Eclipse to Premiere June 30, 2010

Nikki Finke form Deadline Hollywood has been told by Summit that Eclipse will come out on June 30, 2010.

Here’s the official Summit description:

“As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob β€” knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death.”

As usual, Nikki has a lot of inside details. Click here to check them all out.


  1. Horray!! We won’t have to wait as long to see it as the others. I wonder if they’ll be doing all four books. They’ve kinda hinted they might in calling it a saga instead of a trilogy but I havent heard anytihng about breaking dawn being one too yet.

    • Yes they are doingall 4 books. Twihards would go insane! I wouldnt be able to handle it. So YES to answer your question Breaking Dawn will be a movie. Thats why ppl thought Robsten was getting married. But it was really all the BD stuff they were getting.


      • hey do u no when the premier is i so want to get tickets

        • I have been looking at every website that says some thing about the premiere of Eclipse but havent found where its going to be held or ne thing so if ne one knows ne thing about it I would greatly appreciate it if you would let me know

          • well i work at staples center in los angeles ca…and so far ive heard from some very reliable sources that the premier may be held at the nokia theater in Los Angeles Ca. which is right across the street from Staples Center…i sure hope so..cuz i will most definately be there

          • Teen Vogue is having a ultimate give-a-way in which two Eclipse Premiere tickets are given along with other various prizes. That is an option if you would like to go.

        • june 30 (my birthday)

          • My birthday is on the 30th of June to but i have a problem. I live in england and every website i look on it says the 30th of june but i am really sure that that is for USA please can u help me find the right date for england! πŸ™‚

        • Sophie Bersy says

          You could try They’re giving away free a limited number of tickets for Eclipse premieres/events etc.. and possibly?? chance to meet some of the cast when you buy certain items on their site. I s def genuine – I got tickets for new moon event last year!!!

      • do you know where the premiere is going to be for eclipse ?

    • Just hope they didn’t make it too fast! I love New Moon and would love to see the third excede it!

    • hey yer they are making breaking dawn but into 2 parts n not 4 coz otha wise it’d be a 12 hour film or somethin πŸ™‚

    • R you emily wise?

    • Yes they are making Breaking Dawn. It was talk that
      Robert might be the new spiderma, but now he’s not sure because of Breaking Dawn.

    • they are doing a movie for breaking dawn, they doing something similar to the harry potter films and making 2 insted of 1 πŸ˜€

    • breaking dawn will be divided into two movies idiot


  3. I think thats really smart of them to film them all close together and get them out…and its exciting for the fans too!!

  4. Woah, the release dates are so close together… Well, at least it’ll be out during the start of summer.

    I thought they weren’t making Breaking Dawn because it’s too hard and that the actors/actresses were signed on for the first three books because Breaking Dawn wasn’t out yet….

  5. They HAVE to keep the tent scene in the movie! It’s quintessential Edward and Jacob. Their dialogue makes the entire book for me! n_n*

  6. Wow, I truly hope it will be the good news everyone expects.

    Well, I’ll see how New Moon turns out.

  7. Maybe they’re thinking it’ll be a summer blockbuster? I’m a little worried that they’re releasing them so close together and finding yet another director. I think the fans would be happy to wait until November of 2010. No need for the rush. As far as I’m concerned, they can take more than 1 year between sequels as long as they put out GOOD movies.

    • Sammy princess says

      they are rushing it because Edward is a vampire and can’t age so they have to do it really fast kinda

    • Sammy princess Edward's girl says

      I think it is great they are rushing it can’t wait for summer 2010 20th June whoooo

    • Sammy princess Edward's girl says

      I want them to rush it cause then the cliff hanger is revield and I already know what Bella say but it’s killing me

  8. I think they shouldn’t rush on Eclipse. I don’t want to be dissapointed

  9. Twifanatic Amanda says

    Too soon, too soon

  10. OMG yay! But I agree with you Miss Mary. They should definitely not rush Eclipse. They should take it slow and make it thorough.

  11. That is WAAAAAAAAY too soon. I’d rather have them tae their time than try to rush everything, really, no matter how badly all my fellow crazy obsessed Twilighters want these movies out. I think we can all agree on a movie that’s been carefully and accurately done, rather than a crappy and rushed one. :S

  12. ok seriously, why would you want to wait longer for eclipse, people??!!?
    I’m stoked they’re coming out sooner!

    • oh my gosh i agree sriously what is it with you people y wait anymore i found it difficult to wait for new moon i had to read all the books as soon as i could i made my mum go out and get breaking dawn, im so obsessed i actually physically feel bellas pain and cry when she creis im serious the quicker it comes out the better it is for my health but then what am i going to do when they are all over, steph meyer is going to have yo write some more to the saga!!!!!!!!! xx

  13. I suspect they’re doing this because Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1) is coming out in November 2010 and part 2 is coming out in May 2011. Maybe they don’t want it to be too close :/ And waiting untill after would be too long for them. But I would wait.. I want the movies to be well-made and not rushed.

  14. seems like they are rushing it

  15. wow its hard to even wrap my head around eclipse coming out already, with NM not even being filmed yet.

  16. As long as all the same actors/actresses are signed on I think it will be great!!

    • definetly… i mean seriously robbert pattinson aww he is gorgeous,,, but then so is jacob aww i love them both.. i think i would rather have edward though i fall in love with his character all the time !!!!!! cant wait to read all the books AGAIN !XX

  17. i think that it will be fine as long as the same actors and actresses and follow the the story line of the book. and that it will be great.

  18. I’m so glad it’s coming out in June…This means I’ll get to see it before I leave to teach in Japan after graduation…YAY!! plus Chris Wietz isn’t doing it…another plus!

  19. i don’t understand why they’d release it so soon after new moon…you’d think they’d want to spread their earnings out a bit.

  20. Holy crap, Summit is pushing out these movies faster than the octo-mom’s babies. Not sure that it’s a good idea.

  21. I don’t think it is very smart to be rushing these movies like this. They need to take their time or they are both going to suck. Thats why Catherine wanted to take her time to make it. Summit should have listened to her.

  22. My opinions about this are torn. I’m totally excited Eclipse will come out so soon I mean I live for these movies,kind of pathetic I know. Then again I don’t want it to turn out rushed and horrible because of that fact. I don’t understand how their gonna shoot it the actors/actresses are gonna be exhausted afterwards.

  23. i’m afraid eclipse won’t be very good..i hope that i’m wrong

  24. i mean if they rush it and everything..and again…ANOTHER director? i would rather wait and have great quality then the luxary of time….sigh

  25. This is WAY too soon. What’s all the rush for? Filming back to back I get, but releasing back to back? No, no, no, back-peddle Summit. The more I think about it the more I think that Summit is ONLY thinking about the income that they’re getting. They’re not thing of the quality and the time and dedication these films deserve. They”re just thinking about the money here and that’s not right.

  26. summit is just using the success of “twilight” to their benifit. they are a small production company and this huge success is the ONLY thing that is keeping them afloat. they are just milking all they can out of this..even if it means shit movies because they know that there is a solid fanbase who will want to go and see these movies. however they shouldn’t underestimate the fans either….we want quality NOT quantity!!

  27. Good point Ana (#25)

  28. Ugh! What’s with the rush?! Oh I get it… MONEY! Ugh. πŸ™

  29. It will be the BEST birthday ever!!!!!!!!!!

  30. BloodSuckingLeech says

    OME why oh why are they rushing these movies out??? This is insane!

  31. There are rumours that Chris Weitz has decided to film New Moon and Eclipse back to back, so if that is the case it won’t be a rush job. The actors will already be in character and feeling the story, so that could make for even more believable interaction on screen, also it means that once they are both filmed they can all take a much deserved break from all the craziness before promo work starts up again. Have faith Twilight Fans, they know what they are doing, and they trouble they will get themselves in with fans if they don’t do it right. Like Kristen said, they all feel a great responsibility to get this thing right.

  32. Too soon.

    I can wait, I’m sure many twilighters won’t mind waiting too.

    Oh well, Eclipse is my favourite book, it better be good. Twilight movie disappointed me very much when I already went in with low expectations.

  33. Twilight Nymph says

    Eclipse is my favorite as well, so this must be interesting to see. I don’t think it’s too soon b/c they’ll probably be done with shooting in like June or July and then take like a two or three month break and begin shooting the third. So, that’ll leave time to prepare it. Yet, no cheering yet b/c unless the whole SAG thing is fixed, we won’t have much of anything. So, I hope that’s fixed soon. As an for Breaking Dawn, the article did say that Summit had bought the rights as well, so that means they might make it. They just have to whip up a new contract since the original is for 3 only.

  34. wildfiregirl says

    This is the SAME person who claimed that twilight was a “one and only deal” and that the rest of the movies would NOT be made

    Second hand or backdoor information can NOT be trusted…and I will not believe any of this until SUMMIT releases the information…that way we KNOW for a FACT what is going on

    Furthermore if RUMORS are true and they are NOT filming the movies back to back (which would make sense since Chris stated he was NOT going to direct Eclipse) there would be NO time whatso ever to film and complete Eclispe to be ready by June 30th….unless we want the crappiest version ever created…

    I am already hesitant about New Moon in general….this isnt helping calm my fears of TOTAL DISASTER out of the next movies

  35. I really don’t trust this information.
    I have seriously never heard of a series of films being released that close together. However if it is true I will be extremely excited that I don’t have to wait a full year again in between movies. On the other hand I do not want Eclipse to be a complete disaster because it’s so rushed.
    I don’t know what to believe, I’m confused, lol.

  36. @ Liz
    You’re absolutely correct. I don’t think they want to go up against Potter. Even though I know they media will have a field day with it. Which actually is smart planning on Summit’s part.

  37. I don’t know, this makes me a little nervous. I loved Twilight and I think New Moon is gonna be great, but isn’t this a little too quick? I mean I want the best movie, quality wise they can make and I’m not sure we can get that with how fast they’re making them. I don’t want to have to wait 2-3 years for each movie but I would take a better made movie over one that’s out sooner…

  38. JasperIsMine says

    they cant change the date EVER
    the amazing reason why: ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!
    i can’t believe it, I thought it would be coming much later,
    but i WILL NOT complain!!!
    (and yes I do sometimes like CAPITOL letters) πŸ™‚

    xoxo- JasperIsMIne

  39. This is so exiting! We won’t have to wait an eternity for it to come out, I’m SO happy! I really hope they make Breaking Dawn as well, I want to see little Renesmee on screen!

    • same i bet she’ll be gorgeous !!! just like in the book πŸ™‚ and they are making it now but apparently putting it in to two films as its too long ! xx yay more films now we just need more books! xx

    • i think that we should all email stephany meyer and ask her to write some more books into the saga …now i have finished the books and i dont want the story to end !:( xx who’s with me ??? xx

  40. That’s my 16th birthday! :O

  41. For the people rather worried about the early release date reflecting a rushed quality film experience, there’s a perfect logical reason as to why Summit are belting out the films.
    That is, that the vampires remain constant, steadfast, unchangeable. Each day means they (the actors) get a little older in appearance.
    Also with the boost of their popularity, as actors that is, they may sign onto more films that conflict with filming schedules of the Twilight Saga films. Therefore Summit are ensuring the original casts attatchment (you don’t wanna see Edward and Bella replaced by Eclipse do you?!) to seeing through their film contracts.
    Plus, with the right director, there’s no reason as to why Eclipse should be a bad film.
    Above all, Summit (and The Twilight Franchis) is a business (of sorts) and at the end of the day (especially in such economic difficulty) TIME IS MONEY for them.
    So let’s just be excited that we get to see Eclipse a mere few months after New Moon!

  42. When I read that I was like “What?”.I still can’t believe this.

  43. Multiple sources- including Kristen herself- have said that New Moon and Eclipse are shooting back to back, with a short break in between (in which she’s shooting another film). Theoretically, if they’re going to Italy in early May(which is the last thing they’re shooting) and Chris Weitz wants 4 months to edit it, then he might be done in time to direct the third one because I think it took about two months to film twilight.

    But yeah, it’d be a really tight film schedule and hopefully summit will up the budget. I think I read somewhere that they had basically doubled what twilights was but I could be wrong.

    I’m probably gonna get griped at for this, but the settings, characters, and plots are very closely connected in New Moon and Eclipse before getting really complicated in Breaking Dawn so theoretically, the two movies could kind of overlap. I think that will make it easier for them in filming because all the scenes with the Voltura and other small scenes can be filmed once for both movies. Maybe they’ll add the first little bit of Breaking Dawn to Eclipse so that they can include everything in Breaking Dawn in one movie if that gets approved?

  44. OMG!!!! June 30th is my birthday!!! I am soooooooo going to see that on my birthday!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    • wow, u are super lucky i even have a friend that her b-day is on Taylor Lautner’s biryhday i was super jealous because welll u know, he’s so hot i could just melt into his arms.:}

  45. YEEEEEP!!!! this is so friggen exciting!!! i think i may just have to jump up and down in circles, no matter how foolish i may appear to the innocent by standers. poor them, yay me!

  46. i know i should be excited that we wont have to wait so long but it makes me wary that the release dates are so close together
    it just doesnt seem like enough time to do the best job possible

  47. Wow, next year! Can’t wait!
    Wonder if they’re going to make Breaking Dawn as well…

  48. If directors or Chris or the twilight actors are reading this, PLEASE MAKE NEW MOON AND ECLIPSE GOOD MOVIES. do not wreck it for us. Please appreciate us. Please appreciate Stephenie. You guys get money for making it, so please make the movies good- For the fans,For Stephenie. Please Please Please let us have a say. I think Stephenie should write the script, it would be the best thing to do,seeing she wrote the twilight series in the first place, and I hope you all know that its her story your bringing to life. Don’t disappoint us. Us fans would be eternally thankful if you make the movies as great as possible.

  49. I’m disappointed in the fact that a lot of my fellow Twilighters are actually overly excited about this. I thought they’d be reasonable and say it’d actually be better to wait longer, so that the movie would be made better instead.

    *If you’re so obsessively eager for it to be out way too soon, then you’re basically asking for a crappy Eclipse movie.*

    I really am excited over these movies too, but I don’t want to be disappointed either.
    *I’d rather wait patiently for an Eclipse movie with quality.*


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