Full Name: Benito

Status: Vampire — deceased (EC13)

Date of Birth:

Originally From: Possibly "somewhere north of Dallas" (EC13)

Hair Color:

Eye Color: Vampire Red


Physical Description:


Family Members:

Personal History: As told by Jasper Hale (EC13) when explaining the vampire wars to Bella: “But the most effective tactic was invented by a fairly young vampire named Benito. The first anyone ever heard of him, he came down from somewhere north of Dallas and massacred the two small covens that shared the area near Houston. Two nights later, he took on the much stronger clan of allies that claimed Monterrey in northern Mexico. Again, he won…. Benito had created an army of newborn vampires. He was the first one to think of it, and, in the beginning, he was unstoppable…. The vampires in southern Mexico realized what was coming for them, and they did the only thing they could think of to counteract Benito. They made armies of their own… All hell broke loose…. When the body count reached epidemic proportions—in fact, your histories blame a disease for the population slump—the Volturi finally stepped in. The entire guard came together and sought out every newborn in the bottom half of North America. Benito was entrenched in Puebla, building his army as quickly as he could in order to take on the prize—Mexico City. The Volturi started with him, and then moved on to the rest. Anyone who was found with the newborns was executed immediately, and, since everyone was trying to protect themselves from Benito, Mexico was emptied of vampires for a time."