Full Name: Riley

Status: Vampire (deceased)

Date of Birth: unknown – Riley was possibly in his late teens when he was transformed

Originally From: Washington state area

Hair Color: Blond (EC24)

Eye Color: Vivid red (EC24)

Height: tall

Physical Description: Bella, when she first saw him, says “I could barely look at the blond boy—yes, he was just a boy, though he was muscular and tall, maybe my age when he was changed. His eyes—a more vivid red than I had ever seen before—could not hold mine.” (EC24) Bree described him as “tall and blond and perfect”

Occupation: lackey for Victoria

Family Members: Victoria (creator / pretend mate)

Nick Names:


Personal History: Victoria turned Riley into a vampire shortly after James’ death (SM interview #6 with TST). Riley was devoted to Victoria and worked hard to “hunt the dregs. Take the humans that no one was going to miss, the ones who weren’t headed home to a waiting family, the ones who wouldn’t be reported missing” (BT p8). He brought prostitutes, runaways, drug addicts and gang members to Victoria so that she could feed or transform them into vampires for her army. He lured Bree Tanner, a starving teen runaway, to Victoria with the promise of a burger, and his voice was gentle; he saved Diego from being killed by gang bangers.

Riley didn’t care much about most of the newborn vampires he was in charge of corralling. (BT p2) The one exception was Diego, an 18 year old / 11 month old vampire. Diego claimed that Riley liked him because he cleaned up his messes. (BT p16) Riley lectured the new vampires to lay low, hunt smart, and focus on their thirst for blood. Riley lied to his new vampires about the dangers of sun exposure. When Diego and Bree discovered that sun wouldn’t burn them, they discussed whether or not to tell Riley. Bree felt Riley was “a bad dude” (BT p53) but Diego considered Riley a friend and wanted to talk to him about it. Diego told Riley privately about his new knowledge and was never heard from again.

Riley returned to the newborn lair furious. At first Bree thought he was mad because the group had stupidly torched another vampire, shrinking the numbers for their army. (BT p94). Riley was a different person. He no longer placated the group. Instead, he told more lies about an enemy group of yellow-eyed vampires who wanted to destroy the new group. He trained them for three days, led them on a killing spree on a ferry, then led them into battle. He gained Bree’s trust and participation by repeating some of Diego’s personal conversation, to gain her confidence. Unfortunately, Riley and Victoria had tortured details of that conversation out of Diego. “Killing Diego was what had changed Riley, had hardened him. [Bree] believed only one thing Riley had ever told [her]: he had valued Diego more than any of the rest of us. Had even been fond of him. And yet he’d watched [Victoria] hurt him.” (BT p153)

In the final battle, Victoria and Riley faced Edward, Bella and Seth. Edward tried to convince Riley to quit because Victoria was only using him. Riley was frantic and desperate, but when Victoria assured him that Edward was the liar, he believed her and continued to fight. (EC24) Seth, in werewolf form, with some help from Edward, killed Riley and ripped him to pieces. Riley was a pitiable character because he was lied to and manipulated (SM interview #6 with TST)

Portrayed in the films by: Xavier Samuel

Prepared by: Lady Di