Full Name: Laurent

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: 1755 – He is around three hundred years old in 2005(TW19)

Hair color: Glossy black

Eye color: Vampire burgundy

Physical description: The most beautiful of James’ coven, pale olive-toned skin, glossy hair, medium build, hard muscled. (TW18) He spoke with a slight French accent.

Family members: A member of James’ coven along with Victoria.

Personal history: Laurent belonged to a nomadic coven of vampires. He was the group spokesperson and only posed as the leader in social situations.  James, Laurent and Victoria overheard the Cullens playing baseball and came to investigate. (TW18) When Bella’s human status was discovered at the game, James decided to hunt Bella, even though Laurent stated that their coven would leave her alone. Laurent returned to the Cullen house, and warned the Cullens about James’ abilities as a tracker.  Intrigued by the life Carlisle and his family lived, bonded only marginally by convenience and safety to James and Victoria, and unwilling to get in the middle of the fight, Laurent left Forks for Denali.  (TW19)

Laurent eventually returned to Forks and met Bella in the meadow. They converse and Laurent mentioned that he liked Tanya and especially Irina, but that he could not maintain the non-human diet. Victoria located Laurent and asked him to find Bella. Laurent was supposed to allow Victoria to kill Bella painfully, since Bella’s Edward had killed Victoria’s mate, James. However, Laurent was thirsty and found Bella by accident. His plans to drink her were stopped by a pack of monstrous wolves. (NM10)  Bella learned that Laurent was killed and dismembered by the Quileute werewolf pack (NM13).

Portrayed in the films by: Edi Gathegi

Prepared by: Lady Di