Call, Embry

Wolfpack Tattoo

Full Name: Embry Call

Status: Quileute Werewolf / Shape shifter

Date of Birth: 1990

Originally from: born on the La Push Reservation, mother from Makah Reservation

Hair color: Black (NM6)

Eye color: Brown (NM6)

Height: 6’3” ish (NM5)

Physical description: When Bella first saw Embrey, she described him as “slender, and almost as tall as Jacob. His black hair was chin-length and parted down the middle…” (NM6 p. 138) In wolf form, Embry was “the thinner gray wolf with the dark spots on his back, who sat so patiently watching” (EC19 p. 429)

Occupation: Protector of La Push

Family members: Mother, potential half-brother with Quil, Jacob, or Sam

Nick Names:

Hobbies: Riding and fixing up dirt bikes (NM5 p. 134)

Personal history: Embry, along with Quil, was Jacob Black’s best friend. Embry was supposedly named after a soap opera star, but he didn’t tolerate anyone teasing him about the origins of his name. (NM6 p. 138) Embry’s parentage was a bit of a mystery. His mother came from the Makah reservation while pregnant with him – but only Quileute natives shape shifted, so Embry’s father had to be one of the Quileute elders. Embry might be half-brothers with Quil, Jacob, or Sam (EC19 p. 418). When Embry first met Bella in Jacob’s shed, he was shy but became animated when discussing the motorcycle repairs and hooted at Jake’s next “date” with Bella (NM6 p. 139).

Sometime later, Embry went though the change and became a werewolf. His change happened before Jacob’s, and since he couldn’t tell Jacob what was happening to him, he started avoiding his former best friend. Embry started hanging around Sam, which unnerved Jacob because the two of them weren’t friendly prior to Embry’s missed week of school. (NM7 p 177) Embry’s mother had no idea her son was a werewolf and she grounded him for sneaking out of the house at night, unaware that he was simply doing werewolf patrol duty. (BD8 p. 147) Once Jacob changed, Jacob and Embry returned to being friends. (NM12 p. 288)  In fact, Embry served as a type of “wingman” for Jacob along with Quil. (EC19)

When Jacob took on the roll of Alpha after Sam ordered the pack to kill Bella and her unborn child, Embry was not allowed to see Jacob for fear that he would join his pack. (BD13 p. 265)  Embry hadn’t imprinted on anyone in La Push the way Quil had, leaving him with no real ties to the area.  However, once Nessie was born and the threat of a war between the wolves and the Cullens was put to rest, Embry joined Jacob’s pack.  (BD27 p. 526)

Portrayed in the films by: Kiowa Gordon

Prepared by: Lady Di