Movie News

Twilight Coven Philippines is reporting that they will also get the Twilight movie on November 20th. Which we think (international fans correct us if we are wrong) would put the release roughly equal with the USA/Canada release once you take the international dateline into account.

To give an overview of release dates, that would now mean:

November 20    Philippines
November 21    USA, Canada,

December 12   South Korea, Australia
December 19   Italy
December 25   Argentina

January 1  Portugal
January 2     Sweden
January 8   Netherlands, New Zealand
January 9   United Kingdom
January 22 Germany, Switzerland (German speaking)

February 13   Finland, Norway

March 20   Venezuela

Keeping with our international theme, Peter Facinelli, Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight movie, just gave an interview to the Spanish site Crepusculo. Fortunately it’s posted in English, so you don;t have to dust off your Spanish skills to read it.

 The Movie Fanatic talks about Robert Pattinson’s new film, Little Ashes. They also mention some recent economic woes.