Cam Gigante

Cam Gigandet 
Character/Job: James
Actor/Production Person: Cam Joslin Gigandet
Birthday: August 16, 1982
City and State: Tacoma, Washington
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Fun Facts

In his spare time, Cam enjoys movies, basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and holds a brown belt in karate.
Stephenie’s comments on this person

“One of the funnest things about this very fun film was getting to see Cam Gigandet, who stars as the villian, being all James-y. Most of you know that Cam will be playing James in the Twilight movie, and now I can vouch for the fact that he will be awwwwwwwwesome.”

Film Credits

Production Role Year
Pinkville Fred Widmer 2008
The Unborn Mark 2009
Twilight James 2008
Making Change Bishop 2008
Never Back Down Ryan McCarthy 2008
Whose Your Caddy? Mick 2007
The O.C. Kevin Volchok 2005-2006
Jack & Bobby Randy Bongard 2005
The Young and the Restless Daniel Romalotti Jr. 2004
Mistaken Joe 2004
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Mark Young 2003


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