Mae Meets Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner

About a year ago, Lexiconer Mae traveled down to Oregon to visit the Twilight filming locations. Like a lot of fans who traveled to the set, she stood in outside the roped off area in the hopes that cast members might drop by. Well, she did get lucky and Rob dropped by making her day. You can see the coverage of that here and here.

So the thing is Mae actually lives in Vancouver, Canada. She and her friends were out last night and who should she meet? (Mae is the deliriously happy person in between Rob and Taylor.)

We’ve asked Mae to explain in her own words exactly what went down. Stay tuned for that later this week.


  1. geez… Some people have all the luck. πŸ™‚

  2. how lucky are they. Wow, I wish I lived by Oregon.. ahh lucky ppl lol πŸ™‚

  3. Wow have they started filming cos look how Clean-cut Rob is, I’m so excited Lol. I love him clean shaven but I think I prefer him with a bit off stubble Lol. And look how tall Taylor is as well, he’s worked his butt off to make the physical side off Jacob look just right, did they put him in a stretching device, he’s almost as Tall as Rob!!!

  4. Awesome, she’s one lucky girl. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh my gosh!! She is so dang lucky!! I want the whole story! Can’t wait till its all out.:)

  6. isabelle says:

    God, Taylor looks so annoying and cocky. . .

    But seriously HOW LUCKY IS SHE???? She is practically hip-to-hip with Rob. I can’t wait for the story <333

  7. i think hey start filming in a couple of weeks on the 23 but they are already there so maybe gettting a head start?

  8. How exciting! A Rob & Taylor sandwich. I’ll take one of those any day. Way to go Mae.

  9. Wow… they are already in Canada, aye? Getting ready for filming! Yay!

  10. Lol a Rob and Taylor sandwich, thats funny! Lol

  11. awww good for her!!! =D
    hahaha isabelle is right he does look a little cocky likee “hell yeah i know im hott” lmao oh well i think its funnyy….and yea he does look taller…wowzaa!

    comee onn maee give us the low down! <3

  12. drool taylor’s lookin gud!
    funny how in the books i liked edward more than jacob yet in hte movie i like jacob more than edward! well the people that play htem

    anyways she is one lucky GIRL!

  13. Hmm, Taylor Lautner must be wearing lifts. He is nowhere near as tall as Rob. TL is just an overworked out alien. These girls’meeting with Rob and TL must have made their week end.

  14. Oh, gosh! How lucky!
    I wanted so much know all the cast! And how I wanted be enters they!
    So, yes she realy has very lucky.

  15. oh.. meeting rob AND taylor would have made my life!! lol

    at least tonight I dreamt that I met rob…. =(

  16. uh..jealous! haha, congrats Mae!

  17. I seriously thought about going to Vancouver this weekend just for a mini trip and some shopping and if I were to run into Rob then that would be a bonus. I’m sooo mad at myself for not going! Was this on Robson Street? If I went to Vancouver this weekend I would have been on on Robson Saturday night and possibly could have met them. Boo. I’m so jealous right now.

  18. lautner looks such a cocky kid. Ewww

  19. Why do I have to live on the other side of the country? WHY? *plans moving strategy*

  20. OME!! She is so lucky!!

    I live in Vancouver, too.

    I wanna exchange phone munber with Mae and hang out with her…

  21. Sweet! And how lucky and exciting for Mae and her friends to meet with Rob and Taylor!! Looks like Robson Street in the background, eh?
    I too live in Vancouver and am anticipating when filming starts!!! Whoo-hoo!

  22. dang it… im so jealous… taylor looks so hot in that pic too, its amazing how he still looks just as hot in person as he does in an edited movie…. i just have to keep reminding myself he’s jail bait lol

  23. nooooooooooooooooooooooo fair but oh well i wish i was there

  24. Augh.
    Some ppl have all this luck with them
    its not fair.
    I live in a city that noone ever vists. Augh
    and the bad thing about liveing in my city?
    Its like 2 hours flying to vancouver:'(
    so… i iwsh i could u know fly and meet them.
    dang it.

  25. Why do I have to live on the other side of the planet? πŸ™
    im soooo jealous! Im hoping that in some unrealistic way Rob will come to norway some day heheh…

  26. Yeah! It does look like Robson/Burrard by Benz Coffee shop… but i could also be N.Van? I envy you lucky,lucky girls!!!

  27. Do you think they could maybe have a New Moon Premier in Belfast??? It will never happen but we can all dream LMAO

  28. GenevieveCullen says:

    *sigh* Now I really hope I win the Summit contest =/
    She is SO lucky!

  29. *sigh* so unfair, some people are just freakin lucky….lol good for her though

  30. How cool, but seriously, isn’t it time for Rob to retire that plaid shirt or is he waiting for it to just walk away?

    Think the cast is going to have to stay away from Robson street or they’ll get mobbed!

    Can’t wait to read her first person account. Should be fun.

  31. Hello hello!

    Just to answer some of your questions, yes this is Robson in downtown & I just emailed the admins back of what went down so it should be up soon πŸ™‚

  32. AHHH! Shes so lucky!
    like someone mentioned above, it looks like robson street by blenz coffeee!

    I really really REALLY want ot meet them!

  33. Vica: I am with you. Nothing ever happens in my town… But, I have relatives who live in puyallup which is like 45 minutes from Seattle and my family goes to visit sometimes. Well, the last time we payed a visit was just before I read twilight. So imagine how mad I was that I was SO CLOSE to Forks!!!! Now on a daily basis I try to inconspicuously clue in my parents that I wouldn’t mind another visit in the very near future ha. πŸ™‚

    *end of rant*

  34. Congratulations Girls, fantastic photos.

  35. Oh god ur lucky! Im planing a trip to Vancouver!!! I live in BC but still haha Im happy for u. Maybe Ill run into him as well!!! Wish me luck

  36. *dies of jealousy*

  37. Yuliana Pattz says:

    Q envidia!!
    So lucky…
    Q envidiaaa!!

  38. Oh…wow….my…goodness. I WANT DETAILS!!!!!!!!

  39. awww it’s like big bro little bro with rob & taylor! SO CUTE

  40. Look at her luck then look at mine! I live in the opposite corner of Canada.So there’s no hope for me to run into any cast members.

  41. lol ahhh i’m so jealous but also so happy for her!! πŸ™‚ i can’t even say ‘i wish they’d come to toronto’ cause they’ve been here before, and i can’t deal with big huge crowds…but why can’t they just film in my backyard lol so i can have an encounter to report on!
    can’t wait for the story! CUTE PIC!

  42. sweetgummie says:

    ah i live in vancouver too and i’m determined to meet them while they’re here!
    she’s so lucky πŸ™
    hopefully i have the same luck haha.

  43. @freakinloon-my thoughts exactly on the plaid shirt. I bet he wears it in the movie…

  44. this was in Vancouver, Canada – not Oregon. I think someone on here got confused.
    But yes, these girls are very lucky – 1) because they live in a gorgeous city, and 2) because they met Rob (and Taylor)

  45. nezzi4teamtaycob says:

    good luck sweetgummie, I hope they come to NYC, thats not tooo far, i just might be able to convince my parents to take me.
    Man, some people have all the luck!!! Can’t wait for the story!

    <3 TAYCOB <3

  46. Bananaa says:

    Dangit. So jealous. I shall have to make a trip soon, Vancouver is only 45 minutes away from where I live

  47. FreakinLoom says:

    @Lynn – Edward would NEVER wear plaid! Alice alone would disown him! πŸ˜‰

    Now if Bella were wearing that plaid shirt…hmmmm.

    But Mae, I have a VERY important question regarding your meet: Were Rob’s eyebrows waxed?

  48. oh my god. so jealous
    i wonder around what time she was on robson street at?

  49. They both look adorable! I don’t understand why people say Taylor looks “cocky” when he has the sweetest and kindest personality! He is so outgoing and personable. Of course, Rob’s shyness is so sweet, too! I think they are both such really nice people on top of being gorgeous!!
    Mae, you go girl!!


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