Black, Jacob

Wolfpack Tattoo

Full Name: Jacob Black

Status: Werewolf – Alpha

Date of Birth: 1990

Originally from: Forks, WA

Hair color: Black (TW6)

Eye color: Brown (TW6)

Height: 6’7″ (EC3)

Physical description: Long, glossy hair in a pony tail, beautiful skin, a hint of childish roundness to his chin (TW6) In his wolf form, Jacob’s coat is a rusty brown color. (NM10)  He cut his hair very short after his transformation (NM11), but let it grow back out later on. (EC4)

Occupation: Protect the LaPush area from Vampires

Family members: His mother, Sarah, died many years ago and he has twin older sisters, Rachel and Rebecca. (TW6) He has imprinted on Renesmee Cullen. (BD18)

Hobbies: Fixing up cars and motorcycles

Personal history:
Jacob met Bella at First Beach about two months after she arrived in town.  He told Bella the story of his ancestors making a treaty with the “cold ones”.  It was Jacob’s great-grandfather who helped make the treaty. (TW6)

Although Jacob didn’t believe the superstitions of his father or ancestors, he delivered a message to Bella that the Quileutes “will be watching” and a suggestion that she should break up with her boyfriend.  Bella refuses. (TW Ep)

After Edward left Bella later that September, she showed up at Jacob’s house wanting help fixing up two broken down motorcycles. (NM5)  Their friendship grew and Jacob hoped that someday they could be more than friends.

Jacob, as well as most of the boys on the Rez, experienced amazing growth spurts. (NM5)  Even though the boys are in their mid-teen years, they appeared to be in their twenties.  One by one, the boys joined in with Sam and his odd little cult. (NM6)

After going out with Bella to a movie, Jacob went home feeling very ill. (NM9)  At home, Jacob mysteriously changed into a creature he didn’t understand.  He was very tall with paws instead of hands and when he spoke, he growled.  It was later explained to him that he was a werewolf and that having the vampires nearby was what triggered the change at the onset of puberty. (SWM)  Because his anger is too difficult to control right now, Jacob was told to stay away from Bella. (NM10)

Jacob and the other wolves tracked down Laurent in the woods and found him with Bella.(NM10)  They raced after him, tore him apart, and killed him. (NM13)  Later, Jacob managed to leave a suggestion with Bella that lead her to realize he was a werewolf.

Once Bella knew, Jacob included Bella in most of the LaPush activities and even agreed to take her cliff diving.  While tracking Victoria, Jacob saw Bella jump off the cliff on her own.  He dove into the water and saved her. (NM15)

Soon after Alice returned to Forks, Harry Clearwater died of a heart attack.  Jacob was at the Swan home when the phone rang.  Jacob answered it and told a man who he assumed was Carlisle that Charlie was at a funeral.  In reality, the person was Edward and he assumed that Charlie was at Bella’s funeral.  Jacob stayed behind while Alice and Bella raced off to Italy to save Edward. (NM18)

When Edward and Bella returned, Jacob made sure Bella was grounded by showing Charlie the motorcycles.  He then reminded Edward that the treaty they have with the vampires states that the vampires are not to bite a human.  Bite, not kill. (NM Ep)

Jacob stayed away from Bella for the few weeks she was grounded, avoiding her phone calls and only sending her a very choppy note explaining why he couldn’t see her.  (EC1)  Along with his pack, he tracked down Victoria and ended up getting into a disagreement with the vampires over who had the right to track her.  (EC4)

He feared the worst when Bella went away with Edward for a weekend and broke his silence when she returned by calling Bella to make sure she was still human.  The next day, he went to Bella’s school to talk to Edward about the situation with Victoria.  (EC3)  But he wasn’t granted time alone with Bella until she ran off to LaPush to visit him without permission.  He told Bella about Victoria and more about his biology.  (EC5)  Later, he “kidnapped” Bella away from her “imprisonment” with the Cullens and learned that she intended to join their family very soon, which made him very angry.  (EC8)  He tried to call Bella later on and apologize, but she wouldn’t talk to him.  (EC9)

When the scent of an unknown vampire was picked up in Bella’s room, Jacob jumped at the request to help track him down.  (EC10)  With a new agreement in place, Jacob invited Bella to come to a tribal council to hear about the werewolf legends.  (EC11)  He even went so far one night as to tell Bella that he is in love with her.  (EC14)

With the information that Victoria may be behind the newborn vampires in Seattle and the break in at Bella’s home, (EC16) Jacob and his pack formed an alliance with the Cullens to not only protect Bella, but also stop the newborns from attacking anyone else. (EC17)  He helped carry Bella away from where the battle would happen, up a mountain where they camp for the night. (EC21) Freezing in the cold, Jacob held Bella in his arms as she slept and talked with Edward about his relationship with Bella.   (EC22)   In the morning, he heard that Bella agreed to marry Edward and made his good-byes to Bella where she gave him a real kiss before he left to go fight in the battle. (EC23)  While Leah was trying to take down a newborn on her own, Jacob stepped in and was wounded.  Carlisle examined him and found that he was healing, but slowly.  (EC25)

After the battle Bella came to see Jacob and told him that even though she loved him, she can’t live without Edward and has chosen him.  (EC26)  An undetermined amount of time later, Jacob received a wedding invitation from Edward.  The impact and implication broke Jacob’s heart and he ran off to be alone. (EC Ep)

Jacob stayed away for months, somewhere in Northern Canada and lived off instinct rather than human emotions.   He kept contact with his pack, but didn’t speak to them. (BD1) Even though he didn’t attend Bella and Edward’s wedding, Jacob decided to go to the reception.  With Edward’s approval, Jacob and Bella danced.  Jacob said it wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be to see Bella married.  (BD4)

Jacob and Bella continued to talk.  He asked Bella when she would be changed and she told him it wouldn’t be for a few weeks because she was going on her honeymoon first.  Jacob realized what Bella meant about going on a real honeymoon and he reacted badly.  It was almost more repulsive to him than her being changed.  Edward and Seth came to calm Jacob.  Sam and another wolf appeared as well to control him.  Jacob threatened to kill Edward, but eventually he moved further into the darkness away from the wedding party. (BD4)

Jacob remained at home after the wedding. An unusual number of wolves have imprinted, and Jacob spent time talking to Quil about it.  Jacob admires how Quil behaves with Clair.  While they are at the beach they heard a low howl, Sam. (BD8)
When the pack arrived Seth explained that Charlie called and was freaked out because Bella had returned and was quarantined due to a rare disease she caught while in South America.  Even though Jacob was instantly ready to fight, the others were not as ready because Bella made a choice.  Sam decided that they will not fight the Cullens for Bella’s choice.  Determined to fight, Jacob headed to the Cullen’s alone, stopping at home to say good-bye to his father first. (BD8)

When Jacob arrived home Billy was waiting outside to talk to him.  Realizing what Jacob was going to do, Billy begged him to leave Bella and the Cullens alone.  Jacob took the phone cord and left.  (CH 9)

Carlisle answered the door and refused to let Jacob in, but Bella called out for him to enter. The first thing Jacob noticed was the half-crazed look in Edward’s eyes.  Then he saw Bella and realized she was still human and very pregnant.  Edward demanded to see Jacob outside and explained that the baby was killing Bella and the he wanted to get rid.  However, Bella, wanting to keep the baby, has asked Rosalie to protect her.  Edward told Jacob that he wanted him to talk to her and convince her that if she wants a baby to have one with Jacob.   Jacob and Edward made a deal that the second Bella dies Jacob will kill Edward. (Ch 9)

Jacob agreed to talk with Bella but refused to offer to have babies with her.  As Jacob and Bella talked he realized that he was going to be in pain later.  Bella tells Jacob she believes everything will be ok because there is magic especially for him.  Jacob left Bella after she told him she won’t give up the baby even if it will kill her.  Jacob phases outside of the Cullen house and immediately Sam demands him home.  All of the wolves saw what happened to Bella and none of them understand.  Sam decided that the pack must attack the Cullens and destroy the abomination.  Jacob was not in agreement.  Sam also realized that by killing the child they will also have to kill Bella.  Sam commanded Jacob to fight the Cullens with the pack. (BD 10)

Jacob realized that he was born to be the alpha and defied Sam’s order.  Sam was shocked by Jacob’s decision.  Jacob went to the Cullens and told them of Sam’s plan and Seth followed Jacob becoming part of his pack. Jacob and Seth helped the Cullens patrol waiting for the pack to arrive.(BD 11)  The next day Leah came to Jacob and told him she had left Sam’s pack.  Later that day Jacob visited Bella and realized she was worse than before.  As he and Carlisle talked Edward over heard Jacob’s thoughts.  They realized that they needed to feed Bella blood.  Jacob was less than thrilled that this was somehow his idea.(BD 12)

Four members of the pack showed up to talk with Jacob.  Jared represented the pack and try tried to call to convince Jacob and the others to return home, they refused.(BD 13)    Jacob returned to inform the CUllens of what happened with the pack.  Edward told him he could he him even though they were over 3 miles away.   Edward said he could hear Jacob clearly because his voice had become familiar. Edward spoke privately to Jacob about his pack being homeless.  He offered them help with food, clothing and anything else they would need. (BD 14)

Alice needed Jacob to be close to her in order to help with the headaches she has around the fetus.  Rosalie and Jacob continue to dislike and insult each other.   Bella told Jacob that when he is around she feels complete and that he is supposed to be a part of her life. (BD 15)  Jacob realized he was the only one hating the baby once Edward could read it’s mind.(BD 16) Jacob drove to a different city and tried to find someone to imprint on. Edward asked Jacob to give him permission to change Bella because as Ephriam’s heir he is the only one that can give permission (BD 17)

Jacob was at the house when Bella went into labor.  He actually helped keep Bella alive to give birth. Jacob thought Bella was dead and went to attack Rosalie and Renesme only to imprint on Renesme. (BD 18) Jacob made Bella test if she could be around humans with him before she could see Renesme even though Bella didn’t understand why.  Later Bella realized that Jacob imprinted on Renesme and she lunged at him but Seth jumped in the way. (BD 22)

Jacob and Sam discovered that Alphas can talk to each other while in wolf form. (BD 23) Jacob realized that the Cullens would have to leave Forks so he tells Charlie about him being a werewolf in order to make him understand Bella is different now.  Charlie doesn’t want to know the specifics about Jacob or Bella. (BD 26)

Jacob made Leah his Beta. (BD 27) Plans were made for the Cullens to go to Brazil to inquire about hybrid vampires and Jacob is determined to go with them. (BD 28) Alice had a vision of the Volturi coming for Renesme and Jacob swore his packs allegiance to protect the Cullens.  (BD 30)  The Cullens gathered witnesses to vouch for Renesme and Jacob managed to be at the Cullens even with all the outside vampires being around. (BD 32)

The Volturi came to punish the Cullens and Aro is taken with the wolves.  He wanted them as guard dogs.  While the Aro, Caius, and Marcus conferred Bella gave Renesme to Jacob to take away from the battle and protect her. (BD 37)  Jacob talked with the Cullens after the battle and realized that the wolves actually played a large part in deterring the Volturi. (BD 39)

Portrayed in the films by: Taylor Lautner

Jacob Black