Nikki Reed

Actor: Nikki Reed

Character: Rosalie Hale/Cullen
Birthday: May 17, 1988
City and State:  West Los Angeles, California


Official casing announcement – News, 2008 Press Releases & News, February 19 –Twilight-Cullen Family Casting

Life Bio:

Nikki was born in Los Angeles, California to Seth Reed and Cheryl Houston. She has an older brother, Nathan.  Nikki’s parents divorced when she was 2 years old and she grew up with her mother.

Nikki describes herself as shy, however in her teenage years she became rebellious and she moved out on her own. During this time she “grew up very fast” and became “mature and responsible”.

As far as her career goes, Nikki first started in 2002 along with Catherine Hardwicke writing a story about the experiences that she had the previous year. Hardwicke began collaborating with Nikki and they finished the screen play in six days, which is relatively fast for a Hollywood script to be written.  “Thirteen” is partially autobiographical and depicts a girl dealing with teenage issues as parents, sex and drugs. Nikki didn’t have much interest in acting but after Production had trouble casting one of the roles for the movie, Reed accepted the part.

After Thirteen, Nikki went back to school, tried home schooling which didn’t’ work out too well, so she ended up going back to school to get her High school diploma.

Nikki couldn’t stay away from set for too long and since has appeared in several films including “Lords of Dogtown”, also directed by Hardwicke and Mini’s First time. Nikki prefers independent films and the indie mindset.

On February 19, 2008 Summit Entertainment announced that Reed would be portraying Rosalie Hale in the book adaptation “Twilight”, also being directed by Catherine Hardwicke.


Fun Facts:

-Nikki loves animals and owns dogs and horses; she loves to go horseback riding.

-She is close friends with Thirteen (2003) co-star Evan Rachel Wood and with Director Catherine Hardwicke.

-Nikki wrote the script for “Thirteen” in just 6 days.

-Her star sign is Taurus; she is a natural Brunette and has dark brown eyes.

-Nikki describes herself as a “shy kid and a “bookworm” and she wears both contact lenses and glasses.


Nikki Reed has been awarded and nominated for her various roles, winning:

2003 Young Hollywood Awards One to Watch-Female

2003 Nantucket Film Festival Best Feature Screenplay Shared with Catherine Hardwicke

2004 Independent Spirit Awards Best Debut Performance

2006 Solstice Film Festival Best Actress in Mini’s First Time

And 2008 Method Fest Best Ensemble Cast in Familiar Strangers.

Nikki was also nominated:

2004 Independent Spirit Awards Best First Screenplay

2004 Satellite Awards Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama. Shared with Evan Rachel Wood

2004 Satellite Awards Best Screenplay, Original. Shared with Catherine Hardwicke.


Film Credits:

Thirteen (2003) Evie Zamora.

Man of God (2005) Zane Berg.

Lords of Dogtown (2005) Kathy Alba.

American Gun (2005)   Tally

Mini’s First Time (2006) Mini

Cherry Crush (2007) Shay Bettencourt

Privileged (2008) Lauren Carrington

Familiar Strangers (2008) Allison

Chain Letter (2008)

Twilight (2008) Rosalie


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Upcoming Projects: None

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This actor bio was prepared by: Nena_Cullen

References: and IMDB.