Wolfpack Tattoo

Full Name: Jared


Date of Birth:

Originally From: La Push Reservation

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color:


Physical Description: When Bella first sees Jared, cliff jumping with Paul and Sam, she says “I couldn’t tell from the distance how old they were, but I assumed they were men.” (NM7 p. 170). Bella probably first saw Jared when she was found in the woods, as there were “three tall men with dark faces … standing very close together” (NM3 p. 78). The male members of the wolf pack are often said to resemble each other in stature and general appearance.

Protector of La Push

Family Members:

Nick Names:

Hobbies: Betting

Personal History: Jared was one of the first people after Sam to transform into a werewolf. Jacob believed him to be part of Sam Uley’s “cult” before he changed himself and learned the truth. Jared was one of the three boys Bella saw cliff diving (NM7). Once Jacob joins the pack, he thinks Jared is great (NM12 p. 288).

Jared has a solid relationship with the members of the pack. He sometimes gets irritated with Paul’s lack of control (NM14 p. 324, 327). He can be quite considerate, such as when he collected the shredded clothing from Paul and Jacob’s skirmish and advises Bella to rest after seeing the boys transform (NM14 p. 327). Jared confesses that he has a weak stomach and doesn’t like to see people vomit (NM14 p. 329), which is partly why he is concerned about Bella throwing up.

Jared likes to make bets with his fellow packmates. He wagers $5 that Bella will throw up in the truck on the way to Emily’s house, and bets $10 that Paul leaves a mark on Jake after their fight. (NM14 p. 328) He loses both bets but recovers quickly.

Jared is eager to fight the vampires and cheers when he discovers that Victoria wants Bella and they can use her as bait. (NM14 p. 335) Jared accompanies Jacob to Bella’s house when they sense that a vampire, who turns out to be Alice, is at the Swan residence. (NM18 p. 404)

Jared imprinted on Kim, a girl that “he’d sat next to in school every day for a year and never looked at twice. And then, after he changed, he saw her again and never looked away.” (EC5 p. 125) Jared brings Kim to the Quileute council meeting to hear the legends told (EC11 p. 242). Jared spends a lot of time with Kim, and because of the mind link of the pack, they know a lot about their relationship, such as that Kim had a crush on Jared before they became a couple (EC5 p. 125) and that the two were intimate (BD8 p. 157).
Jared took part in the battle with Victoria’s army, but was not seriously hurt during the fight. Upon hearing the news of the half-vampire in the Cullen family, Jared is shocked but then starts to strategize on how to win a fight with them. (BD10 p. 200) Sam’s initial plans were for Paul, Jared and Sam himself to attack Edward and Rosalie. (BD10 p. 203) These plans are squelched when Jacob overrides the Alpha’s orders. When the pack splits into two because of the rift between Sam and Jacob over Bella’s pregnancy, Jared stays loyal to Sam. Jared is chosen as the spokesperson for the group that attempts to convince Jacob, Leah, and Seth to return to the original pack. (BD13 p. 257) Jared tries hard to persuade all three wolves, by playing to their emotions and the ties they have to their parents and loved ones, but it doesn’t work. With Jacob out of the original pack, Jared appears to take Jake’s place as Sam’s lieutenant, acting as sentinel in the woods alongside Sam. (BD17 p. 336)

Portrayed in the films by: Bronson Pellitier

Prepared by: Lady Di