Mallory, Lauren

Full Name: Lauren Mallory (PC4)

Status: Human

Date of Birth: 1988

Originally from: Forks

Hair color: Cornsilk (TW6)

Eye color: Green (PC4) “pale, fishy eyes” (TW6)

Height: 5’6″ (PC4)

Physical description:

Occupation: Student

Family members:

Nick Names:


Personal history: Lauren was very “stand-offish” (TW4) and possessed an “unpleasant, nasal voice”. Lauren regularly ignored Bella at the lunch table but after Bella’s fainting spell during biology, Lauren muttered about Bella’s presence there and at the La Push get-together, she made snide comments and shot dirty looks in Bella’s direction (TW6). Lauren was intensely jealous of Bella and the attention she received. (PC9). Jessica attributed Lauren’s dislike of Bella to Tyler’s keen interest in her (TW8). Lauren tried her best at every opportunity to put down or provoke Bella, even when she deliberately mentioned Edward’s absence at the La Push party, knowing that Bella and Edward were seeing each other. (TW6 / TW9).

After Bella’s “zombie” months, Bella noticed that Lauren had cut her hair into an extremely short pixie cut and did not know the reason for the change (NM6). It turned out that Lauren met a modeling agent who convinced her to do something “edgy” with her hair and pay for high quality headshots. He promised that her career would take off like a rocket but it never happened. (SMW) Lauren was not just unpleasant to Bella – she openly mocked Angela when she described her encounter with the oversized bear and Bella speculated “all the people she was habitually nasty to caught her behind the gym and scalped her” (NM6). Lauren continued her vindictive behavior centered on Bella by torpedoing the group movie night Bella tried to arrange (NM9) and Bella described Lauren as “the evil core of the them side” with an “anti-Bella agenda”(EC1).

Lauren never had a steady boyfriend. She went to the spring dance in her junior year with Tyler Crowley (TW4), attended prom with Conner (TWEp) and went to the beach on a date with Mike Newton in her senior year (EC3). She was a good friend of Jessica Stanley, especially once Jessica no longer remained chummy with Bella. Lauren’s intense dislike of Bella did not stop her from attending Alice’s graduation party (EC17)

Prepared by: Lady Di