Crowley, Tyler

Full Name: Tyler Crowley

Status: Human

Date of Birth: 1988

Originally from:  Forks, WA

Hair color: Brown (PC4)

Eye color: Brown (PC4)

Height: 6’1” (PC4)

Physical description: More tan than the rest of the Forks teens (PC4)

Occupation: Currently enrolled at Forks High School

Family members: Beth Crowley, mother / father (unnamed)

Car Model: dark blue van (TW3), followed by a used Sentra (TW4)

Nick Names:

Hobbies: Athletics

Personal history: Tyler was driving the van that nearly crushed Bella in the school parking lot. (TW3) He suffered multiple cuts to his face as a result of the accident. After that incident, he sought out Bella’s attention beyond their shared Government class “to make amends” and asked her to the spring dance. When she said no he assumed that she would go to prom with him instead (TW4) and announced his intentions to many other students (TW8). Tyler drove to Bella’s house to pick her up for prom and Edward enjoyed telling Tyler via cell phone that Bella was unavailable (TWEp).In September of their senior year, Tyler continued to sit at the same lunch table as Bella and Edward, though with some distance (NM1). Tyler spoke often to Lauren Mallory; he tried to convince her that there was a huge beast wandering the forest (NM6) and when Lauren asked him to bail on the Bella-initiated group movie venture, he made sure he had prior plans so he wouldn’t go (NM9). Tyler was an eager witness to Edward and Jacob’s argument in front of Forks High School (EC3) and was disappointed that the two did not fight – Tyler placed a $10 bet with Ben, Mike and Austin that in a confrontation, Edward would win. Tyler and Mike Newton enjoyed spending time together; they planned a trip to Seattle but were thwarted by their mothers who did not want their sons visiting a city with so many unsolved murders (EC4). After graduation, Bella’s father spent a long time chatting with Tyler’s parents at the restaurant (EC16). Tyler attended the Cullens’ graduation party (EC17) but he did not appear to have been a guest at Bella’s wedding.

Portrayed in the film by: Gregory Tyree Boyce

Prepared by: Lady Di