Clearwater, Harry

Full Name: Harry Clearwater

Status: Elder of the Quileute tribe

Date of Birth: not mentioned

Orignally From: La Push Reservation

Hair Color: not mentioned, possibly black or greying

Eye Color: not mentioned

Height: not mentioned

Physical Description: not mentioned


Family Members: Wife, Sue; daughter, Leah; and son, Seth

Nick Names: none

Hobbies: Fishing

Personal History: Harry Clearwater was a Quileute tribal elder along with Billy Black and Old Quil Ateara. The families were very close with each other and with the Swans. When Bella used to visit her father during the summer as a child, Harry and Charlie would go fishing and group their children together, in the hopes that they would become friends. Although the children never bonded, Harry and Charlie continued to enjoy spending time together, watching sports (NM6 p. 143) and fishing (NM10 p. 230). When Bella became a permanent resident of Forks and her friendship with Jacob started to blossom, Jacob’s dad Billy invited the Swans and Clearwaters for a spaghetti dinner. That night, his wife Sue “teased her husband about his cholesterol and tried, unsuccessfully, to shame him into eating something green and leafy.” (NM6 p. 149)

Harry’s health becomes more of a concern when, in a conversation Bella encourages her father to have with his pal so she can learn about Jacob’s mysterious illness, they discover that Harry had visited the hospital to have tests on his heart (NM10 p. 226).

Harry is described as one of Charlie’s best friends (NM16 p. 369). By spending time with Charlie watching basketball games, Harry and Billy keep Charlie safe from the vampire threat of Victoria. (NM14 p. 336) Unfortunately, on the morning of Bella’s cliff diving expedition, Harry has a heart attack from which he does not recover. (NM16 p. 368) Although Harry Clearwater knew about the existence of Quileute shape shifters, since he had seen his own grandfather change into a wolf (EC5 p. 118), it was the combination of his poor heart and the news of the sudden change of his children into werewolves that caused Harry’s heart attack. (PC11).

Portrayed in the film by: Graham Greene

Prepared by: LadyDi