Full Name:  Eleazar (PC1)

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: 1600’s – 1700’s (PC1)

Originally from: Spain but currently lives in Denali, Alaska (PC1)

Hair color: Black (BD4)

Eye color: Vampire Gold/Black


Physical description: Olive tone in his complexion and “so beautiful that it made [Bella’s] stomach hurt” (BD4)

Special talents: Sense the gifts/talents of vampires and humans (BD30)

Family members: Carmen is his companion.  Kate, Tanya, and Irina are also in the coven. (PC1)


Personal history: Eleazar and Carmen were attracted to the peaceful lifestyle of the Denali sisters and joined them. (PC1) Similar to the Cullen family, the Denali clan is bonded by the desire to live more humanely as “vegetarian” vampires. The Cullens and Denalis consider themselves an extended family. (BD2)

Eleazar is a gentle and compassionate person. He was part of the Volturi out of duty to uphold the law. When he found Carmen, he left the Volturi. They met the Denali sisters and never looked back. (BD30)

With the exception of Irina, the Denali clan comes to Edward and Bella’s wedding. They felt terrible about not helping the Cullens during the fight with the newborn army. In an effort to make up, they would honor the truce with the werewolves. (BD2)

Alice has a vision that the Volturi are coming to destroy the Cullens so Carlisle asks the Denali clan to come. (BD29) When they arrive, Edward explains that his family is in grave danger. When they first see Renesmee, the Denalis initially think that she is an immortal child. Edward explains that she is his and Bella’s daughter, half-vampire and half-human. Carmen is the first to respond and lets Renesmee share her story. Carmen believes their story and encourages Eleazar to see Renesmee’s story. He is also convinced of the truth and encourages Tanya and Kate to take their turn. The Denalis learn that Irina thinks Renesmee is an immortal child and went to the Volturi. They agree to be witnesses and also pledge their lives to help the Cullens and protect Renesmee. (BD30)

Aro sent Eleazar all over the world to find rare talents. Eleazar figures out that the Volturi are coming to destroy and acquire. Edward says that Aro wants Alice and her gift. (BD31)

Eleazar helps teach Bella to fight. (BD32)

Tanya, Kate, and Eleazar join Carlisle, Edward, Emmett, and Rosalie on the front line when they confront the Volturi. (BD35) Eleazar is considered one of the key targets for the Volturi. (BD36)

With the arrival of Alice and other witnesses, the situation is resolved, and the Volturi leave. Carmen and Eleazar embrace after the confrontation with the Volturi is over. (BD38)

The Denali clan is the last to leave. They needed to grieve for their lost sister Irina. Garrett joins them. (BD39)

Portrayed in the films by: Christian Camargo

Prepared by:  Anny