Wolfpack Tattoo

Full Name: Collin

Status: Werewolf

Date of Birth: Sometime in 1993 (EC20)

Originally From: LaPush Reservation

Hair Color: not mentioned, presumed to be black like other members of the pack

Eye Color: unknown


Physical Description: Young

Occupation: Protector of La Push

Family Members:

Nick Names:


Personal History: Collin is very similar to Brady as they are two of the newer members of the Quileute wolf pack, transitioning when the pack’s membership increased to ten, but before the pack’s population grew to sixteen (BD36 p. 683). Collin’s parents are unaware that he is a werewolf (BD8 p. 147). During the confrontation with Victoria’s army of newborn vampires, Collin and Brady are forced to stay behind on the reservation (EC18 p. 402). Collin is included in the planned attack on the Cullen clan when Bella’s pregnancy is revealed. It appears that he is not their best fighter, as Carlisle, Alice and Esme are his intended targets (BD10, p. 203) and Jacob notes that neither Collin nor Brady have ever been in battle (BD11 p. 207). Collin accompanies Paul and Quil when the trio arrives to speak to Jacob’s newly formed pack. Jacob is surprised by Collin’s presence because he considers him a kid (BD13 p. 256) but Collin was sent instead of Embrey because some of the other pack members might be tempted to join Jacob’s group; Collin does not hesitate to follow Jared back to Sam’s pack (BD13 p. 264).  It is presumed that he was numbered with the rest of the pack when the Volturi arrived to kill Renesmee. (BD36)

Prepared by: LadyDi