Full Name: Demetri

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth:

Originally from:

Hair color: Black hair that “waved to his shoulders” (NM21)

Eye color: Vampire burgundy

Height: Tall (BD36)

Physical description: “Hard and lean as the blade of a sword” (BD36) with a “slightly olive complexion [that] looked odd combined with his chalky pallor” (NM21)

Special Talents: Tracker that catches the “tenor of someone’s mind” and follows it (NM24)

Occupation: Volturi Guard tracker

Family members: Member of the Volturi Guard

Personal history: Aro sends Felix and Demetri to bring Edward back to talk again.  However, he politely declines and moves to protect Bella.  Felix and Demetri try to force Edward further into the dark alley to avoid a scene.  They are not happy when Alice shows up to even things up.  When Jane arrives, they further relax their positions.  They lead Edward, Bella, and Alice to the turret room.  (NM20)

While escorting Edward, Bella, and Alice out, Demetri motions to make room for a large group of humans that pass in the hallway before entering the turret room.  He welcomes Heidi and compliments her with “nice fishing.”  She thanks him, and Demetri asks her to save a few for him.  (NM21)  He leaves Edward, Bella, and Alice in the reception area with Gianna and tells them not to leave until dark.  (NM22)

After the fight with Victoria and the newborn army is over, Edward tells Bella that Demetri came with Jane.  Jane tells Felix to destroy Bree and then they leave.  (EC25)

The Volturi arrive at the clearing “with pageantry.”  They are in a “rigid, formal formation” that seemed to flow in “perfect synchronicity” — “it was the pace of the invincible.”  The entire guard, the wives, and their witnesses are also present.  Bella sees Jane and Alec next to Marcus with Demetri on their other side.  Aro has Felix and Demetri accompany him when he meets Renesmee.  Demetri comments to Edward about the “interesting company” that they keep regarding the wolves.  (BD36)  When Aro wants to question some of the Cullens’ witnesses, Renata, Felix, and Demetri move with him.  (BD37)

With the arrival of Alice and her witnesses, Aro casts the deciding vote and announces that he sees no threat from the “half-vampire children.”  He turns to the Volturi guard and tells them that they will not fight today.  The guard resumes their formation and departs along with the wives and their witnesses.  (BD38)

Portrayed in the films by: Charlie Bewley

Prepared by: Anny