Full Name: Claire

Status: Human – imprintee

Date of Birth: Sometime in 2004

Originally From: off the reservation (a.k.a. not La Push)

Hair Color: unmentioned, presumed black

Eye Color: unknown

Height: not mentioned, presumably short

Physical Description: She is still a child at the start of Breaking Dawn


Family Members: Emily Young (Aunt), sister, mother

Nick Names: Claire-bear (EC Ch. 8 p. 154)

Hobbies: playing with Quil, playing princess, and collecting rocks

Personal History: Claire is Emily Young’s niece. One day, when she and her sister were visiting Emily, Quil saw her and he imprinted. This caused quite a stir because Quil is a teenager and Claire is only two years old at the time they first meet. (EC8 p 174)

Jacob explains to Bella the unusual dynamics of imprinting, saying “There isn’t a toddler on the planet that will be more carefully looked after than that little girl will be. And then, when she’s older and needs a friend, he’ll be more understanding, trustworthy, and reliable than anyone else she knows. …He’ll be her perfect match. Like he was designed for her alone.” (EC8 p. 176).

Claire and Quil spend a lot of time together. He attended her third birthday party and even wore a crown and makeup to make Claire happy.  Claire is very content to spend all her time with Quil and while at the beach, she announces to Jacob “Cwaire pway wid Qwil aaaawl day. Cwaire nebber gowin home.”  As Jacob predicted, Quil is very protective of Claire (BD8 p. 152-154). She has a joyous sense of humor and laughs easily.

Prepared by: LadyDi