The DVD Run Down

We’re starting to feel like the battle for your DVD dollars among retailers is going to lead to 20 paces and pistols at dawn. In any case, here is a run down on what is out there as far as we know. Decide for yourself:

Retailers in the US and Canada will have the DVD containing the movie and a second disc of extras that includes the following features available on March 21, 2009

  • Audio commentary by Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen  Stewart, and Robert Pattinson  
  • Muse music video: "Super Massive Black Hole"   
  • Paramore music video: "Decode"   
  • Linkin Park music video: "Leave Out All the Rest"   
  • Five extended scenes with director introductions   
  • Five deleted scenes with director introductions   
  • Seven-part documentary: "The Adventure Begins: The  Journey from Page to Screen"  
  • Comic-Con "fandom" piece  
  • Comic-Con NY sizzle reel  
  • Three trailers
  • Penelope  trailer


In addition what standard retailers are offering, Hot Topic’s version of the DVD will feature (according to Hot Topic):

"Hot Topic has an exclusive and amazing gift inside our DVD’s – a real film cell of Edward created directly from the movie!!!

There are 250 unique film cells all featuring Edward in our 2-disc special edition Twilight DVD.  These are a limited edition and numbered series which means when they’re gone, they’re gone!  What are you waiting for?  Pre-order your DVD at Hot Topic now!"

Hot Topic also has in store launch parties (according to Hot Topic):

"Okay here is some news that I’m sure you guys will be extremely happy about! The Twilight DVD will be released soon.  We’re all anxiously waiting for it : ) Hot Topic’s In Store Pre-Order date is February 9th…The Twilight DVD will have exclusive, awesome, HT only surprises if you buy the DVD at Hot Topic.
We will be having launch parties at our Hot Topic stores!   There will be A LOT of awesome things and surprises happening at the parties…we will be having a cool contest for a pair of Bella and Edward dolls – I know crazy cool huh? : ) We will be giving away a small percentage of the dolls during the launch parties.  After that, if anyone else wants the dolls they can get them from the Tonner Company."

Below is a graphic of the Hot Topic product:

In addition to what standard retailers are offering, Borders is offering(according to Borders):

Special Bonus Disc, Which Includes The Borders-Exclusive items below:

  1. Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward)
  2. Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Cam Gigandet (James)
  3. Exclusive Twilight Cast Interviews with Edi Gathegi (Laurent) and Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria)
  4. Exclusive Red-Carpet Interviews from the Twilight Movie Premiere
  5. Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Red-Carpet Footage! Includes extra interview footage with Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Ashley Greene (Alice), rock band Paramore, and Nikki Reed (Rosalie)
  6. Exclusive Borders Book Club: Stephenie Meyer talks about the Twilight Saga

Borders stores will also all be having midnight release parties for the disc with details on events at those parties to be announced. Below is a picture of the Borders’ product: announced a special edition Bluray, however the page with the details on that product has now been deleted(we don’t know why). When the page was functioning, it cited a May 5th release date with a $69.00 cost.  Below is a picture of the product that we took last night not realizing the link would be gone today.


  1. All those look great! I’m leaning toward Borders… but that film piece in Hot Topic’s version is nice, too.

  2. Hey guys-
    Here is a link to an article I came across regarding the release of Twilight on Blu-Ray… which may explain why Amazon took down their website.

    “According to VB, Twilight on Blu-ray will be available exclusively at Best Buy and Target (brick and mortar as well as online) on March 21. It will not be released to other retailers like until May 5, nearly two months later. This explains the lack of a pre-order listing at Amazon, DVD Empire and countless other online home video retailers. ”

  3. …mmpretty sure I’m just gonna get the double disk at Target lol

  4. xcarrxteamedward says

    I think the hot topic release party will be better than the borders one but the borders dvd looks soo much better! I still don’t know what to do!any suggestions?

  5. this may be a really stupid question but what does a real film cell of edward mean?

  6. eleese, it means you get a little square of film, with Edward on it, like they physically cut a scene of the movie reel tape.

    I am not sure where i will be ordering mine from. this WAS what i was asking for, when i complained on the first post about the basic DVD cover’s release. I was (and still am) tired of that same picture of Edward and Bella used on everything, and so i had asked for a matte finish, with trees and a tri-fold cardboard housing (like the HP DVDs) and I GOT IT! haha. i knew i just had to wait for someone to make a nice collector’s (or something to that affect) edition. So screw you, Lauran, for bitching me out.
    i THINK i will get mine from Borders….I think. *chews nail*

  7. It’s a little snippet of the film… like a negative, sorta… but a little different.

  8. Borders is the way to go. The film still at HT is nice, but Borders will actually have extra watchable content. And as much as I love it, the Blu Ray is not worth it. $69 for a movie is too much. And BE CAREFUL if you decide to order it from Amazon. They have some REALLY shady sellers who buy up all the Twilight stuff and then resell it at over-extended prices. They are selling some of the jewelery for over $100 dollars, when you can still get it elsewhere for 19.99.

  9. Hmmm I pre ordered the DVD on amazon but the Borders one seems so much better.

  10. This is a stupid question, but does that mean there will only be 250 sets at Hot Topic that will have the film cell in them? Or does it mean that there are 250 different film cells? Either way it doesn’t really sound right, because only 250 sets doesn’t seem believable since that is such a small amount to sell, but then 250 different film cells sounds off because it seems like way too many different ones.

  11. so much option which one to buy.. suppose i’m going to cancel my pre-order on amazon and buy either the HT or borders version.

  12. I’m probably going to Border’s or Target, but Target’s is just the regular one disk right???? nothing special. I don’t think I can go to the midnight releases though, so help
    Where can I go that isn’t at midnight, like early morning and be sure to get it??

  13. I don’t know what to do. I have a blu-ray player and really want the blu-ray, but I also want the additional content from Borders. This is really getting out of hand.

  14. Teamedward1918 says

    So what happens to those who ordered the blu-ray when it was listed on amazon. Are we guaranteed to still get it, just later? I don’t mind exclusives at different stores. Kinda fun buying them all! Haha i know that sounds bad =P

  15. I’m thinking the extra stuff on the Borders DVD is pretty much nothing we haven’t seen already.I will probably save money and get the 2 disc Twilight from Target.

  16. None of those evil stores seem to exist in Canada. I’m going to have to go for the standard two disc. Too bad, I really wish I could get one of the others.

  17. seriously, this whole thing is annoying. i just want to pre-order my TWILIGHT movie on blu-ray. is that possible?? why is this so confusing?? blu-ray is very popular right now so why is this an issue?? i want some answers! do i really have to go fight my way through target or best buy for my copy? geez.

  18. THANK YOU! this helps so much, I was so confused but now i know exactly which one I am planning on buying. Thanks again! :]

  19. The Amazon one is called ‘Twilight Ultimate Collector’s Set’ and has:
    Special edition Twilight Blue-Ray
    Six collectors cards
    Twilight bookmark
    Exclusive watch
    Limited edition charm bracelet
    Certificate of authenticity

  20. WTF is w/ all the different sets?! This is way too confusing, and now I don’t know if I want the one from Borders, or just stick w/ my original plan of going to Target the morning of the 21st! URGH! I wonder if you preorder from Borders if they’ll ship it to arrive on the release day….

  21. Gah! 70 bucks?! You’re killing me, you’re killing me…

    Well, I’m going to the HT party (bound to have discounts), and then the Borders one (have a $30 gift card! XD), and then I’m going to go buy some of that cool Twilight stuff that’ll be coming in soon. (Birthday on the 25 of March- BIRTHDAY MONEY! XD)

  22. Oh, and thanks for clearing up everything! 😉

  23. Ohh this madness about the DVD is driving me crazy….I really don’t know what I’m going to do….I wish I could buy everything but I can’t…so I think I won’t pre-order anything…I’m gonna wait for everything to be released and then choose the best, thought the Border’s offer is the most appealing to me at this moment….it looks like the extended collector editions of The Lord of the Rings which are really good….mmmm ,,,,let’s see what happens….Thanks for the info 🙂

  24. I personally cancelled my order on amazon to order the boarder’s (ha that rhymed) DVD special. I’m pretty excited about it!

    ( I was wondering though, if we pre-ordered it from borders, will we recieve the DVD on march 21? or will we have to wait a few days afterward?)

    I mean as long as i get my movie, it’s all good.I was just wondering though 🙂 Thanks-Kristy

  25. i still dont understand why they cant all have the same stuff on them. do stores usually do this with other movies?
    Borders sounds the best, but of course i already preordered and put a payment down on one at FYE =/

  26. Kristy…I’m wondering the same thing about the shipping of the DVD…that’s why I’m considering to go to Borders store instead as well as Hot Topic and see the products..I don’t want to end up buying something and then realize that something else is better…and I and want to have the DVD the same day…I just can’t wait any longer…March is already too far away!

  27. OMG,
    Borders already made me cancel my Amazon order last night.
    I’m not going to give in again.
    I still think the Borders one has the prettiest cover, so I’m going to stay with that one.
    These companies are really just trying to get the most money as possible from us Twilighters.
    Since we really don’t have a limit to how far we go on the Twilight stuff.

  28. This is so fustrating! Summmit should have just produced one package set for both DVD and
    Blu-ray, available everywhere. Then all this hoopla would just settle and be easier for everyone.

  29. ChelseaLee says

    Borders definitely has my dollar. Plus I used to work there lol.

  30. =/ can you still go to the hottopic pre ordering party and not order anything? lmaoo i wanna go to both parties but get the dvd from borders and can you pre-order the movie from a borders store or online only?

  31. I’m going to get the Borders’ DVD since I don’t even have Blue-Ray and I can handle coughing up a little extra money for the Borders’ version rather than the regular one. But the Hot Topic party sounds better than the Border one.

    One thing that everyone seems to agree on is getting a two disc, because I think the two disc is actually a speacial edition. At least that’s what it says on So does anyone know what the normal edition looks like.

  32. what time is the hot topic party?

  33. The 2 disc “special edition” is the normal one. One disc dvds (besides the blu-ray which has the two discs on one disc) are only going to be sold to rental places, probably.

  34. i would like to know if the features are going to be the same on the blu-ray disc…

  35. Yeah, I’m thinking I’m going to buy mine from Borders at the midnight release :} :} :} :}

  36. theresa the party is at midnight oooooo….. i want all the dvds it’s not fair!!!!! 🙁

  37. blrb4ever – all of the special features that are on the second disc of the regular dvd will be on the blu-ray disc. Blu-ray discs can hold a lot more content than dvds, so they can fit it all on the one disc.

  38. Edwardbitespillow says

    can i just pre oder the blu-ray disc instead of just going to the midnight parties? i would love to go, don’t get me wrong, but i don’t want to stay out that late and like fail my test the next week and fail…….

  39. does anyone think that other places are going to come out with more versions? i was just about to preorder mine from borders but than thought of that.

  40. Edwardbitespillow says

    haha i just watched the trailer fot lke the billionth time and OMG rob is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha! my sister had to like rip my head off of the computer screen cause i just paused it and stared lol!

  41. samihalovestwilight says

    Is is possible to get the Borders DVD without going to the midnight release party?

  42. was wondering if i pre-order it from borders if i will get charged for it today! or when they ship it!?

  43. I had preordered mine originally on Amazon because that was the first place to offer the dvd’s, but once I saw how much more the Borders version had I cancelled on Amazon lol. Hopefully there won’t be anything better than the Borders deal because I don’t want to have to cancel again. I also wonder whether our dvd’s will be shipped to arrive on March 21st or if they won’t be shipped until after the release date.

  44. I’m just getting the normal one 🙂 I don’t need all the extra stuff.

  45. I do not have to worry about which version to buy…I am still wondering if I am going to purchase the DVD at all.

  46. LightningStrikesTheWater says

    Actually, I wish I could get the UK version. It has “Edward’s Piano Concert” and “Bella’s Lullaby Remix Music Video” in the special features. Why can’t the American version have these two items on it? I’d love to see both of these. We can’t buy the UK DVD because it won’t play on US equipment. What gives, Summit!?

  47. I’m absolutely confused.I don’t know where to buy the DVD from.The HotTopic one seems nice with Edward’s cell and so does the Borders one.Or maybe I could wait until all of the Twilight Saga DVDs are out? But I don’t think I can.

  48. I just placed my order for Borders. I like the trifold cover =D It wasn’t a hard decision. I just can’t decide if I should order again… I mean, it’s a limited edition. what if something happened to my limited ed copy? It’s always handy to have a backup lol

  49. justtobe822 says

    I’m so confused, and I know I prob sound stupid, but I’m between Borders and HT! I don’t full understand what is going to be in the HT edition, besides the film cell.


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