Chapter Ten – Interrogations

Chapter Number: Ten

Chapter Name: Interrogations

Page Numbers:  196-217 (Hardcover)

Date of Chapter: March 9, 2005

Summary: The morning after having her theory about Edward confirmed Bella wakes to the sensation that the previous night was only a dream; however, her memory of Edward’s smell reminds her that it had to have been real.

Rushing to leave the house, Bella is amazed to find Edward waiting for her in the drive. He asks her if she wants to ride with him. Bella accepts and getting into the car finds his jacket waiting for her in case she’s cold. Although she refuses to admit to feeling the cold, Bella puts her arms into the sleeves of the jacket, anxious to experience its smell again – it is better than she remembered.

In the car, Edward tells Bella that her reactions to his revelations bother him as she takes everything too calmly.

Bella and Edward get to school in plenty of time due to Edwards reckless driving. Pulling into the parking lot, Edward points out Rosalie’s car and explains that all his family like to drive fast; it is an indulgence enabling them to act more like their true selves.

Walking towards the school, Bella wishes she could close the slight physical gap between herself and Edward, but is afraid he would not want her to.

Jessica is waiting at school with the jacket Bella had left in her car the previous night. Once again, Jessica is overwhelmed by Edward’s presence and struggles to make herself coherent. As Jessica leaves Bella and Edward, she makes it clear that Bella is going to have to answer some very pointed questions in Trig.

After some persuasion, Edward tells Bella that Jessica wants to know if they’re dating and how Bella feels about him. He tells her she should say that they are going out and that he would be listening to see how she answers Jessica’s second question.

When she gets into Trig with Jessica, Bella is prepared, but understandably reluctant, to answer Jessica’s questions. As a result, Jessica is forced to drag the details out of Bella a little at a time.

In response to Jessica’s questions, Bella explains that Edward took her for dinner and then drove her home – she makes a point of saying that Edward drives like a ‘maniac’. She goes on to tell Jessica about their planned trip to Seattle, which pleases Jessica as she sees it as a sign that they are definitely going out.

Following further questions, Bella confesses that Edward hasn’t kissed her, and it doesn’t really seem like he is going to.

In an attempt to give Jessica more harmless information about the night, Bella tells also her about the behaviour of the Waitress towards Edward, and how he paid no attention to her.

She then explains that she finds it difficult to know whether Edward really likes her, as he’s always so cryptic. She also says that there’s more to him than just good looks, and adds that she likes him too much, more than he likes her, but she feels as if that’s unavoidable.

Edward is waiting for Bella after the lesson and they go to lunch together. In the cafeteria, Edward piles a tray full of food for Bella and she asks him what he would do if he were dared to eat. In response, Edward takes a large bite of pizza and compares it to being dared to eat dirt, which Bella admits she has done in the past.

When talking over lunch, Edward admits that he is bothered by Bella’s presumption that she likes him more than he likes her. He tells her that she’s wrong and that he cares for her more. Bella explains that she sees herself as too ordinary and clumsy for someone like him to really like, particularly someone as attractive as he is. Edward’s response is to point out what the other boys were thinking on Bella’s first day and to explain that she is the opposite of ordinary. He adds that he would hurt himself to prevent her being hurt, which further proves he likes her more.

They continue to talk, and Edward asks Bella if she has to go to Seattle that Saturday. Bella replies that they can do something else, so long as she gets to drive, as she had told Charlie that she was going to Seattle on her own and doesn’t want to tell him she’s going to be with Edward.

Instead of going to Seattle, Edward suggests that, as the weather will be sunny, they go somewhere private so he can show her what he meant about the sun. He leaves the decision up to Bella and tells her she should tell Charlie who she is going to be with so he has some incentive to bring her back – reminding Bella once again, of his desire for her blood.

In an attempt to change the conversation, Bella asks Edward about his trip to Goat Rocks and he tells her about hunting. He tells her about how Emmett prefers bear, hunting very much like one, while he prefers mountain lions, hunting more like a lion himself. Once again, Bella reacts to this discussion very calmly, shocking Edward with a request to see him hunt. Edward refuses to say why she can’t see them hunt, telling her he’ll tell her later.

They’ve been talking so long they’re almost late for their next lesson. Bella loses track of time and where she is when she’s with Edward.

Characters involved: Bella Swan, Jessica Stanley, Edward Cullen, Mike Newton.

Characters Mentioned: Charlie Swan, Rosalie Hale, Mr. Mason, Mr. Varner, Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen

Places visited: The Swan residence, Forks High School

Memorable quotes:
“You take everything so coolly – it’s unnatural.” 
~ Edward is puzzled over Bella’s calm response to what she is finding out about him.

“Hadn’t you noticed? I’m breaking all the rules now.”
~ Edward explains why he hasn’t driven his family that morning.

“Too much…more than he likes me. But I don’t see how I can help that.” 
~ Bella expresses her feelings about Edward to Jessica.

“You’re wrong.” 
~ Edward disagrees with Bella over who likes the other more.

“You need a healthy dose of fear.” 
~ Edward describing how it would do Bella good to be frightened for a change.

Important Information Learned:
Edward touches Bella deliberately for the first time, twisting a lock of her hair out of the way.

Edward considers Bella and himself as a couple.

Bella thinks she feels more for Edward than he does for her – Edward, however, disagrees, explaining that he must feel more for her as he is willing to hurt himself to prevent hurting her.

Bella continues to demonstrate very astute observation skills, suggesting Edward is often trying to say goodbye, when in fact he is saying something else.

Edward is worried about being alone with Bella; he is still concerned that he is a great threat to Bella as her blood still attracts him.