. There is not a general call out for any other part. In other words, don’t call them, they’ll call you. 



  1. allisonlovesedward says:

    hahaha. it must get annoying to get the same questions over and over about things that have already been explained on the site. lol. thanks for clearing everything up! yall are awesome :]

  2. Wow. You’ve gotta wonder about some people…

  3. 22 of april ahhh why do we always have to wait ages for stuff.

  4. I hope New Zealand has the same release date as Oz, cos we got the movie later. I don’t know if I can survive till whenever it comes out!
    And thanks for cleaning those things up about New Moon 😀

  5. Poor Pel. *gives Pel a cookie*

    Thanks for the recap!

  6. i wonder who’ll play Seth…<3 him!

  7. Florabella says:

    Thanks, alot you guys do rock. I love coming to the site and always finding something new about the Twilight series. You guys just me my “fix” everyday. Good looking out. Love ya!

  8. you’re probably getting all these Taylor questions because his name is still not listed as being in New Moon on

  9. lirael cullen says:

    hahah surprisingly i was wondering about what was going on with new moon because there is not really that much articles on the new movie. thanks for clearing that up though =D

  10. I wonder wny they aren’t filming New Moon and Eclipse back-to-back? I had heard at one time they were. I suppose it’s so Kristen can fit in her movie about Joan Jett. You don’t think it’s becuase Summit wants to see how New Moon will do? That would be crazy because it will do just as well as Twilight, if not better.

  11. Some of this information is incorrect. They ARE filming New Moon AND Eclipse back to back and they ARE casting Leah. Where did you get that they weren’t? Filming is scheduled for March 23rd. Everything else looks correct. I hate the Celebuzz screwed up the whole America thing. I wish they would take it down. They have a little blurb at the end of the article but really, that doesn’t help.

    -Concurrent-means at the same time. (Which is what we said is not happening.)
    -Consecutive-means back-to-back, or one after the other
    -With apologies to Margaret Mitchell, “AS GOD IS OUR WITNESS, THEY ARE NOT CASTING LEAH IN NEW MOON.”

  12. Mandy- Under Filming above, number 1 says they are not filming concurrently.

  13. Mandy:

    They’re not filming concurrently ala LOTR style, meaning they’re not filming NM and Eclipse at the same time. This doesn’t mean they’re not still filming back to back. They’re just doing NM first, and Leah is NOT being cast yet as they have not begun pre-production on Eclipse.

  14. Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I didn’t know what that meant exactly.

  15. I hope that they don’t even bother casting a girl for Leah…she was annoying to me in the books. I am glad Vanessa wasn’t for the part of Leah to. She would be way to pretty standing next to Kristen Stewart.

  16. I never said they were casting Leah in New Moon. They are casting her for Eclipse thus my statement. You might want go correct your information to say that they are filming the movie back to back which is what most people are talking about.

  17. Auditions for Eclipse:

    It also states that Breaking Dawn will begin filming early 2010. I would venture a guess at March due to the fact that New Moon and Twilight begin then.

  18. Thanks for clearifying things up

  19. Morgan Cullen says:

    I would like to point out that I am extremely upset by the casting of Dakota Fanning as Jane- Twilight started out as an indie film with virtually undiscovered actors, and one of the main reasons I was upset by Chris Weitz becoming director was that I knew he would commercialize New Moon- and now he has. The rumors that have been swirling about New Moon have disappointed me, and I can only say that if many famous actors are hired for New Moon I will not see the movie.

  20. I agree with you Morgan. I was hoping for more ‘unknowns’. They haven’t officially cast Dakota Fanning but it is looking like they will. They offered it to her. Maybe they won’t work out the details and we will get another unknown. Would be nice. Although I think she looks like Jane would look like.

  21. Mandy, the official blog of Melissa Rosenburg says that she has not started the casting for leah. even if they do film n.m. and eclipse back to back, they are not casting for her yet.
    if you read the blog properly, chris is not even finalized to be the director for eclipse.

  22. ashley_119882004 says:

    We’ve seen Sam & Embry. I wonder who will play Quil.

  23. Mandy:

    As Priya said, read the blogs carefully. Nowhere in either of those posts does it say that the part of Leah is currenly being cast. It’s extremely vague, it simply says “Native Americans”. As Leah is a more principle character for Eclipse, she will be listed as such if the role makes it to a casting call sheet.

  24. You guys are reading a lot into what I said and posted. I posted the blogs in reference to other things. I said already that I never said they are casting for Leah. They are auditioning for Leah in Eclipse.

    Also, they may still decide to start filming Eclipse at the same time as New Moon because Kristen has a movie she is going to be working on right after. Nothing is really set in stone, is it?

  25. i’m PSYCHED about dakota fanning possibly playing jane!!! i love her!!!

    *fingers crossed*

  26. how do you guys know who’s audition? is this info at all true?

  27. AnnaLynne McCord to play Heidi, alongside with her boyfriend, Kellan Lutz ?

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