Ateara, Quil Senior

Full Name: Quil Ateara “Old Quil”

Status: Elder of the Quileute tribe; Human

Date of Birth:

Originally From: La Push Reservation

Hair Color: White (EC11)

Eye Color:


Physical Description: When she sees him at the bonfire gathering, Bella describes him as “looking quite brittle” and “ancient” with a “thin tenor voice”. (EC11 p. 241)

Occupation: Council leader

Family Members: Quil Ateara Sr., “Young Quil” (grandson)

Nick Names:


Personal History: Old Quil was from a long line of shape shifters. Although he had never personally transformed, he had seen his grandfather become a wolf. When Sam Uley returned after a mysterious two-week absence, Old Quil was the one who recognized the high temperature as a sign of “the change”. (EC5 p. 117 – 118). At the council meeting, Billy Black tells the story of the origin of the spirit warriors, and Old Quil tells the story of Taha Aki’s third wife and her sacrifice (EC11 p. 252).

Despite being old and frail, Old Quil helped out his friends where he could. Billy borrowed Old Quil’s boat to take Charlie fishing before an afternoon devoted to televised sports, in an effort to keep Charlie away from the battle between the vampires and werewolves. (EC20 p. 424) Old Quil was kept up-to-date with the progress of the fight via telephone (EC26 p. 588). He also kept Sue Clearwater company after the death of her husband, Harry (BD13 p. 262). Old Quil often visited people in need, including Mrs. Uley, whose husband was less-than-ideal (EC5 p. 117).

Old Quil’s son, Quil Sr., was part of a “pack mystery” – only Quileute members can become shape shifters, but Embry’s mother was from the Makah tribe; Quil Sr. was one of the three men who could possibly be Embry’s father – the others being Billy Black and Josh Uley. (EC19 p. 418)

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