Black, Billy

Full Name: Black, Billy

Status: Quileute – Human

Date of Birth: probably born in late 1950’s  or early 1960’s

Originally from: La Push Reservation

Hair color: Black (TW11)

Eye color: Black (TW11)


Physical description: “a much older man, a heavyset man with a memorable face – a face that overflowed, the cheeks resting against his shoulders, with creases running through the russet skin like an old leather jacket. And the surprisingly familiar eyes, black eyes that seemed at the same time both too young and too ancient for the broad face they were set in.” (TW11 p. 234-5)

Occupation: retired

Family members: Wife (Sarah) Twin daughters (Rachel & Rebecca) Son (Jacob)

Nick Names:

Hobbies: Fishing (TW1), watching sports (TW12 p 237), reading (NM5 p 132), telling native stories (EC11), wood carving (EC17 p. 374)

Personal history: Billy Black was a direct descendant of Ephraim Black, who was the last chief of the Quileute tribe. (NM7) Ephraim was a shape shifter but his grandson, Billy, never transformed, although Bella dreamed that Billy was a big wolf with a silver muzzle. (EC11 p. 264) Billy Black was one of Charlie Swan’s best friends. The two went fishing together often. When Billy’s illness (diabetes, according to PC7) left him with nerve damage, in a wheelchair and unable to drive, Charlie bought Billy’s old Ford truck and gave it to Bella to drive. (TW1 p. 6) Billy never let his disability stop him from doing anything and would even race down hills in his wheelchair. (BD9 p. 165)

Billy and his son Jacob had a good relationship, although Jacob thought his father was too superstitious (TW12 p. 239) and talked too much. (EC Ep p. 625) Billy was very supportive of Sam Uley when he was the first Quileute member of the generation to transform and Billy explained to Sam about the change. (EC5 p. 118) When Jacob was unnerved by Sam’s focused attention, Billy dismissed Jacob’s concerns (NM7 p 178) because he knew that Jacob could only be part of the secret if he transformed. Billy may have acted in a father-like way to Sam, but rumors circulated among the pack that Billy might have been the biological father of Embry – Embry’s mother was Makah, and only Quileutes became werewolves (EC19 p. 418) – this rumor was never confirmed or denied.

Billy disapproved of Bella’s familiarity with the Cullens and feared for her safety (TW12, TW 17) Billy even paid Jacob to attend Bella’s prom to beg her to break up with Edward, her boyfriend (TW Ep). This was understandable because Billy knew about the true stories of “the Cold Ones” and even wore a bag around his neck containing the ashes of the first vampire their ancestors killed and burned. (EC11 p. 255) When Jacob transformed for the first time, Billy attempted to keep Bella away, first by reporting that Jacob had mono (NM10 p. 226) and then by screening phone calls and making excuses for Jacob’s absence (NM11 p. 258). This failed and when Bella became aware of Jacob’s werewolf status, Billy welcomed Bella to the house and to La Push events, such as a playoff party (EC2 p 51) and the tribal council meeting. (EC11 p. 241) Billy attended Bella’s graduation (EC16 p. 358) and Bella’s wedding. (BD4 p. 52) When Jacob was injured during the fight with Victoria’s army of newborns, Billy allowed Carlisle to come on Quileute land to treat Jacob and Billy was grateful (EC26 p. 588)

Billy and Charlie’s friendship was tested several times. When the Cullens moved away from Forks, the La Push residents made huge bonfires on the cliffs to celebrate. Charlie was upset about the act and had a tense phone conversation with Billy about it (NM3 p. 80). Billy and Charlie also argued about Bella, Jacob, and Sam; Bella reported that Sam forbid Jacob from being friends with her and Charlie worried that Bella would relapse (NM11 p 274). The two men were reunited in their shared grief over the death of their mutual friend, Harry Clearwater. (NM16 p. 373) Billy and Charlie acted as couriers for notes between Bella and Jacob when they refused to talk to each other (EC1 p 4) and “gossip[ed] like old women” about their children, according to Bella (EC1 p 14) Billy protected Charlie by hosting him on the reservation during the newborn vampire invasion (EC9 p 212, EC20 p. 434). Billy and Charlie once again disagreed when Jacob “ran away” and Charlie felt that Billy was not doing enough to try and find the missing sixteen-year-old. (BD1 p. 10) A large rift between the two men developed around Renesmee’s first Christmas; Bella was too preoccupied with the looming Volturi visit to consider the reasons for the animosity. (BD 33 p. 630) The division between the two friends was due (Q&A session in Los Angeles) to a love triangle between them and Sue Clearwater. Billy spent a lot of time at Sue Clearwater’s house to support her after her husband’s death (EC14 p. 320), after her own children’s transformations into werewolves (EC19 p. 418) and more so after Paul imprinted on Billy’s daughter Rachel. (BD8 p 148) At the end of the books, Bella surmised that Charlie would end up with Sue, and this may have been the end of Billy and Charlie’s friendship.

Portrayed in the films by: Gil Birmingham

Prepared by: Lady Di