Chapter Seventeen – The Game

Chapter Number:  Seventeen

Chapter Name:  The Game

Page Numbers:  348-374 (Hardcover)

Date of Chapter:  March 13, 2005

Summary: Edward takes Bella home so she can change into clothes that are more appropriate to watch baseball on a potentially wet night.  When he pulls up to her house, Jacob and Billy are on the front porch.  Edward leaves and Bella invites Jacob and Billy inside. Billy sends Jacob to the car so he can talk to Bella alone. Although their conversation is indirect it is obvious that Billy is warning Bella to stay away from the Cullens. Bella, in the same roundabout way, lets Billy know that she knows what the Cullens are,  the Cullens have not broken the treaty, and that he should mind his own business and not say anything to Charlie.

After Jacob and Billy leaves Charlie comes home and Bella lets him know that she spent the day at Edward’s house and that he is her boyfriend. Charlie doesn’t take that news too well at first, well thinking that Bella was talking about Emmett and not Edward. He thought Emmett seemed too old for Bella. Once he realizes which one Edward is he seems ok with the idea.  Edward comes over and he and Charlie have a brief and polite chat where Edward assures Charlie that he will have Bella home early.

When Bella and Edward go outside, Bella and Charlie are stunned at the car they see. Instead of his Volvo, Edward has brought Emmett’s SUV that has been outfitted for off-roading.  They travel to the outskirts of town and park the truck. Edward then carries Bella piggyback the rest of the way. As soon as the storm starts over the town, the Cullens begin there game. Bella watches alongside Esme, who acts as the umpire.

The game is very spirited and physical. The thunder in the valley covers the intense noise of their game. Suddenly, during a change in positions, Alice lets out a yell. She realizes that the visiting vampires that she foresaw have now changed their direction. Apparently, they heard the game and now are coming to join them immediately. 

It is quickly realized that if they have to carry Bella, they’ll never outrun the incoming vampires. Under Carlilse’s leadership the following actions are taken: they are to act like nothing odd is happening, the resume positions for the game only now Edward is the referee with Bella near him, and Bella’s hair is taken out of the ponytail to try to disguise her scent.

Characters InvolvedBella Swan, Edward Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Jasper Hale, Charlie Swan, Jacob Black, Billy Black, Jessica Stanley

Characters Mentioned:  Rebecca Black,  Harry Clearwater

Places VisitedThe Swan Home, The Cullen Home, The Baseball Meadow

Memorable Quotes:
“It appeared that Charlie was having an aneurism.”
~ Bella describing Charlie’s reaction to hearing she is dating Edward (thinking she means Emmett)

“It sounded like a bear choking.” 
~ Emmett referring to Edward’s laugh.

Important Information Learned:
Edward can tell that Billy believes that he is a vampire, but that Jacob still doesn’t believe this.

Emmett is the strongest hitter of the Cullens.

Edward is the fastest of the Cullens.

Emmett has an SUV intended for off-roading.

Billy doesn’t agree with Bella’s relationship with Edward, but he won’t tell Charlie what the Cullens are.

Edward is continually angry at himself for putting Bella at risk.

Edward says “I love you” to Bella for the first time.