Dwyer, Phil

Full Name: Phil Dwyer


Date of Birth:

Originally From:

Hair Color:

Eye Color:


Physical Description: 

Occupation: Minor league baseball player

Family Members:
Renee, wife; Bella, step-daughter

Nick Names:

Hobbies: Baseball

Personal History: Phil, though years younger than Renee, married Bella’s mother. He travelled constantly playing minor league baseball and so spent a majority of his time away from his new family. Because of this, Bella chose to move to Forks to give the newlyweds time to be together (TW2).

Eventually, Phil signed a contract with the Suns, a team in Jacksonville, and he and Renee were able to settle down (TW25).

Because of a sports injury–"while demonstrating a slide, he’d tangled up with the catcher and broken his thigh bone"–he and Renee were not able to attend Bella’s graduation (EC14).