Full Name:  Gianna

Status: Human

Date of Birth: Late 1970’s

Originally from: Italy

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Green (NM21)

Height: 5’6” (OIL)

Physical description: Very pretty with dark skin (NM21)

Occupation:  Receptionist for the Volturi

Family members: 

Personal history:  Gianna greets Jane from a posh reception area.  She is not surprised to see Edward, Bella, and Alice.  She giggles when Felix winks at her.  (NM21)

Demetri leads Edward, Bella, and Alice back to the reception area and tells them not to leave until dark.  Gianna politely asks if she can get them anything.  Edward declines, and she leaves.  Edward explains to Bella that Gianna knows about the Volturi.  Even though it is possible that they will kill her, Gianna hopes that they will change her to a vampire instead.  Bella is shocked that she would want to join the Volturi after seeing groups of people be led to that “hideous room” to be killed.  After Alec says that it is o.k. to leave, Gianna gives Edward, Bella, and Alice directions on how to exit the building and pleasantly tells them goodbye.  Bella wonders “if her competence [will] be enough to save her.”  (NM22)

Gianna did not survive.  “That’s one of the problems with working for the Volturi. It’s a hazardous job.” (BD Concert Tour–LA Q&A)

Portrayed in the films by:  Justine Wachsberger

Prepared by: Anny