Swan, Isabella


Full Name: Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

Date of Birth: September 13, 1987 (TL)

Date of Change to a Vampire: Sept 13, 2006

Originally from: Phoenix, Arizona (TW1)

Hair color: Brown (SMW)

Eye color: Brown (SMW)

Height: 5’4”

Physical description: “Bella is very fair-skinned, with long, straight, dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Her face is heart-shaped—a wide forehead with a widow’s peak, large, wide-spaced eyes, prominent cheekbones, a thin nose and a narrow jaw with a pointed chin. Her lips are a little out of proportion, a bit too full for her jaw line. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair and more straight than they are arched. She’s slender but not at all muscular, and weighs about 115 pounds. She has stubby fingernails because she has a nervous habit of biting them.” (SMW)

Distinguishing human quality: Extremely accident prone; “Bella has a very private MIND. No one can touch her there.” (PC10)

Special talents: Can project a shield with her mind.

Occupation: Graduate of Forks High School.  Held a part time job at Newton’s Outfitters. (NM1)

Family members: Mother – Renee Dwyer, Stepfather – Phil Dwyer (PC4) Father – Charlie Swan (TW1) Married to Edward Cullen. (BD3) Natural mother to Renesmee. (BD18)  Part of the Cullen family.

Nick Names: Bella to friends – Bells or Bell to Charlie

Car: 1953 Chevy Pickup Truck – red (TW1) Repaired Motorcycle (NM5), Mercedes Guardian (BD1), Ferrari F430 – red (BD33)

Personal history: Bella was born in Forks, but her mother and father split up when she was six months old. (TL)  She spent the majority of her young life in California (TL) and then later Phoenix, Arizona where she wasn’t very popular and never felt as if she fit in.  She is far too clumsy for her own good and tries to avoid sports and dancing.

When her mother remarried, Bella decided to move back to Forks to live with her father.  She felt a bit guilty that her mother wasn’t able to spend as much time traveling with her new husband because of her, and so willingly, but not enthusiastically, she moved in with her dad.  He bought her a truck and has tried to make her feel comfortable in her new home. (TW1)

At school, Bella was greeted with great interest and made friends with a few people right away.  She first saw Edward and his family at lunch time and was told that they generally kept to themselves.  In biology class, Bella was forced to take a seat next to Edward, as it was the only empty seat in the room.  He reacted strangely to her, making her think he hated her.  (TW1) It wasn’t until two weeks later that Edward returned to school and Bella was able to properly meet him. (TW2)

After a while, Bella came to guess Edward’s secret and accepted him as a vampire. (TW10)  He saved her life several times and made it his mission to keep her safe.  The two fell in love despite the odds against them. (TW13)  Bella became the victim of a tracker named James and was saved when Edward drank her blood and stopped the venom from spreading through her system. (TW23)

On her 18th Birthday, Bella got a paper cut and was put in great danger at the Cullens home. (NM1) Because of this, Edward decided to leave her. (NM3)  Bella existed in a near catatonic state for weeks afterwards and only just managed to go to school and work.   She decided to take risks to “hear” Edward’s voice and enlisted the help of Jacob Black in rebuilding a motorcycle. (NM5)  The two became very good friends until Jacob appeared to have joined a cult. (NM9)  Bella learned that Jacob and the other teenage Quileute boys are werewolves. (NM12)

When Alice returned to Forks, she told Bella that Edward thinks she is dead and has plans to kill himself. (NM18) The two raced to Italy where they stopped Edward and were taken in by the Volturi. (NM20) They returned to Forks with the promise that Bella will become a vampire. (NM21)  At home, Edward agreed to change Bella as long as she married him first. (NM24)

After a few weeks of being grounded, Bella was put on “parole for good behavior” so long as she agreed to make time for Jacob and her other friends as well as Edward and the Cullens.  She was accepted into the University of Alaska even though she didn’t really plan on attending.  She also was made aware, by Edward, of an irresponsible vampire creating newborns around the Seattle area.  (EC1)

Edward took her to Florida to see her mother, and when she got back she tried to contact Jacob, which Edward did not approve of.  She also found out that while she was gone there had been a bit of a battle between the Cullens and the Wolves over the hunt for Victoria. (EC3)  She managed to get in some time with Jacob while Edward was hunting.  (EC4)  As “punishment” Bella was forced to stay at the Cullen’s home for the duration of Edward’s next hunting trip, where she talked to Rosalie and learned all about her transformation into a vampire and why she is against Bella joining the family.  (EC67)  Jacob helped Bella escape from Alice at school and she told him she would be joining the Cullen family soon, which Jacob did not respond well to.  When Edward returned he agreed to allow Bella time with Jacob so long as she told him when and where first.  (EC8)

When Edward picked up the scent of an unknown vampire having been in Bella’s bedroom, his concern lead to the prospect of battle with the newborns in Seattle. (EC9) Graduation came and Bella pointed out to Edward and the Cullens that she believed Victoria was the one creating the newborns in Seattle. (EC16)  This new information surprisingly brought an alliance between the Cullens and the Quileutes to not only protect Bella, but also stop the newborns from attacking anyone else. (EC17) Fearing that Edward could be injured, Bella asked him sit the battle out and stay with her. (EC19)  Bella and Edward reached another compromise that she would marry him in exchange for them making love while she is still human. (EC20)

Bella helped Edward set up the newborns by planting her scent in the field where the battle will happen. (EC21) Freezing in the cold, Bella slept in Jacob’s warm arms and listened to Edward and Jacob talk about her.   (EC22),   In the morning, she made her good-byes to Jake and gave him a real kiss. (EC23)  She assured Edward that she loves him more and wants to be with him forever.  The battle ensued bringing Victoria and her personal helper, Riley, to the camp.  Bella watched as Edward and Seth Clearwater killed them and burned them. (EC 24)  When Bella learned that Jacob was wounded in the battle, she suffered a bit of a breakdown.  When Jane and the Volturi arrived to clean up the mess, Bella stuck to Edward’s side as he begged for the lives of a few of the newborns, but was unsuccessful. (EC25)

Bella went to see Jacob and told him that even though she loved him, she can’t live without Edward and has chosen him.  On her way home, she stopped her car and started crying, and stayed there until she was rescued by Edward.  In the morning Bella told Edward again that she has made her choice and that the time has come to enlist Alice’s help with their wedding. (EC27)  We learned from a letter that Edward sent Jacob that the wedding date has been set and that the invitations have been sent out.  (EC Ep)

Bella was with Edward when he asked Charlie for her hand in marriage.  Once Charlie consented, it was left up to Bella to tell Renee.  Bella was surprised at her mother’s reaction and support of her marriage, but welcomed it.  She spent the days leading up to her wedding getting ready for her new life, but also looking for Jacob who had gone missing.  (BD1)

Bella married Edward at the Cullen home on Aug. 13, 2006 surrounded by her family and friends, both human, vampire, and werewolf.  (BD3) To her surprise, Jacob showed up at the reception.  Things went well until Jacob learned that she intended to make love to Edward while still human.  (BD4)

Edward took Bella to a private island for their honeymoon where, as promised, they made love for the first time. When she awoke, Bella found that she had bruises on her skin from where Edward had touched her.  She told him that she was fine, but Edward, repulsed by what he had done to her, swore he would never make love to her again until after she was a vampire. (BD5) Unhappy with this decision, Bella tried to convince him to try again and had vivid dreams that drove her to tears.  She woke up from one such dream unable to accept that it wasn’t real and begged Edward to try again, which he was unable to resist. They made love again without any problems. (BD6)

Over the two and a half weeks that they spent on the island, Bella grew increasingly hungry and slept for unusual amounts of time.  For a while she dismissed her odd behavior as being in a foreign place, but when she realized that she had missed her menstrual cycle she knew exactly what the problem was – she was pregnant.  She told Edward, who reacted in frozen disbelief.  A phone call from Carlisle confirmed the possibility, and Edward insisted that they return to Forks so that Carlisle could terminate the pregnancy.  Unwilling to give up the baby, Bella called Rosalie and asked for her help.  (BD8)

When they returned to Forks, Carlisle confirmed that Bella was indeed pregnant and that the pregnancy was taking its toll on her human body.  The pregnancy developed at an alarming rate, and the strength of the fetus left bruises on Bella’s abdomen.  Additionally, nothing Bella ate seemed to stay in her system as the fetus drained her of all nourishment.  Edward continued to beg her to end the pregnancy, but she wouldn’t do it. (BD9)

When Jacob came to see her, he offered, at Edward’s request, to have a child with her if she agreed to end her current pregnancy to save her life.  Repulsed by the very idea, Bella insisted that she could make it through the pregnancy and be changed into a vampire after the birth.  (BD10)

The few weeks that she was pregnant, Bella suffered buffered several broken bones including ribs and her hip and continued to grow weaker and weaker.  It wasn’t until Edward suggested, after hearing a stay thought from Jacob, that Bella should drink blood to give the partially vampire fetus the nourishment that it craved.  (BD12)  As disgusting as it sounded, Bella found that it did taste good and her health did improve somewhat. (BD13)  The real turning point came when Edward was able to hear the thoughts of the baby.  He stopped fighting Bella’s decision to keep the baby and began to support her.  (BD16)

A few days shy of her nineteenth birthday, Bella’s placenta dethatched and the baby fought to be born.  In the process, Bella’s spine was broken, leaving her paralyzed and unable to feel anything from the waist down.  Since Carlisle was away, Edward was forced to deliver the baby on his own.  Jacob stayed in the room for support. (BD18)  Wracked with pain, all Bella knew was that her baby was in danger.  She begged for Edward to get the baby out, which required him to bite through the strong wall of the placenta.  Wanting to hold her baby, which was a girl, just once, Bella reached for her.  But when the child tried to drink from Bella, Edward gave the baby to Rosalie to tend to.

As planned, Edward filled Bella’s body up with morphine to help dull the pain of transformation and then gave her a shot of his own venom right into her heart.  Near death and unable to understand what was going on, all Bella could feel was the growing warmth as the venom spread through her body.  The morphine, which did nothing to subdue her pain, left her unable to move or show any sign of what she was feeling.  Her pain lasted for two days until her heart beat for the last time and she was completely transformed. (BD19)

When she awoke as a newborn vampire, she found that she could control her thirst and resist killing humans by holding her breath around them.  (BD21)  She also discovered that her daughter, Renesmee, continued to grow at an extreme rate, and that Jacob Black had imprinted on her.  (BD22)  Lastly, Bella learned that her mind was still closed to Edward’s abilities, which she would later learn is known as having a shield.  (BD31)  Edward took Bella to a small cottage on the Cullen property that had been converted for their use as a family and made love to her. (BD24)

Even though she wanted to see her father, Bella was upset when she learned that Jacob had partially told Charlie about the many secrets being kept in Forks.  Charlie was able to see Bella and his granddaughter, which pleased Bella. (BD25)

Bella’s life was turned upside down when Irina from the Denali coven spotted Renesmee playing in a field with Jacob and informed the Volturi that the Cullens had created an immortal child which was against vampire law. (BD27-28)  With the Volturi now heading to Forks, the Cullens separated to go and find as many of their friends as possible to come and stand as witnesses on behalf of Nessie. (BD30)  Bella stayed at home to protect her daughter and to make sure all of the guests knew Nessie was no threat to anyone. (BD32)

With help from Zafrina and Kate, who were both talented, Bella learned to extend her shield to protect others around her.  This would help in the possible oncoming battle with the Volturi. (BD32)

Based on a note left by Alice, Bella went to Seattle to talk to J. Jenks about various sets of papers that would allow Jacob to take guardianship of Renesmee should the rest of the Cullens fall victim to the Volturi. (BD33)

When the Volturi arrived, Bella’s family was supported by dozens of friends and all of the Quileute werewolves.  (BD36)  When Aro and Ciaus refused to believe that Renesmee posed no threat and had Alec, Jane, and Chelsea attack, Bella used her shield to protect everyone.  She managed to hold them at bay long enough for Alice and Jasper to return with Nahuel, another hybrid vampire, the Volturi had no choice but to concede and return to Italy. (BD38)

After saying good-bye to her new friends, Bella went home to her cottage with Edward and Renesmee.  It was then that she was able to drop her shield enough to allow Edward to hear her thoughts for the first time. (BD39)

Portrayed in the films by: Kristen Stewart