Full Name: James

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth:

Originally from:

Hair color: Light brown (TW18)

Eye color: Vampire burgundy


Physical description: Slighter than Laurent, regular features, very non-descript. (TW18) with a cat-like gait and “vigilant” eyes. His voice was “tenor, pleasant, generic”. (TW21)

Occupation: Tracker/Hunter

Family members:  Leader of Laurent and Victoria

Nick Names:

Hobbies: Hunting humans who are favorites of vampires.

Personal history: James was a lethal and cunning vampire.  James was “not used to being thwarted” (TW19) and lived for the thrill of the hunt. He fed from humans and enjoyed tracking humans that drew the attention of other vampires.  (TW22)

James was in Biloxi, Mississippi sometime around 1919 or 1920 and came upon a vampire who worked in a mental institution and had grown fond of a young, female patient.  James made it his task to kill the girl, but before he could reach her, the other vampire changed the girl, making it useless for James to kill her.  That girl was Alice Cullen. (TW22)

In 2005, when James saw how protective Edward and the Cullens are of Bella, he instantly wanted to kill her for the sport of it.  He followed her to her house, where he overheard Bella’s harsh fake-farewell words to her father. (TW19). He eventually set a trap for Bella in Phoenix, drawing her out of hiding by using her mother’s voice as bait.  He wounded Bella almost fatally, breaking some ribs, her leg, and a cut on her head.  He also bit her hand, sending venom into her system. (TW22)

When the Cullens arrive and find Bella in such a state, Emmett and Jasper grab James and rip him to shreds.  They then proceed to burn the remains, ensuring that James never harms another living soul again. (TW23TW24)

Bella remembered James as “the sadistic vampire who wanted to torture me to death” (NM1) and had a physical souvenir of the encounter in the shape of a half-moon shaped scar on her hand.

In March of 2006, Laurent found Bella in the meadow and revealed that James and Victoria had been mates. He also told Bella that Victoria fully intended on getting revenge for James’s death in a very painful fashion. (NM10)

When Edward and Victoria fought on the mountain, Edward claimed that James did not care for Victoria as much as she loved him: “Silly to waste so much energy avenging someone who had less affection for you than a hunter for his mount. You were never more than a convenience to him.” (EC24) Edward also knew that James and Victoria had tracked werewolf-like creatures in Siberia, so it appeared that what Edward said about the depth of James’ devotion to his mate was true.

Portrayed in the films by: Cam Gigandet

Prepared by: Lady Di